Saturday, 18 January 2020

Souvenir SEIturday

Rainbow Sewi: We are sorry to be late in posting. #1 is getting busier and busier as the date of her operation aproaches and she wasn't able to put a post together yesterday evening. So, I suggested to her that a SEIturday post, for old tiomes' sake. might be easer to do. I hope you don't mind that it's just me!

Friday, 17 January 2020

Violette & Vidock Vendredi

Violette: I can't believe it's already been eight weeks since our last hooficure, so the farrier came along on Wednesday to "do" us both. As you know, it's been seriously rainy and therefore muddy, and I can't say either of us was exactly clean...

I went first and the farrier said I had really beautiful feet! The great thing about his statement is that, when #1 first got me, my feet were far from beautiful and she even had to treat me with Biotin to strengthem my hooves, as well as my mane and tail. And see what years of great care do for you?!

You see what I mean when I say muddy?

Once I was done, The Big V and I swapped places:

#1 got some pics of the "smokey" bits on The Big V:

See how red hot the shoes is?

People often ask if it hurts. It doesn't. At all!

#1 got close-ups of both our eyes. Can you tell who is who?

And once both of us were done, we got our treat buckets!

They were utterly neighful!

Thursday, 16 January 2020

Thankful Thursday

Ollie: We are thankful for cozy winter evenings when we can all relax with #1 as she watches TV..

Wednesday, 15 January 2020

Windy Wednesday Whinnies

Hotesse: Grandmotherly Neighs, Dears. I thought it was time I had a post! I wanted to show you this photograph. There was so much wind yesterday that, when #1 brought us our carrots and apples, she took this photo of us and my (short) mane is standing straight up! It made me neigh!

Tuesday, 14 January 2020

Tama-Chan Tuesday

Tama-Chan: Welcome to my day of the week, Dear Friends. Well, the festivities are over but we are once again entering a rather complicated period. We may have mentioned this before, but #1 is having total knee replacement surgery on January 27th. She has been busy with a myriad pre-surgery tests and appointments which explains why we have not been that good at commenting. She will be in hospital from January 26 until around February 1st. During that time, Mr. G will take care of us. When she comes back from hospital, Ollie will probably spend a few days at Mr. G's place, as #1 will not be able to walk him at all initially. We kitties will of course be busy with nursing duties. So, please bear with us as we go through this period!

I have continued to work on my cute look and #1 says I now have perfected it:

For some reason, she found this angle amusing, but then again, she is easily amused:

And what about this one then?

Oh, and I have also been spending some "dryer" time:


Monday, 13 January 2020

Manly Monday

Vidock: I would like to start this week by telling Millie and Walter's Mom that it would be a pleasure to wash my face if she would consider coming to visit me to give me a kiss!

Now, on to manly photos. I have two for you today. The first is one of me and Miss Violette:

And the second is of me with my girlfriend, Aral:


Ollie: I have been doing some fun zoomies in the fields!

 I can't remember if I told you how much I love my green dragon, a great Christmas present from Pixie and Zorro over at the Swiss Cats!

The cats got gifts too but #1 hasn't unpacked them yet because I steal everything and chew it up...

Genji: I have a GlowBat pic for you today!

And here is a Mr.G picture of me and my buddy Ollie:

PS: #1 here. Some bloggers in the UK may have seen the wonderful 2-part documentary "Snow Cats and Me" which was aired recently. It was about a programme in Russia to return Lynx that had been bred in captivity to the wild. One of the cats shown was a young male by the name of Bryansk and he reminded me so much of Beebs that it was quite eerie. Here he is:

I think this is what Beebs was in fact like inside 💖 Big, long-limbed, incredibly cuddly but also totally wild.

Sunday, 12 January 2020

Snuggles on Sunday

Tama-Chan: I would like to open this week's SOS post with an unusual and (so far) unique photo: a snuggle pile showing all three of us on and around #1!

Genji was sitting on #1's chest, and I went and stood on her lap, with Ollie snuggled up next to her!

And here is one where you can see just me and Genji:

I have been snuggling a lot with #1 recently:

Genji of course is always snuggling with #1, even when she is trying to work:

Ollie went to lunch with #1 the other day and snuggled with the other guest:

This is not a snuggle pic, but here is a pic of Ollie saying hello to Violette, and bringing her news of her Mama and sister!

The Big V is sporting a moustache at the moment and wondering whether anyone might like to kiss it?

Wishing you all a very snuggly Sunday!