Thursday, 22 April 2010

Tommy on Thursday

: I have a couple of things to tell you about so #1 said I could post today. Now these two items are completely unrelated although it would be understandable if you thought that one led directly to the other...

I went on a fabulous walk in the woods the other day with #1, Ms. A and my friend Pie.

I found lots of great pieces of wood to chew on:

And some excellent mud puddles so I could make myself a fetching new pair of socks!

#1 was fairly understanding. After all, it was just mud and she hosed down my feet when we got home. Yesterday, however, was a different matter. I am not giving her any incriminating information but suffice to say that I was able to find an unusually exquisite aroma to daub upon my person. Problem is she didn't think so... AT ALL! So, when we got home from our morning walk, I got TWO lots of hosing down with shampoo. But she kept calling me STINKY all day and, when we got back from our evening walk, she decided to take serious action:

It's a good job I actually like water! And once she was done, I had a serious towelling off. Lots of fun!

She is saying that, despite all of that, I still smell a lit bit stinky, which is a real homage ot the quality of the essence I managed to dig up. I wonder if there is any more around...


  1. I was worried something had happened: you were late posting today (just kidding).
    You look so proud of yourself with your new socks :-)
    and quite cheeky in the bath.
    What did your fur siblings think of your smell?

  2. What was it Tommy? Some sort of pooh we imagine. Hihihihi... The photos clearly convey the fun you were having. We're glad life is good over at your place.
    We're sorry for not commenting lately. We've read through your posts though and were particularly impressed with Tama-Chan's defender skills. Just today Siena took on Dado again. We're thinking of you and hope the car is making progress.
    Love and purrs,
    Siena, Chilli & Britta

  3. Tommy, we wish we had the same resiliant attitude to baths! Your first picture could be in a story book! :)

  4. We think #1 loved your perfumed state when you both got home! Did you get smelly so you could have a bath and a lovely towelling down.

  5. Woooos Tommy! Scampi can relate, he has a tendency to roll in anything that set him off to advantage with a new enticing odor.... Mum never agrees with his choices though and it usually has the same outcome as woo, a bath... good thing I do not like any smells other than my own natural Kira smell, with a little added salt water of course!
    ~husky kisses~
    -Kira The BeaWootiful

  6. What a beautiful woods. It is even more beautiful because you are in it :) I liked your muddy boots too. You are a delight Tommy!

  7. oh my goodness, tom, what a mess!

    thank you for the story, Tama. it made me and my mommeh verreh sad to read. poor you and Sen-Chan. i do not think i will ever feel that way about this sis-ter creature though.

  8. Tommy, maybe you should learn to dig for truffles instead of, well, other things.

  9. Such a lovely woods to walk through Tommy. You are so lucky.!

  10. I LOVE the pikh of woo in the tub!

    I see that KHOY smile of akhkhomplishment!



  11. Mud socks - great job, Tommy. It has been a long time since we got to roll in anything stinky. Maybe we need to catch a flight to your place so we can help your see if there is any more of that wonderful smell around.

    Woos - Phantom, Thunder, and Ciara

  12. Hiya Tommy, oh well done! An aroma that lingers after a bath is a true testiment to a fabulous find! We bet you smell incredibly butch and manly - wow, you're our new hero! And mud socks too - fashionable as well as aromatic, what more could a pup possibly ask for?! Impressed schnauzer snuggles - JD and Max.

  13. Your walking paths are gorgeous. Makes me wish I lived in France!

  14. hey Tom! it's our favorite day when we get to say hello to you. that sinky essence sounds wonderful. we love to roll in stinky stuff but humans just don't appreciate it. we're glad you like your bath. what a good boy you are.


  15. Excellent work. It is very important to find those aromatic spots.

  16. Great pics! Dirty feet aren't THAT bad....

  17. tommy

    I think you must have found a twoo souwce of eau de stink..must have been heavenly. i nevew get a chance to do that , living in the city and being on a lead .
    I'm totally jelly..enjoy evewy moment fow me
    smoochie kisses

  18. Wow Tommy what a great place for a walk - you look very cute with your mud socks! And what did you get into to make yourself so stinky that it took so many baths - we can't even imagine!!

  19. The people just don't understand the draw of a good stink! We of course love to sniff everything and "grimace" to get that added stinky kick!
    xx Lounge Kats

  20. HaHaHa! Why is it that dogs love to roll in, shall we say, aromatics? Last time we went to Pea Ridge, Hankie, (one of my parents' dogs) rolled in something so odiferous that it made me gag -- so awful! Good thing you like baths, Tommy. We loved your mud socks!

  21. Boy oh boy does that look like fun!
    Benny & Lily
    and we don't mean the bath

  22. Your face in the tub made mom laugh so hard!!! Looks like you are ready to do it again!

    xoxo Cory

  23. Tommy, the expression on your face in the tub is so cute and happy!

  24. From the look on your face, I think you just rolled in that so that you could have a bath! No shame. I love baths too.


  25. Well, you sure looked clean after your bath, even if you still were a bit smelly!


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