Friday 31 December 2010

Family and Friends on New Year's Eve

: On this, the last day of the year, we would like to focus on the two best things in our lives; our family and our friends. #1 has been away an awful lot over the past few months and we are so happy to have her home with us. She says she is planning to be mostly home in 2011!

So we can relax!

We of course remember always those who have left us. It has been almost two years since Sen-Chan went to the Bridge. Here he is, celebrating his first Christmas, still a kitten:

Our Yuu-Chan has been gone only three short months and we miss him so terribly still. Here he is at Christmas last year:

Not forgetting Ikkyu, whom none of us met but who filled #1's life with joy for 15 years before leaving for the Bridge in late August 2007.

Our friends, including all of you whom we have met through the Blogosphere, make up our extended family, and it is a joy for us to know you all. A special thank you goes out from us today to Clive, Murray and their family from whom we received a great package in the mail this morning!

I called Bibi-Chan over to help me check the contents out:

Then Tama came over to inspect the glitter balls:

And Sei-Chan got whapping!

As for me, I just love my toy!

Thank you, dear friends, for thinking of us and being so generous!

We would like to wish each and every pup, kitty and person a joyful New Year's Eve and first steps into 2011 filled with hope!

Thursday 30 December 2010

Thankful Thursday

Sei-Chan (aka "Thei-Chan")
: Greetings one and all. Everyone else has had far too much blog time of late so I have had to resort to the old trick again. Honestly! I shall of course start with a photo of me. #1 says that I am totally unique, the only "Abyssinian Ridegback" she has ever met, and she is hugely thankful for ME!

We were all very grateful for a wonderful package we received in the mail yesterday. It was from our friend Marlene of "9 and Chani" fame. She is a potter and made an absolutely beautiful ceramic pendant commemorating our brother Yuu-Chan:

He is wearing a formal Japanese "Hakama" jacket and the rainbow on it shows he is no longer with us. Thank you Marlene, for your kindness and thoughtfulness.

Tommy was very thankful to go out to dinner with #1 last night, to the home of his good friend Sissi, the gorgeous Briard:

As for that pest, Bibi, when he is not plotting his next escape, he is still very thankful for his big mousie with the furry tail!

And in the midst of all the fog we have been getting, Tama was most thankful for the one day when there was a lovely sunbeam for her to lie in!

Tuesday 28 December 2010

Tama-Chan Tuesday

Well, it's the half-way mark between Christmas and the New Year and we are feeling a little "suspended" ourselves. Our guest, Ms. L, left this morning and #1 got back to work. It's gotten warmer but we are encased in fog today! That pest of a son of mine managed to do a "Houbibi" this morning but was caught fairly quickly.

On the subject of The Bibi, he was terribly proud of his Christmas collar with all the little jingly bells. We girls also got to wear collars on Christmas Day, but they were considerably more subdued:

Here is Sei-Chan wearing her collar. She just loves getting under the tablecloth for some reason...

And here I am with my boy, waiting for treats:

Isn't he just enormous?!

All of this does make one feel sleepy, so I am returning to my nap...

PS: We have an item in the last part of the auction for Brighton (it's item #30). It is one of the hammocks that we love so much! The price will include free shipping anywhere in the world, so please bid, bid, BID! Here is a photo of me demonstrating one of our hammocks outdoors. They can also be hung over radiators or beams!

Monday 27 December 2010

Manly Monday!

Tom: Now that Christmas is over, we are resting up (each in our own way!) and girding our loins for New Year's Eve. Actually, #1 and I are invited out on the 31st. Isn't that super cool?!

Anyway, whilst Ms. L has been here, she has been doing some of the Frisbee throwing and so #1 has been able to take some rather better action (read MANLY!) shots of me catching than usual:

How about "JAWS"?


#1 says that one must always show one's gentle and/or goofy side as well, so here is a classic for you:

Bibi-Chan: I personally believe in showing one's adorable side all of the time...

And that way, you get the very bestest scritches!

By the way, in case any of you were wondering, I LOVED that collar. I never even tried to get it off!

Sunday 26 December 2010

Boxing Day Snuggles

Tama-Chan: We hope you all had a lovely Christmas! We certainly did. My Bibi made sure the capon was of the best quality before it went into the oven. We of course got to enjoy it once it was cooked too!

Tommy and Bibi looked stunning in their Christmas collars and posed for #1 of their own free will:

Ms. L has been staying with us, and Tommy has been giving her hugs:

And I have let her have the honour of grooming me with the Zoom Groom:

My Bibi has been snuggling with #1:

And with Tommy too, of course:

I have also been snuggling with Tommy:

Whereas Sei-Chan has developed a new technique for snuggling with #1 which aims at keeping her here with us!

Have a Snuggly Sunday, Dear Friends!

Saturday 25 December 2010

Friday 24 December 2010

Getting Ready.....

I am so excited! Tonight is Christmas Eve and tomorrow everyone gets presents!!! #1 says she is way behind on preparations and has not yet wrapped gifts. We will have to make sure she gets some quiet time this evening to do that. In the meantime, she stopped by the local chocolate shop to stock up on a few goodies:

Tommy of course is eternally more interested in the snow and his Frisbee than anything else. With Ms. L here to throw the Frisbee, #1 has been able to take some better photos of him.

As for me, I am very busy being a very good boy...

Wishing you all a lovely Christmas Eve!

Thursday 23 December 2010

Thankful Thursday

Sei-Chan (aka Thursday Thei-Chan):
Well, it happened. It snowed again last night. This is what #1 and Tommy experienced when they went out at midnight for a last walk:

And this morning, Tommy was one HAPPY FRISBEE BOY!!!

#1 says she is thankful that we have not yet managed to do any damage to the tree, even though we have been showing growing interest...

We are all thankful for our regular treats of ham. As you can see, I am the one who does the negotiating whilst the others pretend not to be interested. I don't know why I have to do all the work, but maybe I get a little bit extra as a result?

And #1 is thankful for snowless yesterday as she was able to go and visit Vidock!