Friday 31 October 2008

Halloween is Gotcha Day!

First of all, we would like to wish all of our friends a...


As you can see from the image above, we don't need to buy or make Halloween decorations as they are available "au naturel" here!

We did, however, carve a pumpkin:

and we have decided to call Tama-Chan "Pumpkin" today, because it is Halloween, and because she is so cute!

Sen-Chan: Halloween is also a very special day for me (and for #1) because it is my GOTCHA DAY! I came to live here on October 31, 2007! Here are a couple of shots of me the day I arrived:

And here is a recent portrait!

#1 says I still am, and always will be, her tiny kitten.....


  1. Happy Hallowe'en to all of you and Happy Gotcha Day Sen-chan! It's funny I was just thinking of you guys not a minute ago as I was going through noses for the contest. :-D

  2. Happy Gotcha Day Sen Chan!! Hope you get extra snuggles today! Love how spooky the wilds look around your place! Creepy!!!!!

    Happy Halloween!

    Purrs and a couple of Halloween kisses,
    Goldie and Shade

  3. Wow, that is so cool, Sen-Chan, you and Texie shared a gotcha day. Happy Gotcha Day, Sen-Chan!

  4. You were definitely a TREAT, not a TRICK Sen-Chan!

    Have a SPOOKtacular Halloween!

    Your pals,

    Petey and Mica

  5. Happy Gotcha Day Sweety! :) If I had known I'd have sent you a tin of yummy Applaws Chicken for you and Tama-Chan to share... Yes, you can send #1 out to get you some from a pet shop, but not all seen to have it. Alternatively get her to look online for it and see where you can get hold of some. Cat shows often have people selling Applaws at too! :) I've given Mummy strict instructions to stock up on it at the Supreme as well as our Bozita cat food too! :) Both are very yummy you know...

    Purrs and kitty kisses,

  6. Hi Sen chan, Tom kun and Tama chan!
    What a beautiful natural Halloween decorations :)
    Happy Halloween!

  7. hi kids, that's a cool halloween photo. we have some of those spider web scenes in our yard too.

    Sen-Chan, those are adorable little kitty pictures of you. this is my, Baxter's, gotcha day too. congratulations to us!


  8. Happy Halloween! And Sen, Happy Gotcha Day! This is a very special day for your family.

  9. Happy Gotcha Day! My gotcha day is on Monday. Of course, for me it will have been three years. I like your pumpkin! Meowmy loves pumpkins but the Toy Man doesn't really care one way or the other.


  10. Happy Halloween to you! That's a nice arrival picture of you Sen-Chan and the curtain goes so well with the orange of the pumpkin above. #1 did a good job carving the pumpkin! Will there be trick or treaters around at your place? My mom doesn't expect any but I do - it might open an oportunity to sneak out, hi, hi ,hi...
    Happy Gotcha Day!

  11. Happy Gotcha Day, Sen-Chan! My, weren't you the kyootest little fella! Happy Halloween to you all!

  12. Happy Halloween and GOTCHA day! We love your natural decorations, and we would sneeze in them and try to find and eat the spider if we could.

    Abby & Stygia

  13. Wow....I didn't realize Halloween was all over the world! Sen looks extra spooky!

    Happy HOWL-o-weenie and Gotcha Day!

  14. So many wonderful things to celebrate at your house today!!
    Momma says that to me too! "no matter how big and old and wiser-er I get from her I will always be her baby"
    Happy Halloween guys and happy gotcha Sen :))


  15. Thats a very mean looking pumpkin..And dear(tiny) Sen you look adorable!

  16. Happy Gotcha Day! Those are adorable kitten pictures of you. I hope you had a wonderful day.


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