Saturday 31 January 2015


Sei-Chan: Oh, Hi Everyone!

#1 caught me just as I was coming out of one of my favourite hidey holes, I bolt in there often. After all, who knows when someone might decide I would make a delicious dinner? I really can't believe how that loopy half-brother of mine, Da Beebs, actually sits on the electric burner in the kitchen, as though he was positively waiting to be cooked...

Anyway, things are finally getting back to normal around here, and we can all relax. It's not always easy with the noisy wildlife we have around here. At night, there are our barn owls that screech like crazy and, in the daytime, you should hear Basil, the pheasant! That cheeky guy struts around just outside the kitchen double doors! Still, I have been relaxing on the radiator in the kitchen

I have also been spending more time than usual hanging out on #1's desk, you know, just making sure there are no reservations for her to go anywhere anytime soon. That piece of paper looked suspicious (SNCF is the French railway company) but #1 said it was just work on the tracks info for last week as she was supposed to be going to a cousin's in Paris before she got stuck in London:

And I am quite enjoying "hiding" under our new Ess:

A life of great little pleasures... Enjoy your weekend, everyone!

Friday 30 January 2015

Vidock and Violette Vendredi

Vidock: Studly Neighs, EveryFriend! How are you all? I know some of you have been getting lots and lots of snow and some of my "colleagues" have been enjoying amazing sleigh rides. Well, no snow here as yet. Just lots of rain, so lots of mud!

As soon as #1 finally returned from England, she came to see us that very afternoon! As she arrived, she saw me in my field from the car. I was munching on some grass whilst chatting with my pal, Pamyr:

I then posed so she could get a nice portrait of me:

And then, I got some yummy apples and carrots!

As you can see, I am seriously muddy at the moment.

Violette: As she comes in, #1 drives right by my field and this is what she sees:

I was really happy to see her!

I got some apples and carrots too. And #1 told me she had brought me a very fashionable new light rug, to wear on outings and after work. Sadly, I am far too muddy at the moment to even try it on. It is purple and black, which a Japanese design magazine #1 was looking at just a few days ago describes as the chic colours of the year!

Oh, and in case you were wondering, #1 went to see my mama and baby brother too, and they are fine:

Have a great weekend, everyone, and stay warm!

Thursday 29 January 2015

Thankful Thursday

Da Beebs: After a day of celebration for Sei-Chan's birthday yesterday, we are now purely and simply in the "Thankful" mode. On this trip, #1 wasn't supposed to be doing a lot of shopping for various reasons but, as she became stranded, she decided to go for it so that, once more, we got a whole dining room tableful of goodies!

Mama Tama started helping as #1 was unpacking:

I then took over from her:

This is the kitty stash:

And the Tommy stash:

Since the Vs get mostly fresh apples and carrots for treats, they didn't need much shopping done, but #1 did pick up a box of extra-special "Squeezy Buns" treats for them and some new brushes for the spring (in the right colour, of course!) :

Thank you, #1, for always thinking of us!

Oh, and our neighbour, Basha, also wanted to contribute his thanks. His parents (and Fernant) left for a couple of days just as #1 returned. Now it is her turn to make sure he gets yummy food and treats:

Wednesday 28 January 2015

Six for Sei Today!

The Gang: Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday to YOU, Happy Birthday Dear SEI-SEI, Happy Birthday to YOU!

Sei-Chan: Today is my sixth birthday and I got the best present possible ever! #1 came home yesterday, so she was here to whipser Happy Birthday to me first thing this morning, before the assorted Gang miaowed and woofed it too (and I think I heard some neighs too...).

This is me yesterday, getting pre-birthday scritches from #1:

As soon as she got back, I started supervising her every move:

Those of you who have been reading our blog for a long time may remember that I first met #1 when I was just three weeks old:

I moved to Poupounette Central one my one-month-day:

My Mama came with me and stayed with me until I was old enough to join the Gang properly:

Tama-Chan took me under her paw:

Or, if you prefer, she had my back...

Then, there was my Tommy!

As you can see, I had the best childhood, totally free of any trauma, but I am still the most scaredy-cat of the Gang. #1 thinks it may be because I was an only kitten and didn't experience the usual rough-housing with siblings that builds character. But as I celebrate my sixth birthday, I can safely say that I am a very happy girl. I sit on the shelf above #1's desk and supervise:

Yes, #1. That is your little Sei-Sei keeping an eye on you!

OK. Let's have one more baby pic, shall we?

Tuesday 27 January 2015

Tenterhooks Tuesday

Da Genj: Everyone is always saying that I am a tart because I will cuddle with everyone, but you must understand that my #1 is very special to me and I have been missing her A LOT. But she is finally coming home today and I can't wait!!! In fact, we are all totally on tenterhooks!

This photo is a few weeks old but I thought you might enjoy it:

We would also like to say that we hope all our friends riding out that terrible snowstorm on teh East coast of the US and Canada are safe.

Monday 26 January 2015

Man-Less Monday...

#1 here. Well, you know all about the photo situation as far as Tommy and the gang and the Vs are concerned. I am supposed to collect the Touareg late afternoon today and will cross through the Eurotunnel at first light on Tuesday, hoping to get home by about 2pm (I lose an hour on the way back due to the time difference).

I know this is hardly compensation for the lack of manly photos today, but I spent yesterday in Hampshire with Percheron owning friends, and I have this lovely photo to share with you. The horses are all girls, by the way!

And this is Miss Verveine. She is a bit of a Marilyn Monroe as mares go...

Thanks, everyone, for sticking by us through this time when commenting has been fairly inadequate on our part. 

Sunday 25 January 2015

Storybook Snuggles on Sunday

Tama-Chan: Well, facts are facts. There have been no photos taken during this past week so we cannot do our regular SoS post. Then, I had an idea. When I came to live at Poupounette Central, I was a pretty wild girl. I was scared of everything that moved, starting with the resident pussycat, Sen-Chan, and the big floppy-eared woofie, Tommy. What I didn't know was that they were two of the sweetest souls ever. They both welcomed me with open paws, and pretty soon, it was time for some storybook snuggles:

Very sadly, my brother Sen-Chan went to the Bridge when I was only five months old. Fortunately, Tommy was there and he is the one who looked after me. That is why he is MY Tommy! Oh, and you know what? That Beebsy boy of mine is a brother of my "brother" Sen because they both have the same daddy!

Saturday 24 January 2015

SEIturday Sighs

Sei-Chan: We are all missing our #1 (sigh...) but we have to say that we are being extremely looked after. Tommy spends his days with Fernant and his family (The Fernant is over the moon at this!) and then sleeps at home. We get looked in on three times a day and, in the evenings, Ms. S spends some time playing with us and dishing out cuddles. I have to confess that I have been joining in the play quite a bit...

And the good news is that the heating is working again! Our fabulous plumber, Maxime, came by this morning and cleaned the clogged-up filters. Three cheers for Maxime!

Still, you know what it's like. We know how badly #1 is pining for us and we can't wait for her to get back. I have been sitting on my favourite zabuton and supervising her stack of papers and other documents.

Friday 23 January 2015

Fed-Up Friday....

Tomaso: I want my #1...... The car isn't going to be fixed until Monday evening, so she's not coming home until Tuesday. Sniff...

Oh, and the heating broke down but the nice plumber guy promised to come and fix it today. He actually responded immediately to the email #1 sent him last night. He's our hero!

Thursday 22 January 2015

Thinly Thankful Thursday

Da Boys: #1 sent us some photos through as proof that she has been making some efforts on our behalf. She has been buying some high-end cat food for us:

As well as some treats for Tommy:

And look at this wet food she found for Tommy to try!

It's what the Queen gives the Corgis!

#1 is still talking to the garage and the insurance agency, and we are crossing every paw and hoof. We want he home tomorrow night!

Wednesday 21 January 2015

Way-Back Wednesday

Tommy: With #1 away longer than expected, we are beginning to run low on fresh photos to share with you, so we thought we would do one of our posts featuring TOWCB, the Ones Who Came Before.

Here, first, is IKKYU, #1's first kitty. Born and raised in Japan, he lived with her on three continents. He absolutely loved tulips and this is one of her favourite photos of him:

Then there was SEN-CHAN who was one of the sweetest kitties ever:

And YUU-CHAN, the soulful boy with the ear tufts:

There was also TOWCB Fernant. Her name was MADRAC and although she did not live with us, she was very much part of our family. She was best friends with Sen-Chan and of course with me. She used to sit under #1's study window and serenade her!

We miss them and remember them all with smiles and a little yearning.

Tuesday 20 January 2015

Tama-Chan's Ticked-Off Tuesday

Tama-Chan: I am most definitely TICKED OFF! We heard from #1 and she will not be able to get home until very late on Friday night. She says they can't finish the repairs on the car until early Friday afternoon, and she will go directly from the garage to the Eurotunnel and drive in the dark to get back to us. Don't get me wrong, I am not ticked off at her, as I know she is sad and desperately wants to get home to us. I am just ticked off at fate and that I, as Queen of this house, have not been able to do anything to facilitate #1's plight.

Maybe some dangly photos, complete with tummy floof, will make her feel better?

We are crossing all paws!

We would also like to apologise for commenting so little. Things have been a little hairy for our scribe...