Friday, 24 October 2008

Finally Friday?

Tom: It's been quite a week, with the the little princess taking up a great deal of everyone's time and energy. I have been lucky in that I still get to play Frisbee and go on my runs with #1:

I have been giving the little princess some friendly tail wags and she hasn't been hissing at me, so you could say we're almost friends!

Oh, and I got a bath this morning! I must say that I think the inside baths, with lovely warm water, are a definite improvement on being hosed down outside! I now smell so sweet and my white bits are whiter than white, and I wish you could all come and cuddle with me!

Sen-Chan: I wish I could say the same about not being hissed at, although, this morning, as Tama-chan was cuddling with #1, I went over and managed to give that tiny head and those giant ears a good lick, and she continued purring!

#1 tried to play with me this morning and Tommy decided he was going to be a giant nuisance. Have you ever tried to play "chase-the-danglies-on-the-wand" with the equivalent of an elephant constantly walking between you, #1 and the wand?!

There is only one thing left for me to do:

Tama-Chan: play, hiss, growl, play, eat, play, purr, hiss, purr........sleeeeeeeeeeeeepy...............


  1. It sounds like all of you have had a great week!

    Tama-Chan, it's ok to hiss a little bit at your big brother. After all, you are a kitten and you still must practice these importanst skills!

    But he is a wonderful guy! Maybe you should chase him.

    Abby & Stygia

  2. Tom,

    I have just had a chance to catch up on your blog and things are sure interesting at your house! That little kitty sister of yours is sure cute and you are being so sweet with her. I am sure that when she sees what nice guys you and Sen-chan are she will stop all that hissing stuff.

    You look quite handsome after your bath but I never like to have to have one even when the water is warm.

    Your friend,

  3. I've asked DWB to send you an invite! You guys look like you had a great time. Sen-Chan, when you've got to nap, you've got to nap. Tom, do you want to take my next bath for me? I won't mind. Tama-Chan, play nice, you'll have a lot more fun.

  4. Oh Sen-Chan, you poor boy having a grumpy little sister like Tama-Chan at the moment... I'm sure she'll get over it soon and the ear licking was a good start, it'll certainly clean out all of the cotton wool she's currently using for brains! ;) As for Tom getting in the way when you're trying to play that's very bad form, I'd pinch is warm nap spot if I were you! ;)

    Have a great afternoon and Isis wants me to let you know that the book is on it's way! :)

    Your fur-brother Ramses

  5. I would freak out if Tom got in my way of the wand toy. Ok, I'd just be depressed because playing is like eating for me. What great news she's getting friendlier!!


    P.S. Snap says it is beneath her to be bathed in cold water. Even in the middle of summer she demands the hot water be turned on.

  6. we think you all will become great friends. little Tama chan just needs to get used to you bigger kiddos.


  7. Tom, I would like to cuddle witch you, now that your all bathed and everything! I'm not sure if you would fit in my bed, though...
    Poor Sen-Chan, you're doing a great job there. Those earlicks will change her mind in the long run, you'll see.
    Tama-Chan, sweetheart, it sounds like you're having a really exiting and exhausting time. All this is so exciting! Trust your first impression though, they really are friendly and just want to play.
    Purrs, Siena

  8. Tom, that field was made for you to romp in! We think the 3 of you are off to a fabulous start!

  9. I think you are making great progress with little Tama!

  10. I agreez with Miss Daisy!! It is not overnight that it will happen but it will happen :)


  11. Hope you three have a relaxing weekend getting to know each other!!!

    Purrs Goldie and Shade

  12. Tom, you have such a lovely field in which to play frisbee. You look so handsome in action. Tama-Chan, you must learn that the less time spent hissing allows more time for playing and napping. Sen-Chan, I don't think I could resist licking the princess's tiny head or giant ears either.


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