Friday 31 August 2012

Vidock and Violette Vendredi!

Vidock: Studly Neighs, my friends! I have to confess.. I am not easy to locate these days. Big Tom and I are in a long and fairly narrow field and if we are at the end of it, resting under trees, we can be almost invisible. So, it took some doing for Ms. A and Mr. D to find me, but they persevered and eventually got a sighting!

I hadn't realised that someone was actually looking for me!

I am fine and have been enjoying the nice weather and the holiday. I am told that when #1 returns and actually stays put (she is leaving again almost as soon as she gets back from Canada...), my holiday will be over and I will become her trusty steed!

Violette: Pretty Neighs, everyone! I am much easier to locate than my brother Vidock!

And here I am with my "field pals":

I am enjoying being outside although I have to say that the flies are a nuisance. If only someone would invent a truly efficient and non-toxic fly repellent for us horsies!

Today being Friday and also a "Flying Ear" kind of day, #1 sent us the following photo from Canada. It shows her local springer buddy, Leo, doing an impressive "One Ear Fly" demonstration whilst swimming:

Oh, and Genji is going on about it being "Frootbat Friday" and has submitted a portrait of himself, taken by Mr. D:

It does seem, however, that Queen Tama thinks that "that boy is getting a little bit too much coverage of late..."

Happy Friday Everybody!

Thursday 30 August 2012

Thankful Thursday

Genji: You favourite Shining Prince here! How have you all been? I am well and enjoying Ms. A and Mr. D, even though I miss #1! All of us are grateful for the great weather which means we can spend a lot of time at open windows in addition to the run:

We are also grateful for the award we received from our stunning friend Henry over at Need I Say Meow. It is the Beautiful Blogger award and requires us to tell you seven things about ourselves you may not know already. Since there are seven of us, that is one fact each! Here goes:

Genji: I am a champion biscuit-maker. That is how I greeted #1 the first time she met me and I am still at it!

Bibi-Chan: I was the first of my litter to start purring for someone, and it was all for #1!

Tama-Chan: Until I was over a year old and had had kittens, I only ever purred for Tommy

Sei-Chan: They thought I was a little boy when I was a tiny kitten!

Tommy: I am giant-sized in comparison to all my littermates!

Vidock: One day, I will be all white

Violette: I first made friends with #1 when I was just a little, little filly and I was in the field with my Mummy

Thanks, Henry! All awards are meant to be passed on. We think this one has done the rounds a bit but we would like to pass it on to The Amigos over at Cat Tales and to the gang over at Team Tabby.

We also heard from #1 that she is thankful because she had a great lunch this week with the PM from Sumac Stories! It was great to get fresh news of our buddies Goldie, Shade and Banshee.

And there were gifts for us! A great bed for us kitties and some treats for Tommy!

Apparently, they decided that next summer, they would like to organise a lunch in Halifax, Nova Scotia, and invite our friends from Mickey's Musings and Team Tabby to join in. How about it?

Wednesday 29 August 2012

Woofie Wednesday

Tom: Hi everyone! Tommy here! I have been hearing all about #1's beach adventures with Springers Leo and Murphy over in Prince Edward island and I wanted to let you know that Ms. A and Mr. D have been making sure that I get my fair share of water fun in the sun. LOOK!!!

OK, so it's not a big sandy beach but it was GREAT and I had a lot of fun!

Tuesday 28 August 2012

Tama-Chan Tuesday!

Tama-Chan: Last week being THAT Birthday, I did not get to post so I am really thrilled to be back to my regular schedule this week!

The weather has been nice and we have all been spending a lot of time in the run. I am delighted to say that Mr. D did a pretty thorough photo shoot of me, so here goes:

There was quite a bit of investigating to do...

Pretty good, don't you think? All kudos to Mr. D!

Monday 27 August 2012

Manly Monday!

Bibi-Chan: So where is #1? It's all well and good here and we love Ms. A and Mr. D, but WHERE is #1? Maybe Chey can help us locate her? She sent us this photo which we think looks highly suspicious:

That is apparently some manly pup by the name of Leo frolicking outside her cottage yesterday afternoon. Sigh.. I could have frolicked too... Tommy and I have been sitting by the window to see if we can spot her:

No luck yet.

Tommy has also been busy giving Mama Tama some loving (as well as his ball, of course...):

And I have been sending messages to #1 using Ms. A's computer:

As well as working on my MeerBeebs persona out in the run:

As for Genji, he has been playing jungle kitty:

and posing for the camera:

We have no new pics of Vidock today, but #1 did send us this interesting photo of some ice cream she bought in Prince Edward Island:

She says it's quite delicious!

Big thanks once again to Ms. A and Mr. D for the photos!

Sunday 26 August 2012

Sunday, Sunday!

Tama-Chan: We don't have a proper line-up of snuggle pics today so it will have to be a somewhat different Sunday post. That is, except for that tart sweet boy, Genji, who just loves Ms. A (as he loves Mr. D...).

He is also finding the time to do some very impressive laser-eyed supervising with Sei-Chan in the kitchen:

Tommy has been busy playing highly intellectual games:

The boys have been having fun times in the cat run:

As for me, I am, as always, holding down the responsibility of ensuring that the household is running smoothly:

We do have a pic from #1 to show you. It was sunrise yesterday morning from her cottage:

Wishing you all a perfect Sunday!

Saturday 25 August 2012


Sei-Chan: What a relief it is to be able to do my usual SEIturday post even though #1 isn't here. I do get a little crabby when I can't share my week with all of my friends!

It was indeed a good week and our Tommy's birthday was a highlight! Look at the fun I had with the streamers!

There has been quality time by the window...

Synchronised tail-swishing at the buffet!

#1 sent us this photo, so she is obviously spending her time well:

All in all, life is as satisfactory as it can be without #1 here.

Friday 24 August 2012

Flying Ears & Friends on Friday!

Tom: Well, it certainly has been a loooong time since we had a proper flying ears post, so here are a few pictures taken this week!

Now onto friends. #1 has not exactly been springer-deprived over in PEI because she is spending a lot of time in the company of two boys called Murphy and Leo!

Here is Murphy:

And here is Leo!

And today just happens to be Leo's third birthday! HAPPY BIRTHDAY LEO!!!

On the pussycat front, she met this lovely girl called "Puss" when she was visiting friends in Ontario:

That girl shares her life with a bunch of Percherons.

Violette: Did someone say "Percheron"? May I remind you that this would also be Violette Vendredi? Ms. A and Mr. D came to visit me yesterday, and I was very happy to see them!

My bro Viock was so far back in his field with Big Tom that they didn't even catch sight of him!