Thursday, 21 November 2013

Tee-Hee and Thankful Thursday

Da Beebs: So, pals far and wide… Are we right in thinking that some of you actually thought that our new outdoor kitty is a real live kitty that we has condemned to living outside? Really??? Ha Ha! In fact, our new kitty is made of lead. We could bring her in to the house for the winter. Would that make everyone feel better? I don't think any of us would object too much.

In other news, and on the subject of real, live critters, our friends over at Pikku Punapippuri gave us an award called MOUSES!

Now you surely all remember that we are fearless mousers here at Poupounette Central and any and all mouse(s) that come into this house have a death wish. In fact, when there is a mouse around, we hunt as a pack and take turns keeping watch. Isn't it amazing?

There are, as always, certain requirements that come with the award:
° That we thank the blogger who gave it to us - Done
° That we post it on our blog - Done
° That we use the word Mouses - Done
That we pass the award to two more bloggers. We think it's already done the rounds quite a bit, but we would like to pass it on to our friends, the Amigos, over at CAT TALES and to our Canadian friends over at MICKEY'S MUSINGS

Well, I can't leave you without a pic of me, can I?

PS: I just remembered something about how to say mouse in my language(s)! OK, so, in French it is SOURIS (which is also the imperative of the verb "sourire" meaning to smile!). In Japanese, #1's culture of adoption, mouse is NEZUMI, and in Armenian, her ancestral language, it is MOUG! 


  1. Concatulations on your award! I'm still MOLing that some readers were concerned about your "outside kitty." Although I am kind of glad we have such a caring group!

  2. That is such a good story about the outside kitty. Also thanks for all the translations of Mouses. Congrats on that award. Have a super day.

  3. Made out of lead! She must be heavier than Aila!!! No seriously, we guessed it was a statue, but thought maybe concrete because of the colour.

    Armenian - now we had not realised that.

    Thank you for educating us.

  4. oh my - we didn't say anything, but we did wonder about that "outdoor" kitty. It looks pretty lifelike in the picture - but no wonder your friend didn't want to take her on the plane. MOL

    We like Nezumi....that would make a good kitten name (we have had a kitten named Mouse).

  5. You trickster! We thought it was real, BOL

  6. Congratulations on your award. I'm still trying to round up all those mousies. Good luck with yours.

  7. Moi je trouvais que le chat il ressemblait un peu à un chat de ciment. Mais ça pouvait être à cause de la qualité de la photo. Je suis sure que les chats comme ça ils peuvent prendre froid eux aussi.
    C'est rigolo tout ça, parce que ceux qui ont cru que c'était un vrai chat et bien ils n'osent plus l'avouer. C'est une double jolie plaisanterie.
    Les Chans vous etes de supers chasseurs de souris. Moi je n'en trouve pas beaucoup. Ici il y a surtout des mulots et des loirs.
    Plein de ronrons.

  8. Me didn't think it was a real kitty , but I can admit I thought it was made of cement :)
    ConCATulations to the Mousie award !

  9. Thank you for the award. We first thought it was a concrete kitty then we changed our minds as we thought even if it was outside you would make sure it was safe:) you guys are very clever tricking us that way.

  10. The joke is on us, guess Mom needs to get those eyes examined. We all thought it was a real kitty too:)

    Woos - Phantom, Ciara, and Lightning

  11. Oh dear, I am embarrassed to admit that you fooled me. Looking back at the comments, it appears that you fooled most of us, so at least I am not alone. Mum had her reminder for her eye test a couple of weeks ago so it seems she needs to go sooner rather than later.
    Concats on your Mouses award.

  12. We had mum get her thinking cap out for names. She says Plum-chan, since the Latin word for lead is plumbum.

    So even if she is outside sometimes, also needs to come inside like our Virginger.

  13. Oh my! I was so got by your "outside cat"! I was wishing I lived closer and could get her inside! We had a cat that looked like her and her "coat" - thin and grey with other colors!
    Names - How about La Vérité or maybe Pretty since you start your post saying, "Isn't she pretty?" and she is!
    Don't do that again though! *She shakes her finger just a little!* I think I lost sleep! lol
    Love to All,
    Lily, WA, USA

  14. She sure looked like a hearty Burmese. You really had us fooled. Especially good looking on our iPhone. We think she'd really look rather lovely in the house, near the
    fire maybe. She could rest against
    the logs, holding them in place with
    her considerable body mass.

  15. Concatulations on your award ! Purrs

  16. Yow BiBi Chan me Mum thought Plum Chan waz a reall iz so told her to getz eyez tested soon!!! MOL!!!
    Glad ya got diz iz bery popular.
    Ya iz lookin so handsum....makez a kitteh gurl *swoon*
    Lub Nylablue xxxxxxxx


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