Sunday 26 October 2008

Social Sunday

Tom: We have had a very, very, very busy Sunday so far. It's been so busy, in fact, that we will leave part of our activities for tomorrow's post. But I did want to show you proof that our little princess now thinks of me as her brother:

Sen-Chan: Thank you for all the good wishes. I am feeling a lot better. I ate NOTHING yesterday but have been catching up today! I still have to take those pills this evening and twice tomorrow, and then I'll be done.

Now, as to the little princess who moved in, settled down, and calls herself our little sister.... #1 is having a hard time figuring out whether I am trying to befriend her or eat her, and keeps telling me I might be a little gentler. But she is a real little miss and knows no fear, and actually goads me! Anyway, each day bring something new. Firstly, here is a photo taken last night:

And here are a couple more taken this afternoon:

#1 did censor the photo of me standing over Hissy Missy with her ears flat back and a big snarl on her face.... I guess we are making progress, though... sigh....


  1. That looks really good, guys! I think you're doing just fine.
    Glad to hear you're better Sen-Chan!
    Purrs, Siena

  2. It took my stinky brother a few months to totally warm up to me when I first moved in, but we're buds now! Be patient... you'll love your kitty sibling in time! And once your tummy is feeling better you'll really want to play with the new kid.

  3. Improvement is everywhere!!
    your Pals
    ViVi & AB

  4. You are making great progress. The picture of the two of you taken last night is sweet. You are both so gorgeous.

  5. Tama-Chan,
    We are very excited to see pictures of you with your new brothers. Having siblings is really fun once you get used to the weird way they smell!

    Abby & Stygia

  6. I think you are making excellent progress!

  7. so it looks like Tom is doing better with little Tama Chan than you are, Sen Chan. we think you will get used to your little sissy soon. she sure is cute!


  8. Wow you iz getting to knwo each other quick smart.. You must tell number 1 to back off though and only intercede when it is bad trouble..
    See the hommans do not understand the way us kittehs work, we always has a leader of the pack and you being much older than your new sisfur must assert yourself leader otherwise when you get old and she is spritley still she will pick on you and thwump you...
    We haz a chain of command and the hoomans forget they iz not always there.. mwwwahahah


  9. You are doing quite well, indeed. Gandalf loves me, but no other cat. He would be snarling and hissing and swatting and whapping. He's such a brat. -Grayson

  10. Your new sister is just adorable!
    We are glad you are getting along together.


  11. That little Tama-chan is the cutest thing. I'm glad that she is finally realizing how nice you guys are. Glad you had a fun busy day.

    Your friend,

  12. This looks(a little )better..Maybe you worry to much daer Sen..take care and do take your pills..


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