Thursday, 23 October 2008

Tama-Chan Thursday!

Tama-Chan: Hello everybody!!!! This is my first post and I want to start by introducing myself and telling you all about myself! My "grown-up" name is "Tama-Hime" which means Princess (Hime) Precious Jewel (Tama) in Japanese. So, just like my brother Sengikumaru is called Sen-Chan, I will be called Tama-Chan by my friends!

I was born on August 2. I will tell you all about my parents some other time, but I have four brothers and sisters. There were three ruddies and two sorrels (reds) in the litter. I am a ruddy Abyssinian which means that I have black pawpads and a black tip to my tail (as opposed to "his" pink pawpads and chocolate tipped tail).

I have come to live in a land of GIANTS! There is a red fellow here who looks suspiciously like my brother, Don Benito, but is ten times bigger!!! And there is another even huger giant who is white and brown, with floppy ears and long legs that often hang over the sofa. Very tempting! Anyway, they are both pretty scary to me! I have not had a great experience with grown-ups so far because the big girls at the cattery didn't like us kittens. So, I have been snarling and hissing my little heart out in order to make sure I am safe. The funny thing is that they haven't been snarling back, and keep coming back towards me. Do you think that maybe, just maybe, they are nice and actually want to make friends, and play and cuddle?

This is about the closest I have gotten to Big Red so far:

and the other Goofy Guy:

I think I have a very nice person living with me here, though. She takes good care of me and gives me food and cuddles. The others keep calling her #1 so I guess that's her name. I cuddled up with her all of yesterday evening:

I absolutely LOVE to PLAY! My favourite toy at the moment is this:

I am getting pretty sleepy so I think that will be all for today. Next time, I will tell you about what makes me special and my rather unusual nickname.

#1 says that in Japan, when you first meet people, you ask them to be kind to you always. I hope you will all be kind to me always!


  1. Tama chan!
    You are incredibly cute!
    You must be happy to have a wonderful family.
    ("Be kind to me always")

  2. Tama-Chan, you are the sweetest little thing! We think you will find that the land of giants is a very wonderful place to live. You will be getting lots of cuddles and we know they will always be kind to you, as we will! Welcome, little one!

  3. Hi Tama-Chan! I say be nice to the Big and the Bigger. I think they'll take good care of you. #1 trained them after all. Or maybe they trained #1...hmmm. Must ponder.

  4. Dear Tama-Chan,
    You are exactly right, your person, #1, is one of the best people in the whole world to live with!

    She would never select anyone bad for you to live with, so pretty soon you will be discovering that your brothers are wonderful too! It took us awhile to get over being terrified of each other. Now it's FUN!

    Abby & Stygia

  5. Tama-Chan my fur-sister! :) At last I get to meet you in purrson. My name is Isis and I am your new brother Sen-Chan's girlfriend. He is fur-brothers with my own half-brother Ramses, who is the bestest brother any kitty girl could ever have, especially one like me who is also a breeding queen, just like your mummy! Ramses loves to play with my kittens and is the biggest softy of an Uncle to them all. I'm hoping to have some more kittens in February time, so sometime after that you'll be able to see photos of him playing with the kittens! :) My new mate is fur-brother to both Ramses and Sen-Chan, so who knows what colour all my kittens will be this time. My last babies are getting pretty grown-up now and are nearly 9 months old now!

    I also share my house with Tigmut'hep a huge great black cat who's sometimes a little grumpy, but mostly he's a big softy. He loves toys, teddy bears and cuddles. His only real problem in life is his addiction to catnip! ;)

    Now be a sweety to your brother and we will be best of friends! :)


  6. hi Tama Chan, it's nice to sniff you. we will be kind to you always. we like having new friends and you look like a good kiddo. have fun with Tom and Sen Chan


  7. Hi Tama-chan! Of course we will be nice to you always. I am Kaze and I LOVE to play play play. I do think that you will love your whole family when you are a little less scared. I know what its like though, Tom is HUGE!!


  8. Hello Tama-Chan! You have a very wonderful name. And I promise to be kind to you, always!

  9. Hi Tama-Chan!

    We promise to be kind to you always and are so happy to meet you!

    Yes, Sen-Chan and Tom are furry furry nice critters, we is sure you will be fine!

    You are such a pretty little princess!

    Your new furriends,
    Niko and Cloud

  10. It's so nice to meet you Tama-Chan! All of us blogger have been eagerly awaiting your arrival to "the land of giants." You are very beautiful and have a lovely name to match. In time I think those giants will win your heart. Once you give them a chance you'll see that they are a fun and loving pair.

  11. Hi Tama-Chan!
    I'm absolutely sure that the two giants will turn out fabulous mates. I have followed them around (virtually) on their adventures and as far as I can tell, they're both gentle and loving boys. Hope to see those lovely black pawpads soon.
    Always nice to you,

  12. Welcome Tama-Chan! So nice to hear you are settling in well with all the big ones! They will become your best friends.

    You have ended up in a very special family.

    Enjoy your fev-vers!

    Purrs Goldie and Shade

  13. Welcome, Tama-Chan! You are very fortunate to join such a wonderful family. I know that you will have the most delightful adventures. We look forward to learning more about you.

  14. Ohh what a little beauty you are. I do not know about the hissing though, that must stop soon, I meanz you can sees that they is only there to give love to you :)
    I like that "Be kind to me always", and in a perfect world we could, but I thinkz with you we can safely say that we will always be kind to you, coz I see no reason ever that we could not :))
    I can't wait to hear more about you little one :)



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