Friday, 30 July 2021

Frantic Friday!

Benny: Meeeghrrrowwwwww, everyone! Have you forgotten all about us? It's been two whole weeks since we posted. Our scribe has been working totally crazy hours, basically 24/7, seven days a week. But we wanted to check in and say we are all fine. Mr. G is looking after us really well.

I have discovered  the wonderful pastime of hair licking!

Ms. M took this pic of Queen Tama:

Here is Ollie taking a break from playing with Lily:

And young Ms. C has been riding Miss Violette!

At the other end of the world, #1 got to wear the bronze medal earned by Charlotte Dujardin of Team GB in equestrian dressage:

We will post again when we can. Our apologies for this lack of posting and commenting!

Friday, 16 July 2021

Still Here on Friday!

: Hello, Dear Friends! Remember us? We are doing fine, but our scribe is working 12-16 hour days and that is why we have not been posting. Still, Mr. G and Ms. M have taken a bunch of photos of me and Benny, and Ms. C and a young friend who is also Ms. C have sent us pics of Ollie and Violette, so we thought we would do a mostly photo post for you.


And a couple of photos from Ms. M:

Ollie - we miss him!

No description available.

No description available.

And Miss Violette!

No description available.

#1 says to tell you that she is having an amazing time, but working harder than she has ever done, so please forgive us in advance for the lack of posts and comments.

We promise to post again when we can. For those of you on FB, #1 is putting daily posts of her adventures in Tokyo.

Friday, 9 July 2021

Feline Friday


Tama-Chan: Hello, Dear Friends! We apologise for being so quiet. Ever since she got out of quarantine, #1 has been really busy and so we have not posted. But Mr. G has been taking lots of great pics, so we thought it would be nice to do a Feline Friday post.

I had to yell at Benny when he got too close to my good time with Ms. N!

Because I was getting my brushies:

So, he decided to show off his monster claws!

And then he went to look for trouble elsewhere...

That boy...

Sunday, 4 July 2021

Snuggles on Sunday

Tama-Chan: It seems strange to be sharing a SOS post in the absence of #1, but we do have a bunch of great pics taken by Mr, G and it would be a shame not to take advantage of them, so here we go!

I shall start with a snuggle selfie taken with Mr, G:

Getting some love from Ms. N:

Ms. N also gave Benny some love:

Mr. G got Ms. C to take a pic of him snuggling with Lily:

Here is Ollie with Lily:

And Lily snuggled up to her mummy, Noelle:

Mr. G got a great selfie with the Big V!

And he got one with Violette:

And one with Hotesse, with Violette photo-bombing!

There is no selfie with Heloise. You can guess why, can't you? The Big V wouldn't let Mr. G get close to her...

#1 says that these pictures make her feel less bad about being so far away for so long.

Last but not least, we can't remember if we mentioned that mini Beebs and mini Tommy have accompanied #1 on her Olympic adventure. She sent us this selfie she took with them in her hotel room:

Wishing you many snuggles with the ones you love.

Friday, 2 July 2021

Family Friday


Violette: Since today is Friday, #1 said that I should host this Family Friday post. Since the beginning of this week, Ollie has been with us Vs and Hs, and that has been fun. His little daughter, Lily, is quite something. It seems she has ambitions to become a football (soccer) player, although her parents don't seem that interested. And yes, that is a melon, which she stole from Ms.C!

In case you were wondering, Lily will be 2 months old on Sunday!

So, here I am, being a little bothered by flies ('this the season!)

And here is my Mama, Hotesse:

Here are the two of us. Mama was clearly hoping for some carrots!

Here are The Big V and Miss Heloise:

Mr. G took this fun pic of The Big V!

Ms. M is also looking after us, and she took this pic of Benny the other day. His tongue is almost as long as Ollie's!

And here is Tama, looking cute as ever:

We also have some fun pics of Ollie playing with Lily, courtesy of Mr. G!

Mr. G has also been sending us some snuggle pics, so we will try to do an SoS post on Sunday. That will be #1's last day in quarantine, after which she is likely to be extremely busy, so we don't know how much/if we will be able to blog.

A big thank you to Ms. C, Mr. G and Ms. M for the video and photos!

Tuesday, 29 June 2021

Our 13th Blogoversary!


Tama-Chan: Welcome, Dear Friends, to our 13th Blogoversary, which happens to fall on a Tuesday, my day! #1 said that I am of course best qualified to host this post because I am the "Keeper of Memories", having been here almost since the creation of the blog. Sen-Chan and Tommy kicked off the blog on June 29, 2008 (the link is here), and I joined the Gang on October 31st that same year.

It has been an amazing 13 years for The Poupounette. At the start, there was one cat and one dog. There were heart-rending losses in the first couple of years as both Sen-Chan and Yuu-Chan went to the Bridge very young. And then we settled into a number of wonderful years, with Tommy, me, Sei-Chan, my Beebs, Da Genj, Vidock and Violette. Those were the best of times, and we will always remember them with smiles on our faces, despite the sadness of losing Tommy, Sei-Chan, Da Beebs and Da Genj over the past two and a half years. And yet, we go forward, remembering those who are gone and welcoming the newcomers. Ollie joined us in late January 2019, Hotesse and Heloise in the spring of 2020, and little Benny in late March this year. We have inverted some numbers, going from two horses to four, and four cats to two. And even though she does not live with us, we were thrilled to welcome Ollie's little daughter, Lily, into our wider family, in May. We will also include Ikkyu, #1's first kitty who went to the Bridge in 2007. He never blogged but is an integral part of our Souvenir Saturday posts

It is so hard to know which photos best represent us all, but since we will all be forever young in the memory of this blog, we decided to share baby pics of all of us, with the exception of our matriarch, Hotesse, whom #1 never knew as a baby (she was born in 1995) but of course we have baby pics of both Violette and Heloise with their gorgeous Mama!

This picture of Ikkyu was taken a couple of days after he came to live with #1 in Tokyo. He was just about 8 weeks old:

And this, in a somewhat similar vein, is Sen-Chan, just after he arrived:

Here is Tommy on the day that #1 met him, at his breeders'

This is one of the first pictures that #1 took of me, Tama, and she knew I had to be part of her life there and then!

Do any of you remember this photo of Sei-Chan's first visit to Poupounette Central? She was less than 3 weeks old at the time:

And here is a very sweet young Yuu-Chan:

My son, Bibi, aka Da Beebs, Beebsteroo and HouBibi, was the only Gang member actually born to the Poupounette, and he was very clear in his desire to stay here with us. This is #1's all-time favourite pic with him as a baby:

Here is Vidock  as "Little V" when he was a colt. Can you believe that he was jet black?

And here is Baby Violette, at four months, with her Mama, Hotesse:

Genji, aka Da Genj, was our first and only blue Abyssinian, and he had the hugest ears as a baby, a Frootbat among Frootbats!

Miss Heloise was quite a looker right from birth. Here she is, on the day she was born, with her Mama, Hotesse:

Little Ollie, just a few days after he arrived at Poupounette Central:

Our very first panther, Benkei, aka Benny, as photographed by Mr. G shortly after his arrival:

And to close things off, here is Miss Lily, the lovely daughter of Ollie and Noelle:

Thirteen years of love, fun, hellos and goodbyes. Eight cats, three dogs and four horses. Is there anyone out there still who has been following us since the very beginning? Thank you, everyone, for accompanying us on our journey. We are The Poupounette.