Saturday 4 December 2010


I feel in my role, as Mama Tama, that I am the best person to lead the celebrations for my son's FIRST BIRTHDAY! Yes, my once tiny little BIBI is one year old today!

Can you believe that in one short year, this:

has morphed into this?

Here is a little photo retrospective of Bibi's first year, starting with the Fab Four at one week:

Bibi at two weeks:

My "Fab Four" at one month. Bibi is on the left:

Bibi at 6 weeks:

At two and a half months:

With Tommy at three months:

With Yuu-Chan at three and a half months:

With Tommy at four months:

The wild boy at 5 months:

Snuggling under the covers with Yuu-Chan at six months:

In the run at eight months:

Helping with the laundry at nine months:

Feather-Bibi at ten months:

Out in his Puppia harness at eleven months:

And with his best buddy, Tommy, at almost one year:

I would also like to take this opportunity to send best wishes to my other three kits, Fuku-Chan, Hime-Chan and GoGo-Chan. I am sadly no longer in touch with them, but hope they are thriving and bringing much joy!

The party at Poupounette Central will be ongoing through the weekend, so please come and join us!

PS: #1 made it safely to Tokyo!


  1. Happy Birthday Bibi-Chan! You are certainly a handsome grown up cat now but we love seeing your kitten pictures. Glad that you are best buds with Tommy. And congratulations to Tama-Chan for raising such a wonderful guy.

    Your friends,
    Niamh & Ambrose

  2. Happy purrday to Bibi! He's such a handsome boy, and was such a cute kitten! In fact (even though I am a Somali girlcat), he reminds me of ME in several of the photos! Ah, the good old days...

  3. Happy 1st birthday to the Bibster and his three siblings! Bibi, you have really grown and changed this year. Now you are a full-fledged Man Cat!

  4. What beautiful pics and how tiny they were.!!
    Mom's gone all Oohs and Aahhs! We're really
    Amazed at how well Tommy and the kitties get along!
    Thanks for sharing them!!


    P.s - glad #1 made it safely to Tokyo!!

  5. Happy Birthday to Bibi and the other three kits, Fuku-Chan, Hime-Chan and GoGo-Chan!
    Bibi has grown into a beautiful handsome boy. We hope he (and the other 3 kits wherever they are) has a wonderful special day full of love.

  6. Happy Happy Birthday sweet Bibi-Chan!! What a handsome mancat you have grown to be.

    Glad to hear #1 arrived safely!

  7. A very Happy 1st Birthday.. Wishing your siblings a happy birthday too. I loved all these photo's down the months. Glad that mum arrived safely.. Hugs GJxx

  8. Happy birthday little Bibi! Now you are an all grown up mancat!

  9. Squeeee! Oh Squeeee! Adorable baby Bibi! Squeeee!
    Happy birthday beautiful boy! We hope that your birthday will be as delightful as you are! We send our birthday wishes to your siblings too and pray they are loved and adored in their adopted homes. Of course you grew up to be so lovely! As we enjoyed you photos, we couldn't help but notice you were always surrounded by love. The photos just radiate love.
    Hope the cat sitters make your day special. We will be enjoying some tasty treats in your honour.
    We love you.

  10. Happy Happy birthday little Bibi-Chan! We hope you have a wonderful weekend and are enjoying your staycation. We know #1 will bring you many wonderful gifts from Japan. Purrs to the other Chans and Tommy and Vidock too!

  11. I was trying to pick out my favorite picture, but can't. He sure has grown into a stunning cat!

  12. A very happy first birthday to Bibi-Chan - he has grown into a very handsome young man cat. Mama Tama you have got a very handsome son there who will be setting many a young lady kitty's heart beating faster. We are sure #1 will bring Bibi-Chan some belated gifts home.
    Glad to hear that she arrived in Tokyo safely.

  13. Happy, happy first Birthday, Bibi-Chan! And to the other fab fours too. You are a lovely young Mancat.
    Siena, Chilli & Britta

  14. Bibi is so cute! Happy Birthday!

  15. Happy Birthday, Beebs!! You have indeed grown into a very handsome mancat. You look quite a bit like your mama Tama, and she should be quite proud. Your baby pics reminded me that I have been sharing your adventures for exactly one year, since you kittens were born. A big thanks to #1 for allowing all of us to be part of the poupounette family.

  16. Happy Mancat Day, Bibi!

  17. Happy Bibi Day!

    I'm sure the day will be purrrrfekht and that #1 will bring woo bakhk something furry special from Japan!

    PeeEssWoo: Hi Tommy! GREAT pikhs of woo ;=)

  18. Happy Birthday Bibi!!!! We brought some fresh nip from our garden (which is still growing)!!!! Grete came along because she wants to play with Tommy.

    Now let's party!!!

  19. Happy First Birthday, Bibi! You are now an official ManCat! We loved seeing all your cute baby pictures, who knew that you would grow up to be such a rascal?

    We brought a case of tuna, we hope the pet-sitters don't mind opening them!

  20. Happy First Birthday, Bibi! Enjoy! I hope you have a fun filled day!

  21. Happy BDay Bibi and the rest of his siblings...

    You were a cute kitten and now a handsomely cute mancat!!!

    Tama you are a cute lovely cat too!!

  22. Happy Birthday BiBi-Chan--you have been a cutie your whole life!!!

  23. Ah, what fond memories! And hasn't he grown up to be a handsome mancat. That's good genes for you!

    Happy birthday, Bibi, and welcome to Mancathood!

  24. happy birthday baybee!!! woo are furry bwoootiful!!!!!

  25. Happy Purrthday Bibi-chan, concats on making it to ManCatHood! You have made much progress over the last year.

    Hooray for #1 making it to Japan. We watch the Percheron show on the puter tonight with our mum and we spotted #1 right away. How great that she got to to a victory lap!

  26. Happy birthday to Bibi and the other members of the Fab Four. Too bad you have all lost touch but we know they are forever in your heart. It is hard to believe that it has already been a whole year.

    We would love to come join the party. So good to hear that all went well for #1.

    Woos ~ Phantom, Thunder, and Ciara

  27. Happee Birthday BiBi Chan. You were so teeny tiny
    Benny & Lily

  28. You where such a CUTE wee baby Bibi-Chan! And you still are!

  29. What a beautiful boy!
    Thanks for your kind words for Rudy!

  30. Happy Birthday Bibi_Chan. You were so cute when you were younger but now you're really handsome.

    san and the amigos

  31. I was celebrating your birthday with some rather yummy valerian spiders yesterday, Bibi-Chan. Congratulations on your birthday, and here's to many many more. Cheers!

  32. party on! happy birthday, BibiChan. we like that last photo of you and Tommy. so cute! you sure were a cute little kitty and now look how grown up and beautiful you are.


  33. Happy Birthday BibiChan!!! While there is nothing more adorable than an Aby kitten, you have grown up into a very handsome young man.

    Hope you had a great day!
    Jacoby and Angel

  34. Happy Birthday! I don't think I have ever seen such a tiny kitty. :)

  35. Happy 1st birthday to you, Bibi-Chan! You've grown so much, but you're still as cute as ever. Wishing you many more happy years to come!

  36. Happy Birthday Bibi! A year went by so fast. You are all grown up and full of beans (and quite handsome).


  37. Oh Bibi, we are a little late for your birthday!! We sure hope you had a happy one!!

  38. What adorable pictures! Happy birthday to Bibi! And Tommy, that last picture, well, what can we say? hee hee

  39. Ohhh. that 1 day old photo made Teri squeeee! How fast a year passes and how handsome a mancat you have become!


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