Monday 20 December 2010

Manly Monday in the Snow!

: Happy Monday, everyone! We woke up to a bit of a surprise this morning. It had snowed on Saturday but most of it had melted with rain and warm temperatures yesterday, and there was no more snow forecast. Ha!

This was our lane this morning:

Needless to say I ADORE snow and #1 obliged by taking me and the Frisbee out for a long romp.

There is nothing manlier than galloping through the snow, especially once you have accumulated lots of snow pompons around your neck and on your pantaloons!

#1 is mumbling all sorts of things about expecting deliveries and knowing the postlady will not come down the lane as it now is, and that they never, ever clear the roads here, never mind lanes. Boo Hoo.... Still, we are all well and happy and have lots of supplies, so we don't mind, really!

Bibi-Chan: I got to plunge my paws into the snow! #1 opened up the run for us this morning and Mama-Tama and I ran out (Sei-Chan wouldn't dream of getting her pink toesies wet...). It was cool and soft, and just very wonderful!

I tried to tell #1 that it would be really fun fort me to run through the big snow outside but she explained that it was pretty deep and I would probably sink ! Sigh...


  1. Tommy, I think the snow came just for you! Chans, that looks like fun in your run. But stay warm!

  2. I hope those snow plows come. Sure, your lane looks pretty, but not to get the postal deliveries, that would sting.


  3. Those are the kind of manly Monday photos we like - lots of snow, flying ears, frisbees. Not that we get much snow but when we do we get those snowballs on our feathers too. Too bad Bibi-Chan couldn't run with you. Stay warm.

    Your friends,
    Niamh & Ambrose

  4. What fun!! Thanks for sharing those beautiful snow scenery pics!


  5. Tommy, it was very manly of you to run through all that snow!

  6. Oh my goodness! The manliness is on overload today! Tama-Chan, I am ery proud of you and your ladycat toughness. The snow looks like it would feel very funny on little paws.

  7. Snow! What a surprise! I don't like snow, it gets all over my feetsies!

  8. Tommy - you look like you are having a blast in the snow.

    Our hu-dad does have a secret though to keep those snow pompons away. You can take some Pam cooking spray on your furs just before going out - and no ice balls. Miss Kiska gets sprayed before romps in the snow. Just don't use any of the flavored kind, or the others will want to taste you when you get back inside (there was this Kiska and Butter Flavor incident that we will never forget).

  9. Snow pompons took awesome, Tommy!

  10. Tommy, we never thought of snow pompoms as manly but on you they are!

  11. Tommy, you look overjoyed! Did you know the snow where we live is very shy? If the weatherperson predicts it, it doesn't show up. If the weatherperson says it won't happen, it's safe to show up! We're hoping that snow will not be predicted here so we can get some too.

  12. The snow looks gorgeous! It doesn't look "manly" to me... except those snow pom poms, of course!

  13. What a great start to the week with Tommy and his big grin, his frisbee and flying ears. Hannah gets snow pompoms on her tummy and tail furs too!
    We wonder why #1 wouldn't let you out in the snow Bibi-Chan - is it because you would throw snowballs at her!!

  14. Fantastic - you are now snow kitties and in training to visit us here in Finland! We think this is especially brave as you have such short furs and it must have been very cold for you. Digging in the snow is great fun and we hope you get a little more to play in :)

  15. Tommy, it's wonderful to see yoo and yoor frisbee enjoying the snow so much!

  16. You look so curious about that snow! I love watching Tommy enjoy it!

  17. *SIGH!*

    What a way to start my blog visits today!


    Does it get any better?


    PeeEssWoo: Khousin Merdie's Noodleloons get like that - and in rain, they akht like a chamois!

  18. When we saw that first photo of snow...we wondered 'Do they get to go out in their cat runs in the snow?'....and Yes! You do! How fun!

  19. Hi Tommy! Hi Bibi! Wow what a surprise to wake up to! Tommy you look like you had so much fun out there - and we love your snow pompons!
    And Bibi you and your Mama Tama are brave - we would never go into the snow! And #1 is right - our mom's kitty when she was little loved snow but once it was deep and she started to sink! Luckily our mom's mom was there to save her!

  20. Tommy, what a fantasticly Manly Day you're having! Snow really gets you going!

    We think it's great Bibi and Tama got to try out the snow in the run. We would LOVE to play in the snow, for just a few minutes.

  21. Whoa - it is ALL white! That is crazy! And my human keeps wishing that we get a freak bit of snow here in southern California... I am not convinced that it is as fun as you all make it look.

  22. Oh Tommy you guys have the biggest smiles on your faces. So absolutely beautiful. Mom sure does miss snow so thank you for sharing those awesome pictures
    Benny & Lily

  23. I don't like the snow, but boy those pictures sure are beautiful.

  24. BBBRRR! It looks so cold there in France! We heard how cold it was from our relatives in Holland too. You kitties are brave putting your feet in that wet stuff!
    Merry Christmas to you all!

  25. Tommy, we can see how much you love that snow!! We don't like snow very much so we never go out into it!

  26. That lane just wakes up all sorts of romantic dreams in our mom.

    So glad you enjoyed the snow!!!

    9 and Chani

  27. hi Tom, those are beautiful photos of the snow. we're jealous! we only have mud here. of course, the beautiful photos are just made more wonderful by seeing your beautiful face in it. you can really pick up the snowballs too! that's impressive.


  28. Great snow adventures, Tommy! And Bibi, we are glad you got to try some snow. Did you shake your paws like Chilli does?
    Many purrs!

  29. Do you think you'll have a white Christmas? The snow covered trees look magical! The post lady may not make it down the lane but it's perfect weather for Santa's sleigh! Lovely, just lovely, photos of Tommy. He has such a sweet face ( to match is sweet heart). Tommy looks like he is flying, not just his ears. The snow makes it look like he is almost four feet up!
    We cannot imagine those wee kitty feeties in that cold snow. Brr! Lots of cuddling will make them warm again.

  30. Tommy you look so happy with your ears flying!

  31. Tommy, we love your snow photos! We have so much snow here as well - we're getting a bit fed up with it all!

    take care
    Clive and Murray


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