Tuesday 28 December 2010

Tama-Chan Tuesday

Well, it's the half-way mark between Christmas and the New Year and we are feeling a little "suspended" ourselves. Our guest, Ms. L, left this morning and #1 got back to work. It's gotten warmer but we are encased in fog today! That pest of a son of mine managed to do a "Houbibi" this morning but was caught fairly quickly.

On the subject of The Bibi, he was terribly proud of his Christmas collar with all the little jingly bells. We girls also got to wear collars on Christmas Day, but they were considerably more subdued:

Here is Sei-Chan wearing her collar. She just loves getting under the tablecloth for some reason...

And here I am with my boy, waiting for treats:

Isn't he just enormous?!

All of this does make one feel sleepy, so I am returning to my nap...

PS: We have an item in the last part of the auction for Brighton (it's item #30). It is one of the hammocks that we love so much! The price will include free shipping anywhere in the world, so please bid, bid, BID! Here is a photo of me demonstrating one of our hammocks outdoors. They can also be hung over radiators or beams!


  1. Another Bibi channeling his inner Sibe moment!

    PeeEssWoo: Hi Tommy! Do woo want to khome watch the skhwirrels kharry leaves to their khlubhouses with me?

  2. Your boy looks so much like you, Tama. What a gorgeous pair :)

  3. Your collars are very nice. Us cats keep taking ours off, Mommy can't figure out how we does it

  4. Tama-Chan - we love the picture of you with your Bibi waiting for your treats and you are right he is getting big. Just wait till he tries to boss you about!!
    The hammock you are donating towards Brighton's bills is lovely.

  5. Such beautiful kitties. Your red christmas collars are very attractive against your ticked fur! We scrolled to an earlier post and saw Bibi in his fancy jingle collar enjoying chin scratches and looking just adorable!!!

    We had an abyssinian when I was a teenager and she really was the most amazing cat I have ever known :-)

  6. I'm not sure I would like something around my neck.

  7. warm snuggles and happy dreams to you

    pibble sugars
    the pittie pack

  8. Bibi looks so proud of his collar. That hammock looks amazing!!!!!

  9. Ah you guys are looking great in your collars! Have a good day!

  10. Go HouBibi!
    ~~The Baby

    You all look like you're keeping yourselves occupied, waiting for New Year's Eve...your Christmas collars are very festive.

  11. You guys sure look cute in your Christmas collars. :)

    That is so nice of you to auction a hammock off as well. Looks comfy! :)

  12. Great collars! You are stylin'!

  13. Your collars are beautiful! We would be proud to wear those too in hopes every buddy notices
    Benny & Lily

  14. A Houbibi episode!
    Glad he was caught quickly!
    The collar is pawesome!
    Kisses and hugs

  15. Hi Tama-Chan! We think you all look so great in your collars - and you are right - Bibi is so big now!

    And we think it is funny Sei-Chan likes to go under the table cloth - we think that would probably happen at our house too if mom put one on the table.

  16. You look lovely in your collar! I'm glad you had a happy holiday and also that Bibi's escape was aborted. Simone does that, too, but she always lets herself be caught. If she didn't want to be caught no one would be able to get her.

    lotsa licks, Lola

  17. We love Bibi's collar!!! Mom wants to get one for 9 lol. Chani prefers the more elegant collars you and Sei-chan are modeling.

    Hugs and purrs!

  18. Nice collars. I'll have to check out that hammock!

  19. I can vouch for the hammock! I love mine. Mum is hoping to get photos of me in it one of these days :)

  20. Those are great collars!!!
    We also love it to hide under the tableclothes.

    Have a great day!

  21. Yoo all look so handsome in the collars!
    We have FOG too (in Sidmouth, Devon, UK), and grey sky! At least the snow has gone BUT with it went the blue sky and bright light. :sigh: When is it Spring?

  22. The Bibster HAS grown quite a bit since mom last saw him indeed. You are a very beautiful mom and son team, Mama-Tama!

  23. This is our first day of trying to get back to normal after a very busy holiday time with ALL of the family. We did a fair share of snuggling - you all would have been very proud of us.

    We sure hope there are no more Houbibi adventures.

    Woos ~ Phantom, Thunder, and Ciara

  24. I'll have one of those hammocks if it comes with that foxy ladycat!


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