Sunday 31 December 2017

Snuggles on Sunday

Tama-Chan: Today is, according to #1, the last day of the year, whatever that means. Apparently, it is something that is celebrated and she and Tommy will be dining with Mr. G and his family (and our cousin Tora-Chan). We will be curled up in our nice warm house, feeling thankful for every moment that life brings to us.

Let me see what I have for you in the snuggle photo category today.

I have been snuggling with #1:

Genji snuggled with our visiting family when they came to lunch:

Whilst Tommy snuggled with the youngsters:

My Beebs snuggled with Tommy:

And went undercover with #1:

Sei-Chan was kind enough to agree to pose for a selfie with #1:

 As for Violette, and the weather has been so awful every time #1 has gone to see her that no photo-taking was possible. We do, however, have a pretty cute selfie that #1 took with Hotesse, Violette's Mama, and Heloise, her little sister:

Saturday 30 December 2017


Sei-Chan: I am a little late in posting as we have been getting up pretty late these past few days. Ater one day of nice weather on Thursday, we are back to grey wind and rain. But we shouldn't complain as many of our North American friends are in a real deep-freeze.

Needless to say, the gloomy weather has also had a negative effect on photo-taking, so I don't have much to share with you today. Just one measly photo!

I have been spending time in the little igloo bed which is on the landing, so offers a great supervisory vantage point:

#1 told me to tell you that I have been taking my medicine like a good girl, and that she is very proud of me!

Have a great SEIturday. Stay warm and dry!

Friday 29 December 2017

Flying Ears and Frootbat Friday

Tommy: Woofs, Everyone! We had a very fun day yesterday with all our cousins. They even brought me a ball! Isn't that super nic of them? Before they arrived, #1 found the time to take me out for a run, as it was sunny for once, and she got some flying ears shots.

And now for some frootbats:

Did you recognise that last set of anonymous 'bats?

Miss Violette also sent in a submission:

Have a great weekend! There are apparently more festivities coming up!

Thursday 28 December 2017

Thankful Thursday with Tama

Tama-Chan: Today is the day when all our cousins come for a belated Christmas lunch. We will be a baker's dozen and #1 has a magnificent capon to cook for everyone. The reason I am thankful is that we only just managed to avert total capon catastrophe! Our trusty old oven broke down on the afternoon of December 26th. That is just two days ago! The cooker was 28 years old so we shouldn't really complain, but the timing was terrible! #1 immediately rang both of our neighbours to see if either might be able to cook the capon for us in their ovens, and found out neither has a proper sized oven! So, she grabbed her car keys and Tommy and screeched off to a smaller appliance store in town where she had bought our washer and dryer. She remembered that they offered  exceptionally good service, and they did not disappoint her! Our new cooker was delivered and installed early afternoon yesterday! The capon can be roasted! Phew! That certainly is something to be thankful for!

I of course made sure that everything was done properly:

In case you are wondering, the cooker (stove top) is a mixed gas and electric affair (three gas rings and one electric) and the oven is electric. We are not connected to city gas, so we use butane gas containers.

My Beebs was locked up during the delivery as he would doubtless have tried to HouBiBi. The rest of us know better than to run out into the cold, wind and rain.

Tuesday 26 December 2017

Tama-Chan Tuesday

Tama-Chan: Rumour has it that this nice bed was actually bought for Tommy, but I am finding it most pleasant and comfortable, and I think it really suits me!

Although I still occasionally go back to the nice Peggy's Blankie and fleece cushion, where the dangling is better:

This is the only other photo I have to share with you today, but it will show you just how not cold it has been. It is of me and my sister Sis having our breakfast al fresco! Can you imagine? In late December?!

We had a quiet time pver the past two days but are back to entertaining tis evening, and we have out big family lunch on Thursday!

Sunday 24 December 2017

Snuggles on Sunday

Tama-Chan: Today is Christmas Eve, and we are planning to spend most of it being cozy together and snuggling. The weather has remained very grey and rainy but also unseasonably warm.

Genji has been snuggling big time with #1:

Even going undercover!

I have been snuggling with Tommy:

As has Sei-Chan:

We already shared some of the pics from our lunch party last Sunday, but there is also this really cute one of #1 with Tommy and Da Genj, taken by Mr. G:

 Da Beebs has also been indulging in bedtime snuggles!

 And we have this great photo that shows all the Chans enjoying being together in the living room. It was taken just before the Christmas stuff went up, but we don't think we have shared it before.

Saturday 23 December 2017

It's SEIturday Before Christmas

Sei-Chan: .... and all is quiet at Poupounette Central. I can't remember whether I ever showed you my very own special Christmas decoration? Here it is:

So, I am waiting for Christmas.

I know I have been a very good girl. Running away from #1 when she is trying to give me my meds doesn't count as naughty, does it?

Friday 22 December 2017

Violette Vendredi

Violette: Pretty Neighs, Everyone? How have you all been? I have been in what the humans rather oddly call "the doghouse." Why, you ask yourselves? Well, last week, when the farrier came to give me my  bimonthly pedi, I decided I didn't want it. A girl can have moods, don't you think? They tried to come and get me and I have to confess that I was a little ... abrupt... in telling them I did NOT want to go (#1 here. I was not there, unfortunately, but Violette actually charged the two guys who went int to get her...). Well, #1 has decided that I also need a "refresher course in good manners" and so I shall be going off to school myself in late January. I will be going to the home of a very nice lady, Ms. C, who is apparently used to working with "moody mares as she calls them (rude, don't you think?).

In the meantime, all the Arabian girls have been removed to a different field so I am now in mine with just Manou, the other Percheron girl. #1 has been coming to see me regularly with my treats (that I have been sharing nicely with Manou). She also took this rather fetching portrait of me:

In other news, it was a big day for my little sister Heloise, yesterday.  She got her first shots and was also microchipped by the vet who carried out a full ID on her so that she can be properly registered in the national French equine database and the Percheron stud book. Welcome to the grown-up world, Heloise, even if you ARE still a baby!

Thursday 21 December 2017

Tommy's Thamkful Thursday

Tommy: This is a little mixed in the Thankful category as I am both thankful for the great times we had with Fernant this past week but also thankful that his family is back. It is fun to hang out with him but it also means that #1 and I can't go exploring in the usual fields as he tends to run off, so we have to stay within the confines of their (very large) garden). Anyway, they returned last night and both Fernant and Basha are no doubt happy to have their family back!

Frosty morning:

Morning meeting with our neighbour Damia:

Fun times:

Napping in #1's room:

Our signature brotherly pose:


Wednesday 20 December 2017

Wednesday Waifs

#1 here. Yesterday I went to visit some friends who are Percheron breeders. It was my first time at their house and there I met two wonderful cats. I thought I would share them with you today.

First was Mistigroux, a wonderful orange boy:

This handsome boy used to  live with some people across the road, who would regularly kick and abuse him. He would come and hide in the haystacks and they started leaving crunchies for him. When the people moved away, the kitty stayed behind!

Next up is Mistigri (Mistigri is a classic kitty name in France! The other lad is called Mistigroux because he is red, and "roux" is redhead in French!). Mistigri appeared one day at the farm. He was pitifully thin and was limping badly, One of his hind legs was injured and had become almost furless. They scooped him and took him to the vet who attended to his injury, and they started feeding him up. He has turned into a very handsome mancat!

He now stays indoor a lot of the time out of choice, and he loves cuddles!

It was lovely to see these two boys living the good life after being so miserable for so long!

Tuesday 19 December 2017

Tama-Chan Tuesday

Tama-Chan: Of all the members of the Poupounette Gang, I am the one who loves the Christmas tree most. #1 wonders whether it is because I am the only one who actually climbed to the top when I was a kitten! But I am not telling! Suffice to say that I just love to sit there and admire it, and also to sit  with it as a background.

We now also all have our Christmas collars.  This next photo was taken by Mr. G on Sunday:

Of course, I also continue to enjoy my naps in the living room. When #1 removed the various throws to wash them, I still managed to make myself a cozy little nest:

It does look better when the throws are back, though!


Monday 18 December 2017

Manly Monday

Tommy: They call this the season of good cheer and we animals are very sensitive to all of this, so, when we had friends to lunch yesterday, we decided to go all out to make them feel welcome. Let me start with myself and Fernant:

Da Boys: We were also very welcoming of our guests!

That, by the way, is our Mr. G's dad!

We made sure to be very decorative!

We tasted the food for our guests:

 And hung out with them:

The perfect gentlehosts, right?

Vidock (Remote-posting from England) : Studly Neighs, EveryFriendI Have you been missing me? I have new friends as well! 

A big thank you to Mr. G who took most of the photos in today's post! And to #1's friend, Ms. K, who sent the photo of Vidock