Thursday 28 December 2017

Thankful Thursday with Tama

Tama-Chan: Today is the day when all our cousins come for a belated Christmas lunch. We will be a baker's dozen and #1 has a magnificent capon to cook for everyone. The reason I am thankful is that we only just managed to avert total capon catastrophe! Our trusty old oven broke down on the afternoon of December 26th. That is just two days ago! The cooker was 28 years old so we shouldn't really complain, but the timing was terrible! #1 immediately rang both of our neighbours to see if either might be able to cook the capon for us in their ovens, and found out neither has a proper sized oven! So, she grabbed her car keys and Tommy and screeched off to a smaller appliance store in town where she had bought our washer and dryer. She remembered that they offered  exceptionally good service, and they did not disappoint her! Our new cooker was delivered and installed early afternoon yesterday! The capon can be roasted! Phew! That certainly is something to be thankful for!

I of course made sure that everything was done properly:

In case you are wondering, the cooker (stove top) is a mixed gas and electric affair (three gas rings and one electric) and the oven is electric. We are not connected to city gas, so we use butane gas containers.

My Beebs was locked up during the delivery as he would doubtless have tried to HouBiBi. The rest of us know better than to run out into the cold, wind and rain.


  1. How wonderful that you could replace the stove so quickly.
    Looks like you have everything under control Tama, and no Bibi to worry about ;)
    Purrs Georgia,Julie and JJ

  2. Wow, that was a good save! I'm glad you supervised the installation, Tama, to make sure everything was done properly. Now, I hope the cousins remember to thank you for your hard work!

  3. Ph good, glad the day was saved. Well done. Hope it was good eating too.

  4. Mon Papy aussi pendant des années il trouvait que c'était mieux d'acheter des appareils ménagers dans le petit magasin du village en bas. C'est un peu plus plus cher, mais le service est bien meilleur. Le magasin a fermé hélas.
    Heureusement qu'une solution a été trouvée.
    J'espère que tu vas pouvoir y goûter à ce volatile.
    Tu crois vraiment que Bibi il se serait sauvé dans le mauvais temps... il a de drôles d'idées celui là. C'était mieux de le garder bien enfermé.

  5. We're glad to see you were able to get a new stove in such a short time. It was smart to lock Bibi up so he wouldn't add to #1's stress. We can't wait to hear how the diner turned out.

  6. Phew, we're glad you could replace that stove so quickly ! Yay for capon, we hope it was tasty ! Purrs

  7. That so good that you adopted a homeless cooker, bravo. Oh, let's eat!

  8. I think it was the capon... we had one in 2015 and our oven died too... the neighbor did ours and it was tasty and more than enough for the whole furmily ... but there must be something on this berds that they kill ovens one day before christmouse...


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