Friday 14 September 2012

Flights and Friends on Friday

Genji: Hi everyone, the Shining Prince here! Today is the day #1 leaves Prince Edward Island and heads back to us! She has two planes to catch, the first from PEI to Montreal, and the second from Montreal to Paris, and then she catches a high-speed train to Le Mans where Ms. A, Mr. D and Tommy will pick her up. May we ask for some crossed paws that everything will be on time and she will get home smoothly?

Now, as to friends.... I was not yet born but some of you may remember that almost two years ago, when #1 last went to Japan, Ms. L and Mr. S from PEI came to house-sit for the Poupounette Gang. They were wonderful with the Gang. They had two kitties of their own, Calvin and Hobbes, and we were so sad when they lost Calvin quite unexpectedly to a raging case of the Evil C.

On Monday, #1 went to have dinner at their home. She was looking forward to seeing them again and to meeting Hobbes in person, but there was a big surprise waiting for her!

Please meet Sami-Chan (the red guy) and Sama-Chan (the Champagne girl) who have been named "Chan" in our honour!

And there is a tale to tell! Ms. L and Mr. S first adopted Sami-Chan from a nearby farm, but he got out of the door within 48 hours and was not to be found anywhere. There are coyotes and foxes out there and he is only two months old. After looking and looking, they gave up and eventually adopted his littermate, Sama-Chan. And then... Sami-Chan returned, thin and filthy but alive! The little guy had survived on his own outside for almost two weeks! Talk about a survivor! He is now reunited with his sister, and these two will be indoor kitties from now on!

Here are #1 and Ms. L and the PEI Chans:

#1 with little Sama-Chan:

and with Sami-Chan:

And let us not forget Hobbes, who is not at all sure about the two little interlopers yet... Here he is getting some loving from Mr.S:

Hobbes was VERY interested in #1's backpack on which he doubtless whiffed some genuine French Chans!

I think those little Island Chans are very lucky to have found such a loving home, don't you?

Almost as lucky as me...


  1. Genji, our Mom has a great soft spot for beautiful Abys, but also has to say that GInger Cats are very special to her. Such fun to see all three of those ginger kitties. Why, Sami and Hobbes are like me and Sama is like Audrey!

  2. Oh geeze, you guys HAD to show Rumblemum these ginger kitties! She's in a coma (and it didn't help to have Genji looking SO cute!!)

    We were gonna say the kittens made us think of Simba and Audrey, we see he agrees!!

  3. Oh, how wonderful! Hello, other-Chans! So nice to met you!

    Prayers and purrs are in progress for safe and trouble-free travel for #1.

    Have a lovely weekend, everybuddy!

  4. We hope your #1 has a safe trip and makes all her connections.

    Your friends,
    Niamh & Ambrose

  5. I've just khome in from my tree as I was doing some fluffy tail wagging work!

    Safe Travels to #1!

    PeeEssWoo: Hey Tommy - I'm going to ride along to fetch Auntie Di tonight!

  6. Kittens are always so cute! We hope your travels are safe and quick!


  7. We hope #1 has a hassle free trip home and remembers all your presents. We loved the Island Chans too - is #1 going to do some smuggling??
    Luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx

  8. we certainly hope #1 has a safe and uneventful trip home!!

    those "new" chans are adorable and we bet they have Hobbes wrapped around their paws in no time!

  9. Those are such cute kitties, but my favorite picture is Genji in the hammock.


  10. Such orangey goodness abounding there. Love love love them all.

    But darling Gin-chan, you are the most shining of all shining princes.

  11. We have all our paws crossed for #1's return home to go smoothly. A safe and speedy return would be pawesome.

    Great story about little Sami-Chan and Sama-Chan - two real cuties!!!

    Woos - Phantom, Thunder, Ciara, and Lightning

  12. Awww, what a sweet tribute to name them Chan after you all! And how adorable!
    Not, of course, as adorable as you! ;)
    Purring that #1 has no problems on her way home!

  13. squeeeee!!!!

    How cute are the North American Chans???!!! And Hobbes, of course, but we must be more dignified for him.

  14. What an awesome kitty family! I see that #1 had quite a nice kitty fix with them! But it will be even better when she gets home to you all! I can't wait to see what she has brought!

  15. I love meeting the PEI Chans and indeed, the do remind me of Simba and Audrey. The Shining Prince is so beautiful and tomorrow is the day when #1 comes HOME!!! Purrs for a safe and uneventful trip xxoo

  16. Thank God for a happy ending! The kitties are adorable! And Hobbes won't have time to feel lonely and may even come to love them.
    Your #1 will be home with you very soon , dear Gen-Chan. Hang in there!
    We wish #1 Fair skies, calm winds and a non-obnoxious seat mate.


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