Tuesday 29 June 2010

Two-Girl Tuesday

Tuesday is normally my day, but since we're heading into something of a blogcation, I decided to share with Sei-Chan today. First of all, many thanks for all the lovely comments to yesterday's blog. Tommy seems to have turned a corner (paws crossed) and is no longer frantically licking his paw every time it's available to him, so this means it will now have the opportunity to heal. Yuu-Chan's leg still seems pretty sore. #1 has been trying to keep him quiet and away from the rest of us. He is really depressed, though. The vet thinks it may not be calicivirus after all. Just a bad sprain or pulled muscle. Either way, these things are a pain to heal. #1 says she will try to post an update from across the ocean when she has a chance. In the meantime, please keep the purrs coming!

It's been an odd week so far weather-wise. We've had very hot, then very rainy and humid. Today is hot again and less humid. I have of course been enjoying the run:

Those cubbyhole shelves are great for getting away from the sun's heat!

Here I am, preparing to dive out of my hammock!

I hope you like the paw positioning!

Yesterday, I spent a bit of time hanging out with Yuu-Chan as #1 was contemplating the ironing:

Sei-Chan: I enjoy the run too but I am less of an outdoor girl than my sister Tama. I love hanging out on the shelf above #1's desk...

And in the hammock by the window in the study...

And the little round hammock that's part of our cat tree:

And lately, I have been hanging out a lot on #1's bed whenever she is there. What am I going to do when she's away?

Still, Ms. S is here now and I love her. Mr.S will be coming a little later and I really love him too, so perhaps it won't be so bad.

So, dear friends, this is it until #1 gets herself organised "over there." As we said, we hope that between Ms. S's photo-taking and #1's willingness, we will be able to post the occasional update.

Monday 28 June 2010

Manly Monday

I get to go first in today's post because Yuu-Chan's leg is still sore and he's feeling a little sorry for himself. We now suspect the soreness is a symptom of a calicivirus infection that also caused the eye problems. Paws crossed he is all better soon. I really miss playing with him! As for Tom, he is still spending some time with the cone and some with bandages. So, right now, I am the only truly valid one among us three brothers.

I have been hanging out with Tom as much as I can.

Yesterday, I also helped #1 make the bed:

and I had a bit of an adventure as #1 and Uncle U had lunch on the terrace, and both Yuu-Chan and I got to go out in our harnesses!

Yuu-Chan: I hate the fact that my leg is sore because it means I can't run and play, and my little brother doesn't really understand. #1 has been taking really good care of me and I have been spending a lot of time either in the hammock:

or on other soft and comfortable surfaces:

Tom: I continue to be submitted to various tortures associated with my foot. It is regularly bathed in a diluted Betadine solution to keep it clean, and I get cream put on it. Then I get either the cone or some kind of bandage. #1 took pity on me yesterday and left the cone off as it was so hot. It is cooler today and raining, so I have it back on. Bummer.

Still, my overall form is not affected by this, as can be seen in the following:

And here are some exceptional flying ears for you!

And just one more shot:

Sunday 27 June 2010

Snuggles on Sunday - The Stock-Up Edition

Found the title a little strange? Well, the fact is that the rumours are true. We are on the verge of being abandoned by #1 who is heading out to Prince Edward Island on Wednesday and not taking any of us along. Our beloved Aussie friends are returning to spoil us silly, so we hope to survive this ordeal. However... it will mean that blogging will be a very intermittent affair during the month of July. #1 will probably hijack the blog a few times to show you what's going on over there, and Ms. S might sneak in some photos of us here and there, and we'll try to leave the occasional comment. So, all this to say that there won't be any Snuggles on Sunday posts for a while, so please stock up today while supplies last!

This first photo is not really a snuggle shot but #1 was rather taken with it. We have this shelf unit in the run and it's the only shady spot for the entire morning and early afternoon, so Yuu-Chan and I decided to hang out there yesterday.

Yuu-Chan of course never loses a single opportunity to snuggle up to #1, even out in the run...

and of course indoors too!

The other morning, #1 was delighted to wake up to this lovely picture of a happy/sleepy Sei-Chan lying on top of her:

Bibi-Chan has of course been snuggling with Tommy:

And here is a nice shot of me snuggling up to a couple of #1's Japanese "kokeshi" dolls!

Wishing you all a Sunday full of Snuggles! We shall be posting as usual in the first part of the week, so come and visit us!

Saturday 26 June 2010

Splendidly Sunny SEIturday!

Right now, summer is HERE! We have been promised 28C (83F) today and 30C (86F) tomorrow. The run is actually too warm in the morning although there is a shelf unit where it's possible to sit in the shade. Yuu-Chan is hanging out there now. Thank you for all the purrs for him and Tommy. His eyes look better and he isn't limping. He is still pretty quiet but he is eating very well. As for Tommy... #1 took the cone off him last night and he slept with a baby sock. It's back on this morning.

As for me, I have been enjoying life tremendously! I've been hanging out in the study on my zabuton:

I have a really fun action shot for you today. #1 took it when I was leaping from one platform to another. Can you see me?

It is so wonderful to have the run where we can lie in the grass and contemplate life in the midst of bountiful nature!

To thank you for your concern about Yuu-Chan and Tommy, here are bonus photos of them, taken this morning:

And last but not least, #1 is over the moon because our cherries are finally ripening!

Wishing you a great SEIturday!

Friday 25 June 2010

A Few Woofs and Purrs?

Well, the bandage came off and the licking started off again, like crazy, so.... Tommy is sporting an Elizabethan collar for a few days. Thank you for the advice on Wound Guard but the product does not seem to be available here. We'll try to get hold of it from elsewhere, for next time.

In the meantime, Tommy needs to be patient. The lampshade will come off for walks and meals. We would appreciate a few purrs and encouraging woofs for rapid healing so it can come off for good asap.

A few purrs also, if you please for Yuu-Chan who has a bit of an infection in both eyes plus a slightly sore leg. He is on various things to make him feel better (plus lots of treats!), and has been spending time in the sun out in the run, which we hope will help too!

Our apologies if we don't get around to commenting as much as we would like over the next few days. #1 is gearing up for a trip (more on that sad event next week) and things are pretty hectic around here.

Thursday 24 June 2010

Tommy Thursday

#1 said I could have my very own day this week as we have some nice pics of me to share. Talking of photos, #1 is moving her iPhoto library to a portable external drive. It's been transferring since yesterday evening and there's only another 40 hours to go! Maybe she takes too many photos....

For our morning outing yesterday, we went to the chateau. We hadn't been there in quite some time so it was nice to see the sights and smell the smells again. You may notice that one of my paws is taped up in some of the photos. I got a couple of little wounds on one paw and licked them over and over again to make them better. #1 was not happy with the results, so my foot is in jail. Do any of our friends know of something you can use that will help healing whilst discouraging licking?

We are finally getting sunshine and warmth, and it is very important to find nice cool spots to hang out in when the temperature starts to climb. How about this for a verdant oasis?

Another important hang-out is one's bed(s). I have several. There is the one in the study from where I offer #1 moral support in all intellectual endeavours. There is the one by her bed on which I sleep, and then there is the one on the landing at the top of the stairs for general supervision of goings-on. #1 wasn't too happy with the landing bed and so she got me a new one yesterday. It's pretty nice, don't you think?

And last but not least, I wanted to share with you a recent photo of me and my #1. We don't get too many photos taken of the two of us together, and we really like this one!

Yes, that is a tennis ball in my mouth! The accessory all sporting dogs should carry with them when they go out!

Tuesday 22 June 2010

Toesday with Tama-Chan

Aaaaah..... the sheer joy of it! The sun is finally shining and the sky is blue! I have been spending so much time in my hammock. What utter bliss! And of course when I am in my hammock, #1's view of me is generally limited to whatever is peeking out. So, I give you a Toesday special!

As you know, in this house there are two ruddy Abys and two sorrel Abys and there is an ongoing discussion about coffee bean coloured pawpads versus pink pawpads. Yuu-Chan insisted that a photo of his perfect pink pawpads should immediately follow my coffee-bean coloured ones!

And of course, Sei-Chan also has perfect pink toes...

My boy Bibi has perfect coffee-bean toes, but he seems to be feeling a little shy in this photo!

Ah, this is better! Even he seems a little in awe of his paw in this one!

Monday 21 June 2010

Manly Monday

After days and days of rain and grey skies, we are getting a bit of sunshine today, although it's still only 14C outside, quite unacceptable for June 20th!

I would like to start off today with a group photo of the three of us Poupountte guys:

Did you ever see a manlier (sweeter?) sight?!

I did have some pretty manly adventures yesterday. Remember my buddy Nappel who lives in the Pyrenees? He was up this way again and we went for a walk in the woods yesterday.

Once again, I had great fun wading in the water on the lakeside:

But the best moment was my capture and bringing home of a truly man-sized stick!

#1 keeps saying that I look bit wild-eyed in that photo. No idea what she's talking about...

And for my last photo for today, I give you this: manly dog with garlands in his hair!

A perfect look for midsummer, I say!

Yuu-Chan: I do envy Tommy all his outdoor adventures. #1 keeps telling me that she is sure I would be good outside, just like Sen-Chan was, but that she can't let me roam around whilst the others are confined to the run. It would not be fair. Sigh...

So I hang out in the run with the others, looking manly:

or sit at the study window with one of my siblings, admiring the birdlife:

or simply enjoying the lovely greenery around me:

Bibi-Chan: #1 has taken to calling me her "Little Pixie" and I suspect this is not very manly at all. Plus I have absolutely no idea why she does it...

Anyway, I have decided to take up a new sport, created by me. It's called "Tommy-Surfing."

Pretty cool, don't you think? It's a great way to spend the time when I'm not helping #1 with her work.