Thursday, 29 January 2015

Thankful Thursday

Da Beebs: After a day of celebration for Sei-Chan's birthday yesterday, we are now purely and simply in the "Thankful" mode. On this trip, #1 wasn't supposed to be doing a lot of shopping for various reasons but, as she became stranded, she decided to go for it so that, once more, we got a whole dining room tableful of goodies!

Mama Tama started helping as #1 was unpacking:

I then took over from her:

This is the kitty stash:

And the Tommy stash:

Since the Vs get mostly fresh apples and carrots for treats, they didn't need much shopping done, but #1 did pick up a box of extra-special "Squeezy Buns" treats for them and some new brushes for the spring (in the right colour, of course!) :

Thank you, #1, for always thinking of us!

Oh, and our neighbour, Basha, also wanted to contribute his thanks. His parents (and Fernant) left for a couple of days just as #1 returned. Now it is her turn to make sure he gets yummy food and treats:


  1. You have #1 and lots of goodies!
    Oh happy days :)
    Purrs Georgia and Julie,
    Treasure and JJ

  2. How nice that you got all these tasty and cool things - at least you did get a benefit for #1 being gone for so long.

  3. We see that #1 got you lots of Sheba and Gourmet foods - those are our very favourites noms too.
    Luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx

  4. wow - that is quite the haul. it may have been hard to have her gone extra time, but seems you made out :)

  5. Wow ! That's a lot of goodies ! Purrs

  6. What a wonderful pile of treats! Mes sure happy that #1 is back!

  7. #1 brought you back lots of delicious food and treats.

  8. She really need to get a truck for her next trip so she can bring even more goodies!

  9. Those extra days your mum had time to shop!

  10. OH my goodness GRACIOUS! You all got so many treats and presents. I know YOU know how loved you all are. Treats and presents don't show the love, but that #1 brought them to you DOES! She loves all of you and missed you terribly and was so glad to come home and give each of you a token of her love. I now you love here right back just as much.

    Now, Basha and Fernant, you are lucky to have neighbors like #1. You'll have fun with the Chans and yummy foods too. xxoo

  11. My mum is back so I can visit your blog again ! You are so lucky to have so many treats and presents ! I am a little bit jealous ;) lot of purrs!

  12. My mum is back so I can visit your blog again ! You are so lucky to have so many treats and presents ! I am a little bit jealous ;) lot of purrs!

  13. Hisia : Comme d'habitude vous avez vraiment été gâtés !
    Moi je trouve que mon humaine préférée elle devrait prendre exemple. Elle ne part pas en voyage, mais quand elle commande elle devrait faire un effort du côté des friandises. Ca me rend jalouse de voir tout ça !

    Loustiquette : Moi je voudrais surtout dire à mon copain Basha que je suis contente d'avoir de ses nouvelles.
    J'espère que toi aussi tu as eu des friandises Basha.
    Ronrons tout plein


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