Wednesday, 22 October 2008

Sleeping if Off...

Sen-Chan: Boy, oh boy, oh boy! Sisters are quite something! I keep trying to make friends with the little hellion (oh, excuse me, the sweet little princess kitten...) and she keeps hissing at me! I, of course, have not hissed at her a single time. #1 keeps telling me that I need to be patient, but I hope she will realise very soon that I am the sweetest cat on the planet and an utterly lovely big brother!

So, anyway, all that hissing has tired us all out, and we are having a little rest today:

Tom: I must say I feel for poor Sen-Chan getting hissed at and growled at by Miss Tiny. I think that, for now, I am beyond her vision scale due to the sheer size of me! I have been wagging my tail at her, though! I am sure she will want to play soon enough! In the meantime, I too have been resting...


  1. Hi Sen-chan and Tom-kun.
    Ohhh You guys are very sweet. Take a rest well, then play a lot!

  2. You guys do look tuckered out. I remember what its like to be tiny with all sorts of new things going on. I'm sure she'll be friendly soon enough and realize you're the best big brothers around!


  3. At least your comments bit is working and I can tell you that Mummy thinks the packing tape will mess my fur up, so I can't be sent over with the book... However I'll give Little Miss a good talking to about hissing at you my beloved!

    Purrs and Kitty kisses,

  4. Good rest!
    Kept ready for Sunday party Tom!
    ViVi & AB

  5. Get your rest in now while you can! Once she decides she likes playing with you, you're not going to get as much peace anymore! Hee hee!

    Abby & Stygia

  6. Welcome Miss Tiny. You're quite a beauty!

  7. Sen and Tom, you are so good to be gentle and patient with the little bebbeh. I think she will be less scairt soon.

  8. IT always takes timez for new brothers and sisfurs to settle in, it would not be nice getting the hissies though.. I mean she IS the new kid on the blok and all :)
    It is a nice day for your parents to have a rest too.. knackered furry babies= relaxing day for Mommas! :)


  9. Hey, just hiss back at her who's boss!

  10. Enjoy a good rest, because once she discovers how much fun she can have playing with you, she will want to play all the time.

  11. Hi Sen-Chan and Tom!

    I'm Scottie from Malaysia...nice to meet you! That's so cool that you got a new sister...I'm sure she will have lots of fun with you both once she gets to know you better. =)

    Will check back later! *wink*


  12. Oh Sen-Chan, you really need patience now. Soon she'll be all over you, smothering you with sisterly love...
    Tom, you look very cute sleeping!
    My mom laughed because of your comment about the cat condo: Obviously it's positioned perfectly for me to try to escape through the window. Poor mom, she actually placed it there because she thought it would be nice if I could observe the outside world. Just observing? Not me!
    Purrs, also to the little Hellion, Siena

  13. Hi Sen-Chan & Tom

    Congratulations on the new sister. Having a new baby in the house is always tiring. Sleep while you can.

    Love Ruby

  14. You poor boy... I remember what it was like when Isis first moved in here! She was bossy and horrid, but over time she's become much nicer and lets me sleep in peace when I feel like it! :) In fact I quite like playing games with her now she's stopped being a loony kitten! ;)

    Oh well back to find a warm spot and add a scarf I think!


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