Thursday 16 December 2010

Tama-Chan's Thankful Thursday

It's been a while... I hope you are all well. I am, and have been so happy to see my boyfriend Misha commenting and posting again! I missed you, Misha!

Thank you for joining us in our happiness over Bibi's test results. My Bibi is a bit of a pest but he is still my boy and I want him to be healthy always. I was so pleased with the results I even let him nap next to me!

As for Sei-Chan and I, we are quite recovered from our little surgery and very much enjoying life. Needless to say, the fact that #1 is back among us is something for which we are all thankful. She has promised that she will be with us all through the holidays. And Ms. L is coming to visit, so lots more cuddles for us! In fact, things are very peaceful and content over at The Poupounette.

I am also thankful that Step 1 of our tree installation went smoothly this morning. The tree is vertical and the lights are on! Now for the baubles! You know I missed enjoying the tree last year because I was in the back room with my kits, so I am thrilled to be part of the decorating this year. Here is a little trip down memory lane, to my first Christmas here, two years ago, when I was still not quite 5 months old...


  1. I am going to examine our tree right away to see if it has any of those live action kitteh ornaments. Now that would be fun!


  2. ...and I am going to insist we get a tree so I khan have some of those live akhtion kitteh ornaments fur my purry own!

    PeeEssWoo: Hi Tommy! So, how is that bulking up programme going ;-) ?

  3. Very cute photos of you in the tree Tama-Chan! But we like the one of all of you napping in the sunny window. You all look so peaceful.

    Your friends,
    Niamh & Ambrose

  4. i loves our tree - we doesn't haf lights or anything else on it 'acause I'm living in it - Nicky

  5. Number #1 back at home, everyone healthy and happy and the Christmas season at hand! What could be more wonderful! May we celebrate with you?
    Baby Tama-Chan in the tree! Too precious. Your beautiful coat outshone the ornaments. Oh oh, can you hear it? Our mum is squeeing again. Thanks for bringing us some Christmas joy.

  6. Tama-Chan you looked so cute in the Christmas tree when you were a kitten - how time flies by and suddenly you are grown up and have kittens of your own. How nice that you and your Bibi-Chan had a nap together too.
    We hope to see you all decorating the Christmas tree to give #1 a lovely surprise when she sees it!!

  7. We're glad #1 is going to be home during the holidays, we know you will have a lovely time. The photos of you in the tree make us think of our older (and now angel) sister Toot. She liked to climb the tree when she was a kitten too. Our tree will go up this weekend, hurrah!

  8. oh Miss Tama, how SWEEEEEEEEEET you look up in that tree as a little girlcat. so happeh to see everybuddy looking so content over at The Poupounette. :)

  9. Aren't you the cutest little ornament ever, baby-Tama :) We are thrilled to bits about the Beebster's test results. Concatulations!!! :)

  10. OMC! The pics are so cute of the tree!!

  11. You look like Ichiro coming out of the tree! He does that! But not so high--(ours is not real).

  12. We really do wonder why mom doesn't put up a tree too. We love to see that somecat is napping on the felted mat she brought for you on her visit. That makes us happy. And it makes us happy to hear that everyone is content at your place!

  13. Tama-chama, you look gorgeous in the Christmas tree. We think it's the purrfect accessory for you.

    9 and Chani

  14. Lots of activity over at your place, too! We are way behind in visiting so we'll start here and work back, hahameow.

    As always, we sure enjoy your visits and your sweet comments on our bloggie...

  15. Lovely pictures and my those tree climbing one's are brilliant.. Hugs GJ x

  16. Beautiful tree! Love the pic of the "Tree Inspector"....ha ha!

  17. Don't Christmas trees make the best-ever cat trees?!

  18. Glad you got good results back from the vet.

    Bet you are so happy to have #1 back.

  19. Lovely to read lots of good news and hear about good test results.

    We are very glad Tinkerbell is way too old to consider climbing in the Christmas tree!

    take care
    Clive and Murray

  20. We are so happy everyone is happy an healthy! Love the "in tree" shots and wish my kitties enjoyed the tree more. I think they don't care for the sticky sap on their furs.
    Continued Peace to you all...
    ~Lisa Co9T

  21. Hmmmm, so that's where little Bibi-Chan gets his mischievousness from:) We can't wait to see the finished tree - the baubles on last year's are quite lovely, especially the furry one.

    Woos ~ Phantom, Thunder, and Ciara

  22. Oh so we see you decorating the tree, BOL
    Benny & Lily


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