Saturday, 25 October 2008

Slightly Queasy Saturday

Sen-Chan: Apparently, I brought it on myself. That, anyway, is what #1 is claiming. She says I should not have stolen Tama-chan's milk and that it's "normal" that I have the runs as a result. Woe is me! I have been feeling distinctly green, and not eating today, other than the two pills #1 popped down me this morning, with a warning that two more would be coming this evening. I don't like pills any more than the next cats, but I think I am beginning to feel a little better. Plus we had a purry nose nudge with Tama-chan this morning! So I'm just taking it easy:

Tom: Guess what? Tama-chan came up to me yesterday evening and actually rubbed up against my nose? My natural charm is winning the day! She has discovered that I am irresistible!

Tama-Chan: If there is one irresistible person around here, It is ME!!!!! I have been lavishing cuddles on #1, playing up a storm, and I am beginning to revise my initial judgement about the two big guys, although still hissing at Big Red for good form (I can't bring myself to hiss at Floppy Ears. He is too cute!).


  1. Good morning! We are sorry to hear that you brought yourself to some misery today, Sen-Chan. Don't worry, you will feel better soon.

    Keep up the good work, Tama-Chan. Maybe you can sneak up to Sen when he is sleeping and get in a good sniff.

    Abby & Stygia

  2. We hope you continue to feel better Sen-Chan!

    Tom, I wish we could have seen Tama-Chan rub against you... it must have been the sweetest thing ever!

    Have a wonderful day!

  3. Tom,

    Of course your new sister thinks you are fascinating - you are! I'm glad you are getting to be friends.

    Poor Sen-chan to have tummy troubles. I like milk too but I guess that you shouldn't have it if it causes you problems. Hope you are feeling better soon and don't have to take anymore nasty pills.

    Your friend,

  4. Maybe you could ask #1 in the future to get you guys some Lactaid milk, if they have something like that in France. There is also a specially made catmilk that works the same way lactaid does, but also has some special cat nutrients in it, but is really expensive. Both of these are much easier for us kitties to digest!

  5. We are sorry you have a sick tummy, Sen-Chan. We knew Tom's charm would win you over little Tama-Chan! Soon, you will even be purring with Sen-Chan! You just wait and see!

  6. Tama built her new familly...

    Way to go!!!

    ViVi & AB

  7. Sen, I hope your tummy is feeling all better soon!

  8. Sen-Chan, I hope your tummy feels better soon. Tama-Chan, I'm glad you're feeling more comfortable and enjoying your new family.

  9. Sen-Chan, I hope by this time you're feeling well again. And maybe you are already cuddled up with Tama-Chan?
    I agree with Addie: That rub really must have been ultimatively heart-warming!
    Your floofy friend, Siena

  10. I agree with you Tama-Chan when it comes to big floppy ears. I hope you feel better soon, Sen-Chan.

  11. Well this is just not right Sen-Chan, they leave stuff lying around (milk) what do they think you are going to do with it huh?
    I hope your tummy is better soon buddie :)
    Tom I just haz to know what is it about you that woos peoples so easily?
    Tama-Can, you is a cheeky little minx aren't you? Way to go getting the big guy on your side:P


  12. Hi Sen chan and Tom kun!
    You guys are so nice to Tama chan.She really loves you guys.
    Take care, Sen chan!

    Tama chan! You are very KAWAII!!



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