Thursday, 30 October 2008


Tama-Chan: #1 keeps saying it's really cold outside (imagine, even we got a teeny bit of that white stuff!) but I don't care! Last night, I discovered the best ever place to sleep, in #1's bed! It was so cozy! Big Red was there too, but he likes to hang out in the depths and I am more of a crook-of-the-arm kind of girl for now.

Anyway, I spent yesterday afternoon supervising some strange activity that #1 was engaged in, and when she finished, I had to supervise close up!

Sen-Chan: Actually, I am the one who chased the little minx upstairs so she would know where the rest of us sleep...

As you know, when a new cat moves in, certain things have to be made clear. Because she has "princess" in her name, this little one has some very la-di-dah ideas about her status, so we had to engage in a little exercise:

Now repeat after me... You Da Boss...

Tom: I didn't even get to go on a proper run this morning because we had to go on some errands and then little Tama-Chan did a disappearing act for a whole hour, and #1 was really worried about her. But she turned up in her own good time.

Here is a cold weather photo of me for you:

I am pretty weather-proof, actually, but I felt bad for #1 just now when we went out and she was throwing sticks for me, and looking so miserable. So we are back inside, with the promise of a romp later.


  1. Dear Tom-Kun,
    We think you look downright magical in the cold morning mist. We don't really feel bad for #1 because she has you.

    Sen-Chan and Tama-Chan,
    We adore seeing you two playing. Don't worry, Tama, you are still growing, and pretty soon you will be more than a match for your new brothers, if you aren't already!

    Abby & Stygia

  2. Tom you are very weather proof! I'm glad that Sen-Chan is teaching Tama-Chan the ropes. That is exhausting.


  3. Sen, I think you showed Tama her proper place in the pecking order!

    Tom, you look magical in the mist!

  4. Anytime , everywhere, something happen in your home!
    We had lot of snow this morning here too, we went outside for a very short time, i hate to be wet, even Baf returned home after his first step outside.
    Your pics are stunning!

    ViVi & AB

  5. that's telling Tama-chan Sen!!
    I can just here it.. "you da boss" hehe
    Tom you look like doggies in the mist... no wait they is gorillas.. oh but wait.. you i a woofie and just like a big gorilla..
    Momma says you look just gorgeous and that you can really see how cold it is :)


  6. The Princess may just be biding her time, Sen-Chan. Do not turn your back on her! Tom, you are magic in the mist!

  7. That was a really nice picture of you in the mist, Tom. It never really gets that cold where I live so we don't mist very often. I wish it would though so I could have my own picture of me looking dreamy in the mist.

  8. awww... little kitty will learn who the boss is sooner or later. Great picture of the two of them together!

    Tom, you look a little wet... I hope you get some good running in tomorrow.


  9. We love your Jack-o-lantern! Mommy carved one this afternoon too and now it's in the center of the park across the street, glowing away - scary!

    Will we see you at the Tower for the big HOWL-oween party tomorrow night?

    Your pals,

    Petey and Mica

  10. Oah Happy Happy Halloween to You all!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  11. Great Pumkin..And Tama don't go and do disappearing tricks in scary

  12. What a wonderful jack-o-lantern! Tama-Chan, you have discovered the comfiest place of all to sleep especially in the winter.


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