Friday 31 October 2008

Halloween is Gotcha Day!

First of all, we would like to wish all of our friends a...


As you can see from the image above, we don't need to buy or make Halloween decorations as they are available "au naturel" here!

We did, however, carve a pumpkin:

and we have decided to call Tama-Chan "Pumpkin" today, because it is Halloween, and because she is so cute!

Sen-Chan: Halloween is also a very special day for me (and for #1) because it is my GOTCHA DAY! I came to live here on October 31, 2007! Here are a couple of shots of me the day I arrived:

And here is a recent portrait!

#1 says I still am, and always will be, her tiny kitten.....

Thursday 30 October 2008


Tama-Chan: #1 keeps saying it's really cold outside (imagine, even we got a teeny bit of that white stuff!) but I don't care! Last night, I discovered the best ever place to sleep, in #1's bed! It was so cozy! Big Red was there too, but he likes to hang out in the depths and I am more of a crook-of-the-arm kind of girl for now.

Anyway, I spent yesterday afternoon supervising some strange activity that #1 was engaged in, and when she finished, I had to supervise close up!

Sen-Chan: Actually, I am the one who chased the little minx upstairs so she would know where the rest of us sleep...

As you know, when a new cat moves in, certain things have to be made clear. Because she has "princess" in her name, this little one has some very la-di-dah ideas about her status, so we had to engage in a little exercise:

Now repeat after me... You Da Boss...

Tom: I didn't even get to go on a proper run this morning because we had to go on some errands and then little Tama-Chan did a disappearing act for a whole hour, and #1 was really worried about her. But she turned up in her own good time.

Here is a cold weather photo of me for you:

I am pretty weather-proof, actually, but I felt bad for #1 just now when we went out and she was throwing sticks for me, and looking so miserable. So we are back inside, with the promise of a romp later.

Wednesday 29 October 2008

I am Tom-Kun!

Tom: The heading of today's post is in reply to one of the comments to yesterday's post, asking why I alone did not have the suffix "chan" after my name. For those who may have forgotten, "chan" is used in Japan as a suffix for small and cute persons, mostly girls, but also particularly cute small boys. So, Sen and Tama are both "chans." I am of course very cute but not exactly small, weighing in as I do at just over 26 kilos (that would be 57+ pounds). So, the appropriate Japanese suffix would in fact be "kun." If any of you have noticed comments on our posts from a doggie called Matilda who lives in Northern Japan, you may have noticed she calls me that already! Needless to say, you can also do as #1 does and call me Tommy!

Here is a picture of me looking sporty and dashing:

And here is one of my soft side!

Sen-Chan: I am exhausted! That little girl wants to play tag all day! And she is really quick, and really sneaky, and she can get into places and under places I can't get to anymore. And.... as soon as I grab her, she screams, and screams and screams! I need to rest...

Tama-Chan: Now that Big Red is resting, what can I get up to next?

Tuesday 28 October 2008

Toesday and the Mystery of my Nickname!

Tama-Chan: Since today is Toesday, #1 thought it was the perfect time for me to tell you what makes me special, and different from my big brother Sen-Chan. Well, firstly, there is the standard stuff, such as the fact that his pawpads are pink and mine are the colour of dark roast coffee beans! But there is something else! You see, there are only three toes on my front right paw! 

As for my left front paw, the toes are a bit strange too. I have one that's atrophied and that has no claw, and another that seems to have an extra articulation:

None of this stops me in any way from running, jumping or climbing, but it does explain why one of my nicknames is..... MIStleTOE!

Tom: This time around, I was ready for Toesday! Look:

Spectacular, eh?!

Sen-Chan: Did somebody say toes?

I rest my case...

Monday 27 October 2008

Outdoor Activities

Tom: We have some stuff left over from yesterday to tell you about! Uncle U came over in the afternoon with the two remaining 'Pei babies (one brother went off to his forever home yesterday morning). It was cloudy but pretty mild out and we had lots of fun together, as always.  It's really fun being an uncle and getting to play with little guys (I was pretty much their age and size myself one year ago!)

This little guy fell into a large pile of leaves and could not get out again, so #1 had to go and rescue him! He looked so cute!

It's supposed to turn really cold this week, but we've been enjoying beautiful sunshine today. I have been having fun retrieving sticks in the big field and, this afternoon, Pie is coming over with Ms.A! Life is good!

Sen-Chan: My life has been full of excitement the past two days! My tummy is almost all better and I managed to sneak out (actually out of #1's arms) briefly yesterday afternoon, as Mr.U and the baby 'Peis were leaving. I decided to go and visit Bob and Pomme, the donkeys. I was being very friendly, but they actually chased me!

I had to show them a big tail floof so they could see I am not someone to mess with so easily!

That was yesterday. This morning, #1 let me out officially and I decided to give her a stunning demonstration of my tree-climbing ability:

Just call me "JUNGLE BOY"!

Tama-Chan: Just so you don't forget about me (who hasn't had any outdoor adventures. In fact, I haven't even been upstairs yet), here is a cute picture of me:

Sunday 26 October 2008

Social Sunday

Tom: We have had a very, very, very busy Sunday so far. It's been so busy, in fact, that we will leave part of our activities for tomorrow's post. But I did want to show you proof that our little princess now thinks of me as her brother:

Sen-Chan: Thank you for all the good wishes. I am feeling a lot better. I ate NOTHING yesterday but have been catching up today! I still have to take those pills this evening and twice tomorrow, and then I'll be done.

Now, as to the little princess who moved in, settled down, and calls herself our little sister.... #1 is having a hard time figuring out whether I am trying to befriend her or eat her, and keeps telling me I might be a little gentler. But she is a real little miss and knows no fear, and actually goads me! Anyway, each day bring something new. Firstly, here is a photo taken last night:

And here are a couple more taken this afternoon:

#1 did censor the photo of me standing over Hissy Missy with her ears flat back and a big snarl on her face.... I guess we are making progress, though... sigh....

Saturday 25 October 2008

Slightly Queasy Saturday

Sen-Chan: Apparently, I brought it on myself. That, anyway, is what #1 is claiming. She says I should not have stolen Tama-chan's milk and that it's "normal" that I have the runs as a result. Woe is me! I have been feeling distinctly green, and not eating today, other than the two pills #1 popped down me this morning, with a warning that two more would be coming this evening. I don't like pills any more than the next cats, but I think I am beginning to feel a little better. Plus we had a purry nose nudge with Tama-chan this morning! So I'm just taking it easy:

Tom: Guess what? Tama-chan came up to me yesterday evening and actually rubbed up against my nose? My natural charm is winning the day! She has discovered that I am irresistible!

Tama-Chan: If there is one irresistible person around here, It is ME!!!!! I have been lavishing cuddles on #1, playing up a storm, and I am beginning to revise my initial judgement about the two big guys, although still hissing at Big Red for good form (I can't bring myself to hiss at Floppy Ears. He is too cute!).

Friday 24 October 2008

Finally Friday?

Tom: It's been quite a week, with the the little princess taking up a great deal of everyone's time and energy. I have been lucky in that I still get to play Frisbee and go on my runs with #1:

I have been giving the little princess some friendly tail wags and she hasn't been hissing at me, so you could say we're almost friends!

Oh, and I got a bath this morning! I must say that I think the inside baths, with lovely warm water, are a definite improvement on being hosed down outside! I now smell so sweet and my white bits are whiter than white, and I wish you could all come and cuddle with me!

Sen-Chan: I wish I could say the same about not being hissed at, although, this morning, as Tama-chan was cuddling with #1, I went over and managed to give that tiny head and those giant ears a good lick, and she continued purring!

#1 tried to play with me this morning and Tommy decided he was going to be a giant nuisance. Have you ever tried to play "chase-the-danglies-on-the-wand" with the equivalent of an elephant constantly walking between you, #1 and the wand?!

There is only one thing left for me to do:

Tama-Chan: play, hiss, growl, play, eat, play, purr, hiss, purr........sleeeeeeeeeeeeepy...............

Thursday 23 October 2008

Tama-Chan Thursday!

Tama-Chan: Hello everybody!!!! This is my first post and I want to start by introducing myself and telling you all about myself! My "grown-up" name is "Tama-Hime" which means Princess (Hime) Precious Jewel (Tama) in Japanese. So, just like my brother Sengikumaru is called Sen-Chan, I will be called Tama-Chan by my friends!

I was born on August 2. I will tell you all about my parents some other time, but I have four brothers and sisters. There were three ruddies and two sorrels (reds) in the litter. I am a ruddy Abyssinian which means that I have black pawpads and a black tip to my tail (as opposed to "his" pink pawpads and chocolate tipped tail).

I have come to live in a land of GIANTS! There is a red fellow here who looks suspiciously like my brother, Don Benito, but is ten times bigger!!! And there is another even huger giant who is white and brown, with floppy ears and long legs that often hang over the sofa. Very tempting! Anyway, they are both pretty scary to me! I have not had a great experience with grown-ups so far because the big girls at the cattery didn't like us kittens. So, I have been snarling and hissing my little heart out in order to make sure I am safe. The funny thing is that they haven't been snarling back, and keep coming back towards me. Do you think that maybe, just maybe, they are nice and actually want to make friends, and play and cuddle?

This is about the closest I have gotten to Big Red so far:

and the other Goofy Guy:

I think I have a very nice person living with me here, though. She takes good care of me and gives me food and cuddles. The others keep calling her #1 so I guess that's her name. I cuddled up with her all of yesterday evening:

I absolutely LOVE to PLAY! My favourite toy at the moment is this:

I am getting pretty sleepy so I think that will be all for today. Next time, I will tell you about what makes me special and my rather unusual nickname.

#1 says that in Japan, when you first meet people, you ask them to be kind to you always. I hope you will all be kind to me always!

Wednesday 22 October 2008

Sleeping if Off...

Sen-Chan: Boy, oh boy, oh boy! Sisters are quite something! I keep trying to make friends with the little hellion (oh, excuse me, the sweet little princess kitten...) and she keeps hissing at me! I, of course, have not hissed at her a single time. #1 keeps telling me that I need to be patient, but I hope she will realise very soon that I am the sweetest cat on the planet and an utterly lovely big brother!

So, anyway, all that hissing has tired us all out, and we are having a little rest today:

Tom: I must say I feel for poor Sen-Chan getting hissed at and growled at by Miss Tiny. I think that, for now, I am beyond her vision scale due to the sheer size of me! I have been wagging my tail at her, though! I am sure she will want to play soon enough! In the meantime, I too have been resting...

Tuesday 21 October 2008

She's Here!!!!!

Sen-Chan: Our little sister is here!!! She arrived, as planned, yesterday afternoon. We were all quite surprised when Uncle U arrived, not with one kitten, but with three kittens AND three puppies. Tom will tell you himself about the fun he had with the puppies.  Before they let the kittens loose, they locked me up in my carrier for a little while, which was no fun, but #1 said it was necessary.

They eventually let me out and I spent the rest of the evening trying to make friends with the little furrballs. There were two girls and one boy. The boy, Don Benito, was a little red, like me and we immediately took to one another and played a lot. The girls were a lot shyer. #1 was so proud of me because I did not hiss or spit once (actually, she is now convinced I don't know how to, and she's right). I was very  gentle with the kittens but they certainly did a lot of hissing at me! #1 said it was because they were in a new environment and a little scared. Also, our little princess got a bit of a whapping from one of the Queens at the cattery yesterday, so that made her skittish.

Anyway, we will let her settle in for a couple of days before she introduces herself properly to you, but here are a few initial photos:

Tom: The excitement really has been at fever pitch around here, what with the little fuzzball arriving and my three 'Pei Pup friends coming to visit.  I have been very calm and gentle around the little princess, and I hope she will soon figure out that I make an excellent cuddle buddy.

As for the pups' visit, oh boy that was so much fun! We played and played and played:

I am hoping they will come for another visit at the weekend!