Friday 30 November 2012

Violette and Vidock Vendredi - Winds of Change

Violette: Well, #1 tells me that I am her Percheron "Beebs" in that I have gotten myself in quite a bit of trouble this week... The fact is that I don't like my neighbours, either to the left of me or across the way (the one on the right is fine) and I throw myself at the walls of my box in an effort to get to them to sink my teeth into flesh. Needless to say, no teeth have sunk so far but I have managed to do some serious damage to my box... You see, I am a big and very strong girl... And #1 tells me I am particularly naughty because the lady across the way is Vidock's Mama, Jessy, and I should be more respectful. Well, I can't help it, and that is that. The end result is that on one day this week, I was outright punished and put out in the field on my own all day. I was SO lonely except for when #1 came to see me. But she said it was an excellent opportunity for an outdoor photos shoot, so I was cooperative in that:

Coming over for a cuddle, #1!

So, which profile do you think is best?

Or the frontal view?

#1 says she really likes this one:

... and that I am beginning to look quite magnificent!

Anyway, when she came to see me that day, #1 whispered something to me. Big news, actually. Due to circumstances beyond our control, it is going to be necessary for me and Bro Vidock to move to new digs. Ms. S has promised to continue to keep an eye on us, but she can no longer have boarders the way she has been doing. So, the weekend of December 8/9, we are moving! The downside is that the place we're moving to is farther away. It will be 25 minutes' drive for #1, as opposed to 10 minutes now, so she won't be able to come and see us every day. She says she is committing to come three times a week. The positive is that the people are really nice, and both #1 and Ms. S know them well. It's where #1 has been riding for the past year, and she says she is sure we will be happy there. 

Vidock: I've gotta tell you that I was really worried when I first heard this news. You see, the vast majority of boarding facilities refuse point blank to take stallions as so many are badly behaved. But these nice people trust Ms. S and Mr. E and know the kind of education they give their boys, and so they said it was OK! Phew!

After all, as Ms. S keeps saying, I get into a lot less trouble than Violette! But I shall miss Big Tom since he won't be coming along. I am sure I will make new friends, and #1 will always be there with me. Oh, and my buddy Quick from here is also going to the same place. In a little while, Mr. E has promised to finish my schooling. But I am a little nervous and would appreciate it if you might cross a few paws and hooves for us.

In the new place, we are going to be outdoors year around, so there will be lots more opportunities for great photo shoots!

Thursday 29 November 2012

Thei-Chan's Thocial Thecretary Thursday

Thei-Chan: Hello everyone. Surprised to see me today? Well, #1 and I have come to an arrangement for this week (and only for this week!). You see, Saturday is Tommy's fifth Gotcha Day and I could hardy refuse him the place of honour, could I? The bad news is that he won't be here. Funnily enough, he will be celebrating his Gotcha Day at his birth home! Yes, you heard it right. #1 and Tommy are abandoning us again although there are mitigating circumstances. Ms. A asked if they would go up to Normandy so they could go and celebrate Mr. R's birthday in England, and given how she came through for #1 last week, we could hardly sulk! So the deal is that Tommy and #1 will leave on Friday afternoon and return next Wednesday evening. Whilst they're away, Fernant's family will come in mornings and evenings to feed us and do litterbox duty, and Ms. S will come over from the Vs during the day to dispense cuddles and treats and play with us.

We will not need to do anything for Tommy's Gotcha Day as he won't be around, but guess what? They will also be missing The Beebs' birthday on December 4th! I have to tell you that he is not at all pleased about that, but Ms. S has promised him lots of attention on the day. The Beebs will be three years old! How time flies... Needless to say, there will be a day-long party at Poupounette Central next Tuesday and you are all invited!

Not bad for my first effort as social secretary, is it?

Before I leave you, I would like to say, on behalf of all of us, thank you to our friend's at Simba's Antics for passing on this lovely award:

This how it works: You don't have to DO anything like tell stuff about yourself but you send it back to the cat who sent it to you and then to as many other friends as you like.  Anybody can get it up to 6 times and each time you get it, you add another yellow star filled in. The blog that started out this award and has all the badges is here:

Thank you to Simba and Audrey! We would like to pass on the award to:

Wednesday 28 November 2012

Wonderful Wednesday!

Gen-Chan: Well it was our Tuesday that was wonderful, but who's counting, right?

It's always nice to have friends drop in for a cup of tea, but when the friends are dropping in from Melbourne, Australia, it's a real cause for celebration! Our long-time blogging friends may remember Ms. S and Mr. S, our very first house-sitters who started looking after The Poupounette Gang well before I was born. In fact, the first time they house-sat, it was just Tommy, who was nine months old, and Sen-Chan! Since then, they have been true friends of the Gang over the years. It was Mr. S who taught Tommy to bring the ball back when it's thrown. And Ms. S looked after our sweet Yuu-Chan with such tender loving care when he was ill.

So, they were in the midst of a whirlwind trip to Italy and France but found the time to drop in for a cuppa to catch up on us!

The Beebs, whom they have known since he was knee-high to a grasshopper, was the first to investigate (or is he reading that newspaper article that says "Boys"?)

Of course, he couldn't resists a big cuddle from Ms. S!

I decided to try out Ms. S's lap and it was most welcoming!

The others were around too but #1 didn't manage to get any more pics. Tommy never stops moving when he is excited, and the girls are more discrete about coming forward. Still, we all really enjoyed seeing our faraway friends! They are still talking about maybe moving to France for good, so we are crossing our paws!

Tuesday 27 November 2012

Tama-Chan's Tut-Tut Tuesday

Tama-Chan: Do you remember that comment by my boy Beebs in yesterday's post about how he was "an extremely good boy"? Well HAH! He had a banner day yesterday in terms of naughtiness and I have no idea why #1 is even talking to him anymore. First of all, he caught another bird, a blue tit this time. #1 managed to get it away from him but the little thing had had too much of a shock and didn't make it. And then, in the afternoon, he did a HouBIBI! A friend of #1's was just leaving and he managed to sneak out between her feet. Fortunately, he was a bit hesitant and the friend was fast on her feet and the little troublemaker was back home within five minutes. And that's the kind of good boy I produced. Harumph! And he is totally unrepentant!

Mind you, I am not going to let that little pipsqueak spoil MY hammock fun!

The cat tree in the kitchen is another favourite place to hang out. I like to roll around on the top level, which makes for slightly blurry photos...

And it's a good place for a little personal hygiene:

I am also very pleased with the basket overlooking #1's desk:

Life is too much fun to worry about one's unruly son...!

Monday 26 November 2012

Manly Monday

Tommy: I must say that the past week has been full of adventure! Tuesday and Wednesday, I got to go for long car rides to rescue #1 after her tire blow-out, and then to get our Big Cat back. Ms. A was most impressed by how good and quiet I am in the car. #1 said it was only natural as I am her perfect boy!

As you already know, we spent Friday and Saturday with English friends who were looking for Percherons. I was there to give my learned opinion...

But I have to confess that there was also some fun to be had on Friday!

The woofies there were very welcoming!

And now that #1 is back, I am there for her when gets up every morning, with her slipper:

We have more adventures coming up as we're going up to spend a few days with my family at the end of the week, but please don't tell The Chans yet. They will not be happy! Oh, and we are going to Dr. C's today so I can get my boosters. We had to cancel twice before, so let's hope it will be third time lucky today!

Bibi-Chan: And we of course were abandoned day after day after day... Well at least she has been here at nights and I could sleep next to her under the covers.

I have many important jobs around the house and taste-testing for Tommy is a vital one. Someone has to make sure there is no poisonous substance in there right?

In fact, Genji and I have to supervise the preparation of meals in general.

We were also doing some extra supervising because we heard some odd noises:

Yes, #1, I am an extremely good boy!

Genji: I think this portrait that #1 took of me a few days is very romantic. Please note the golden kitty in the background!

And how about this "Sunpuddle With String" opus?

#1 says I am quite the photogenic boy!

Vidock: Well, the potential for interesting photography in one not very large stall is pretty limited, but here I am, looking quite debonair, I think:

Here I am again, this time with Big Tom. #1 keeps wondering if one day, my head will be as large as his!

Let me come over and give you a kiss, #1!

Have a great week, everyone!

Sunday 25 November 2012

Snuggles on Sunday!

Tama-Chan: First of all, thank you for your concern re-#1's foal shopping expedition yesterday. Everything is fine. It was her English friends who were doing the shopping and they found a handsome little colt called Coco! Tommy and #1 got home at a decent time and we had a lovely evening together at home.

I have been in a particularly snuggly mood towards my Tommy of late, and #1 has been snapping away!

I have also been snuggling up to #1. I particularly like to share her desk chair!

My Beebs has a preference for sitting on her in bed:

And he too has been spending time making biscuits on Tommy (who calls it a massage!):

Here is Tommy giving Ms. A a big cuddle:

Whilst she was in England, #1 had a snuggle with her new great-niece, Mae (three weeks old in the picture):

And here she is with her other great-niece, big sister Eve:

Here is some dynamic snuggling with Genji on her return:

Apologies this week to Sei-Chan and the Vs as she did not manage to get snuggle pics of them. We of course have lots archival shots of Sei-Chan snuggling with Tommy, so here is one from earlier this month...

Wishing you all a very Snuggly Sunday!

Saturday 24 November 2012


Sei-Chan: You would really think, wouldn't you, that after all this running around and madness, #1 would dream of nothing but staying at home with us. But no... Yesterday, she was out almost all day (with Tommy!) to go and look at horses with English friends, and today she is off again to a major foal sale with the same friends. Sigh....

I am not amused.

I mean, I hold up my end of the bargain with all the supervising...

And I do not see why it is so hard for her to do the same.

I think further training might be necessary...

Friday 23 November 2012

Violette and Vidock Vendredi

Violette: #1 did come and see us briefly on Wednesday but she was rather preoccupied, so yesterday's visit was much better. And she said that because it was Thanksgiving somewhere very far away, we were getting extra apple portions! It was very YUMMY!

Do I smell something yummy?

Thank you, #1!

Vidock: I got yummy apples too!!! I can't wait for her next visit!

Thursday 22 November 2012

Thankful Thursday

Gen-Chan: Today is a  major holiday across the Big Ocean so we would like to wish all our American friends a Very Happy Thanksgiving! Although it is just an ordinary day here in France, we would like to express our own thankfulness for all the gifts that life has brought us.

We are thankful that both #1 and the Big Cat are safely back after those big adventures. Ms. A drove #1 and Tommy back up to the garage yesterday afternoon, on her way home, and the two of them eventually made it home at 7pm. They were tired but it was a good evening at Poupounette Central. By the way, we are also very thankful for the huge carload of stuff #1 brought back, much of it for us!

We are thankful for our house and the lovely nature around it:

We are thankful to be together and belong to the same family, even our barn owl friends in the attic! We are also thankful for all our wonderful friends across the Blogosphere, who have enriched our lives immeasurably over the past few years.

And I know how thankful you will be for a couple of photos of me!!! Here is my meditative thankful pose:

And my "I've got my eye on YOU" pose!