Friday 3 October 2008

Fairy-Tale Friday?

Sen-Chan: First of all, thank you so much to all those who sent good wishes. My paw is a lot better although it's still a little sore. I need to be careful, as #1 keeps reminding me, and not tear around the house...

Today, I want to tell you about the big, big field that is beyond the field I have been romping in. The other day, I crossed the lane and went into the big, big field. At the far end of it, there is something quite magical! There are two ancient and very big oak trees, and each has its own guardian spirit in the shape of a pure white horse:

Isn't that amazing? And not far from there, there is a real FAIRY TREE! It's a big oak stump, hollowed out and covered in ivy at the top. I am sure that fairies live there!

So, when I went into the field, I went up to the tree and had a chat with the fairies (I couldn't see them but I knew they were there). I told them how lonely I get when #1 and Tom go away for hours and hours, and asked them if they could help in any way.

I didn't get a reply right away, but since then, I have been having a lot of wonderful dreams, and this is the image I keep seeing:

What do you think it means? Who is she? Does anyone recognise her? I have been asking #1 and Tom but they both smile mysteriously and pretend they know nothing....

Tom: I would like to tell you all how touched I was by your lovely comments about my photo yesterday! So, in a follow-up, here is a "Flying Friday" photo!

I realise it's pretty blurred, but OH THE SPEED!!!!!!


  1. Wow, Sen-Chan, you certainly live in a very magical place. Well, you know what is always said, "Dreams can come true." I have a feeling that since you have been such a wonderful kitty this year, your faeries will make yours come true too...

    Abby & Stygia

  2. Wow Tom, that's SPEED! Sen-Chan, keep dreaming. Glad you're feeling better.

  3. We wonder who that is, Sen-Chan. Glad your paw is feeling better. We wonder if #1 is getting you a feline playmate?

  4. First off, we're glad that Sen-Chan's paw is much better.

    Now, those photos are just magical - especially the oak trees with their horse guardians. And we love the fairy tree ("I wouldn't even leave a pee-mail there," says Petey.)

    Once again, thank you for a glimpse into your beautiful world.

    Ton amis,

    Petey et Mica

  5. Sen-Chan--

    You have mesmerized me! I am now in love with you and you're a CAT!!!! Omygod!

    I hope your dreams mean a little kitten will appear for real.

    Please tell Tom that we LOVE the blurry speed pictures cause they're so full of life.

    Your pal,

  6. I just love your place! Do you like to climb trees too? It would be funny if you were getting a feline friend, because I am trying to convince my mum to get me a friend since weeks...
    Thank you for your nice comments, but - blushing - actually that last picture didn't show my tail but my front leg. I have to get my mum to declare those close-ups more precisely!
    Purrs to all of you and keep watching that paw!
    Siena, the Norwegian Forest Cat

  7. Oh SQUEEEEEEE!! Oh my gosh she is so cute and frootbatty!!!


  8. I can tell that faeries really DO live there! And my heart leaped with excitement when I saw the beautiful little kitten you are dreaming of. I can't wait to learn more!

  9. Sen-Chan-Oh I hopes yur dreems com troo. I fink it wuld be wunnerful fur yoo iffen da kitteh yoo dreems uv iz gonna be yur sisfur soon. Den yoo willna be lonelies anymors.

    Tom-Can yoo teech Shadow how ta flies? May be den he will flies away sumtyms an leeves me in peese. Sumtyms I jus gets tyred of him chasins me all day an I needs a brake.

  10. WOW...we love where you live.

    HUGS~ Chancy, Jake and Babe~"The Ernie's Voice Gang"

  11. You live in such a magical place. I do hope your dreams come true.

    I'm glad your paw is better.

  12. Sen Chan, you're Merlin l'enchanteur, fairies will come to visit you.
    ViVi & AB

  13. Your big, big field looks like a very magical place! That kitten must be a sign from the fairies! We can't wait to hear more!

  14. Get well soon Sen-Chan! I wished I've been able to see the magical place too. There's hardly anything as beautiful as that here.Keep dreaming, maybe your dream will reveal more knowledge to you!


  15. I am glad the faeries came to see you, Sen-Chan. You do live in a wondrous place, full of magic.

    Enjoy your dreams of the wee newcomer. You never know...

    Purrs Shade


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