Sunday, 14 August 2022

Snuggles on Sunday


Tama-Chan: Hello, Dear Friends, and welcome to our Snuggles on Sunday post, with the occasional selfie thrown in! I have a couple of nice snuggle pics with #1 for you this week to kick things off:

And we had a nice visit this week from Ms. H and Mr. M, so I spent time snuggling with Mr. M

Whilst Ms. H was enjoying snuggles with Ollie:

The Poupounette's golden senior, Mama Hotesse, has been suffering from the terrible heat and her worsening arthritis. We have been taking special care of her, but we fear that maybe we will be saying goodbye to her before too long. She and #1 took a great selfie together yesterday:

Here is a fun early morning shot of #1 sandwiched in bed by Ollie and Benny:

And a mega-cute one of Benny and Momo snuggled up together:

And another:

To round things off, here is a snuggle selfie with #1 and The Big V:

Wishing you all a snuggly Sunday with your loved ones.

Saturday, 13 August 2022

Sei-Chan's Souvenir Saturday


Rainbow Sei: Hello Everyone! It's been a while since I posted this weekend post and I am happy to be back. It's been hot over at Poupounette Central, so I thought I would try for a summer theme. So, here we go, in no particular order:





Da Genj and Da Beebs:

Da Beebs:

They are forecasting some rain and cooler temps from Sunday. We are crossing our paws.

Friday, 12 August 2022

Fun Feline Friday!


Benny & Momo: Can we help you with something #1? We were just discussing weekend plans.

Tama-Chan: As long as the rascals leave me in peace...

Thursday, 11 August 2022

Thankful Thursday


Benny: I am thankful for this nice new hand-made woven basket that #1 bought for us:

What do you mean by Have I seen Momo-Chan?

Momo-Chan: I am thankful that Queen Tama let me sit with her for a few minutes yesterday!

We are all thankful that the beautiful cow over at Ms. C's had her calf, and it's a lovely little girl! The breed is Bretonne Pie Noir, quite a rare breed. The little girl had trouble drinking at first and it was thanks to the help of some really nice people that #1 knew and who have cows of the same breed that they managed to get her drinking!

Lots to be thankful for! We are looking forward to seeing the little one grow!

Wednesday, 10 August 2022

Woofie Wednesday


Ollie: Woofs Everyone! Ollie here! It's getting very hot again and so #1 is being careful about when I go out. Early mornings are still OK so I like to potter around the garden.

This photo was taken at Ms. C's which explains all the hay on the ground!

I also wanted to share this great photo of my flying ears taken in the big field the other day:

You can see how dry everything is. France is having its worst drought since records began. #1 is trying to make sure that our wild birds and little critters have water to drink. She has a couple of bowls on the ground, with stones in them, so that the littlest ones don't drown, and she put up this low-cost water dispenser. It's hanging on the big cherry tree:

Here is a nice head shot of me to wrap things up:

Tuesday, 9 August 2022

Tama-Chan Tuesday


Tama-Chan: Greetings, Dear Friends, and welcome to my weekly dedicated post. We have had a quiet few days here at Poupounette Central, and I have been able to relax:

Nowadays, my relaxing often seems to include this little bit of white fluff. He is tolerable overall.

Even the little ruffian has become more tolerable now that he has someone else to occupy his time and energy.

Although he still needs the occasional reminder to behave!

I've been spending quite a bit of time on the round scratching pad. #1 says I must enjoy rough surfaces!

It's supposed to get pretty hot the rest of this week, so we are going to continue taking it easy.

Monday, 8 August 2022

Manly Monday


Ollie: Woofs, Everyone! Ollie here! Guess what? Our nasty neighbours are away on holiday and so yesterday, #1 let me run free in the big field for the first time in months! I had such a great time!

Benny: I've been trying my paw again at dangling. Whatcha think?

I love to hang out with my little bro, but sometimes, it' also nice to have slightly more adult company.

Momo: I'm a baby. I need lots of sleep.

But I'll pose nicely for you, #1

The Big V: Here are a couple more pics from when Mr. T was here Am I a hunk or what?

We hope you all have a great week. It's been nice here over the weekend but will get hot again from today.