Wednesday 22 December 2010

Woofies on Wednesday

: No more snow since I last wrote about it, but they are announcing some for tonight and more for Friday. Woo Hoo (#1 isn't quite so enthusiastic...)!

Anyway, today we thought we would introduce to you a couple of stunning woofies we know. In fact, they are our Dr. C's woofies. They are Saarloos Wolfhounds, a breed that was created in Holland in the 1930s by crossing a German Shepherd with a female wolf from Rotterdam Zoo, and then adding a lot more wolf. The idea was to eliminate a lot of the problems that came with inbreeding of dogs and create a super "service dog." Things didn't quite work out that way and many people find these amazing creatures a little unsettling, with their amazing amber wolf eyes, but we think they are magnificent!

Please meet KAI:

And his sister SHAKA:

They are generally in a room right behind the reception desk at the clinic, and most people give them a wide berth, except for #1 who always goes over to give them a big cuddle. She says she knows that the only thing to fear from them is "death by licking"!!!

I hope you enjoyed meeting our buddies. And just in case you would otherwise be disappointed, here are a couple of pics of me!


  1. "Death by licking" - now THAT would be something! Those are very striking woofies. Interesting how they were developed.

  2. We love the wet look Tommy!! Glad to hear you helped #1 bring home supplies yesterday.
    Those woofies at the vet's office didn't look fierce perhaps it's their size people don't like.

  3. Those other dogs seem very nice, but we enjoyed seeing pictures of you best Tommy! It's fun to meet new friends sometimes.

  4. Those are big beautiful woofies. We could put a saddle on them and ride around, they are so big!

  5. Look at you Tommy in all that white coolness!!!

    Your furiends are gorgeous!! #1 told the PM about them last summer. I wonder if they have any in Canada?

  6. Death by licking is the way the Woman wants to go!

  7. Nice to meet your woofie friends! They are handsome.
    And Tommy, you certainly do enjoy the snow, don't you!

  8. Your doggie friends are gorgeous!

  9. Until #1 and woo pawed us about them months ago, we had nevFUR heard of them!

    They are so handsome/beaWOOtiful!

    Thanks fur sharing them!





  10. We have never heard of this kind of woofies and are quite fascinated. Cool furriends!

  11. Tom look at all that snow! All we've been getting is rain. Mom likes it but I'm not too keen.

    You sure do look like you're having fun in the wet white stuff!!!



  12. You guys have so much fun in that white stuff. We only have wet stuff
    Not naughty, but nice,
    Benny & Lily

  13. Those woofies are so handsome! Mom would love to meet them.

    Your snow pictures make us want to experience it, Tommy-kun. But we don't think Mom wants to drive us four hours away to let us try it. Chani would sing all the way and that would frazzle nerves.

  14. Enjoy your snow. :)

    Those woofies sure are cute.

  15. Hello beautiful wolfie woofies. We are so pleased to meet you and learn about your breed. We think your lovely, wise, sensitive eyes are gorgeous. Our mum will try to read more about you.
    What a darling dog you are, Tommy, to share your post with the other doggies. You have a loving and generous heart. (As well as being a most adorable boy. ) We are sure Santa will take note.

  16. I like your doggie pals :)
    Boy, that sure is a lot of snow you have there! Can I have some? :)


  17. They are the most fabulous dogs. We love them! Murray would love to have lots of licks from them, he says here beside me!

    Love your photos too, Tommy!

    take care
    Clive and Murray

  18. We love how you line up for your ham! Bet it was so tasty. Tommy looks like he had a great time in all the snow and we are so jealous!

    Your friends,
    Niamh & Ambrose

  19. That is an interesting looking doggie. I bet the snow is no worries for him.


  20. We've never heard of those kinds of woofies! Grete is fascinated and thinks she'd like to romp and do the bump and run with them!


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