Wednesday 31 December 2014

Wednesday Whinnies

Vidock: Studly Neighs, EveryFriend! It has once again been a little while since we posted. We are doing fine here, and have recently been enjoying cold, crisp weather! #1 has been coming to see us regularly again, so we have also been getting our treat buckets. Plus, we got great Christmas treats from Uncle E and Ms. S! Woo Neigh!

So, yesterday, #1 also brought along syringes filled with some very, very tasty stuff for both of us. She said it was called a wormer. Not a very nice name for a treat but boy, it tasted good! Here I am waiting for Mr. C to give it to me (he is the head honcho over where I live):

It was pretty foggy at the time. Once I had my wormer-treat, I got my proper treat bucket too, and #1 laughed when she saw that a couple of pigeons were perching comfortably on my bum. By the time she switched on her camera, one had flown away but the other was still there!

Don't you think I look quite romantic in the icy fog?

Violette: Pretty neighs, Everyone1 I do agree with the Big V that the wormer stuff was really yummy this time. As soon as I saw #1 coming towards me, I hurried over to her:

She put on my head collar and brought me out and, after the wormer, I got my treat bucket too. She said my regular purple bucket was busy, so I got a green one this time:

In case you are wondering, I did not get brushies. Uncle E told #1 it is better not to brush horses who live out and are not rugged over the winter because the mud actually makes a protective layer for us.

She said I am as lovely as ever, even with mud!

Wishing you all a fun New Year's Eve, and see you next year!

Tuesday 30 December 2014

Tama-Chan Tuesday

Tama-Chan: We have already spoken quite a bit about the wonderful gifts we got from Ms. S and Mr. E, but I just wanted to add my seal of approval as Queen of this house.

The Scratch Lounge is truly awesome:

And then there is the amazing chirpy bird!

Which I think it best not to let out of my sight...

I am taking a rest from dangling this week.

Well…maybe not a complete rest…

Some things are simply not possible!

Monday 29 December 2014

Manly Monday!

Da Beebs: The weather has turned much colder here and, even though it is sunny, we're not getting much time out in the run. But we have plenty to keep us entertained thanks to our friends, Ms. S and Mr. E, and all the great gifts they brought us.

I was the first to try out the amazing "Scratch Lounge":

I have also been spending some time looking handsome in sunpuddles…

Da Genj; Behold Da Mighty Hunter!!!

#1, who can be a bit of a spoilsport, thinks it was Da Beebs who actually caught the silly bird but let me tell you, I had the best time with it!

Vidock: Studly Neighs, EveryFriend! I still don't understand about these kitties and hunting. I don't need to hunt. I get spoiled instead! For example, Unce E and Ms. S gave me my own pack of treats for Christmas. They are carrot and cumin-flavoured and they are heart-shaped!

It is nice to see a little blue sky after all this time!

Tomaso: I have been taking my new toy out with me on my runs:

And just having the best time with it!

Here is wishing everyone a great week, and crossing all paws and hooves that our sick pals will start to feel better

Sunday 28 December 2014

Spoiled Silly on Sunday!

Tommy: I know that this is usually the day for our Snuggles post, hosted by Tama-Chan, and let me tell you, we have been snuggling! But we felt we had to tell you about the wonderful surprise that we received yesterday! Ms. S, who looks after us so wonderfully when #1 is away, and Mr. E, Vidock's precious Uncle E, came to visit, and they came with a cartload of gifts for all of us!

The box was so huge #1 could hardly carry it!

It was addressed to all of us!

Ms. S and Mr. E really enjoyed watching us open it!

I helped #1 tear the paper and open the box:

The first gift was for me!

There was an amazing wand toy with a chirping bird that Genji just loved!

There were also lots of mousies!

There were treats for the Vs:

And this awesome scratching pad that's big enough to double as a bed!

Sei-Chan and I were just besides ourselves!

And #1 got this amazing sign to put at our front door:

Afterwards, Da Beebs and Tama supervised Ms. S opening their presents (with one amazing anonymous pair of laser eyes in the background…):

Thank you Ms. S and Mr. E for spoiling us so completely! You are the best friends anyone could wish for!

PS: In a sobering and sad reminder that life is precious and so very fleeting, we learned yesterday evening that our sweet buddy, Derby The Sassy Cat had made his way to the Bridge, felled by severe renal failure. Our deepest condolences to his Mom, Janet, and his brother Ducky. Life is precious, so please remember to enjoy each and every second of it.

Saturday 27 December 2014


Sei-Chan: Well, that was definitely the week that was! Over just one week, we entertained three times! The tarty boys were all over the guests each and every time, but we girls are a little bit more discrete…

In case you were wondering, the pile of clothes on the bed in the spare bedroom is still there:

#1 keeps muttering about dealing with it, but I shall believe it when I see it,

I have been doing a bit of dangling in the kitchen:

Also, since yesterday was Boxing Day, I thought I would do a little bit of that too:

It doesn't quite have the charm of a good cardboard box, but it was fun anyway!

#1 says it's going to be a quiet few days ahead, which is fine by me. It's also apparently going to get colder, so we will make sure to do a lot of snuggling to stay cozy!

Happy SEIturday, everyone!

Friday 26 December 2014

Fun Friday!

Genji: Guess what? Guess what? GUESS WHAT??????

Our Christmas present was a new ESS and I got to try it first!!!

Many congrats to Flynn for guessing correctly when we posted the box on the blog and #1 put all those "ssssssss" hints in!

Da Beebs (Da "Elf") was very busy. He was supervising the roasting of the capon in the kitchen:

In case you are wondering, Da Beebs adores that collar. As soon as #1 put it on him, he purred and purred! And he does look rather dapper in it, doesn't he?

Tama-Chan was also busy as she was supervising the magnum of wine:

Sei-Chan? Well, she tends to make herself rather scarce when there are a lot of people in the house, but here she is on Christmas Eve, with Fernant and Da Beebs, eyeing #1's supper…

And here is Tommy with his Christmas present. It's a reindeer stuffie (Fernant got a penguin):

We hope you all had a nice day yesterday. We had lots of fun!

Wednesday 24 December 2014

Tuesday 23 December 2014

Tama-Chan's Tantatlising Tuesday!

Tama-Chan: Just a couple more days to Christmas and the excitement is mounting! In honour of this, I decided that I should develop a whole new "angle on the dangle" so, Ta-DA!

#1 assures me that the likes of this has never been seen before…

I of course also continue to work on the basics, as would any great athlete.

I helped #1 get out her last few cards and packages:

And spent time gazing adoringly at my Christmas tree:

As well as watching that Rusty family from the window!

Not a single sunpuddle to be seen for days now, but, as you can see, we are finding ways to keep ourselves entertained.

Monday 22 December 2014

Manly Monday

Da Beebs and Da Genj: And here you have a perfect picture of two handsome Christmas mancats!

And we gave #1 an early Christmas gift…

Tommy: Dreaming Christmas dreams with Da Beebs.

Vidock: Here is a handsome stud portrait for you!