Friday 15 April 2011

Flying Friday with Frootbats!

: Hi everyone, Tommy here. It's been another grand week for me, with lots and lots of fun outings with #1. I also got to spend time with my own pals and the ears were flying! Here I am, playing tag with Fernant:

And here is a great, if a little blurry, shot of my girlfriend, Damia, with her ears to the wind!

And here's just me and my Frisbee!

Moving along to the rest of the family, here are Vidock (L) and Viking (R) showing off their Frootbats:

And back home at Poupounette Central, we have Tama-Chan:


and The Beebs:

(what a HAM!)

PS: A big thank you to our non-blogging reader, Leona, who left such a nice comment yesterday. It's great to meet you and we are glad you are enjoying our adventures!


  1. I think Fernant's are more like Devil's Horns!

    What great shots of all!

    Happy FF!


  2. Oh glorious frootbats!!! Missed those!

    France looks very Springy! Lovely.

    We still have snow but the snowdrops are out at least!

  3. Tommy you look as though you have been having great fun with your frisbee, flying ears and furrends.
    The sun makes a good romp in the fields so much more enjoyable.
    We're glad Vidock and Viking have froot bat ears too so they can join in the fun. What is there to say about the Chans - great frootbats all round from them as usual.
    Luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx

  4. I LOVE all of those froot bats! Hope to see more of them..flying or just hangin'.

  5. Fernant is catching up to you in size Tommy! What lovely days filled with sunshine, romps in fields and friends.Have a lovely weekend, each one of you!
    the critters in The Cottage

  6. Lovely lovely frootbats and flying ears. That game of tag with Fernant looks like fun! I hope you were able to keep your lovely ears away from him so he could not pull on them :)

  7. Khyra is so funny, but she is also so correct about Fernant's ears:)

    Tommy, you look like you have one week of delightful fun.

    And Bibi - you ARE a ham, but we love you just for that reason.

    Woos ~ Phantom, Thunder, and Ciara

  8. Looks like fun! Can I join you?

  9. Sei, you look a bit grouchy today! Was your sun bath being disturbed?

  10. So nice to see everyone! Looks like a beautiful day.

    Mindy, Moe, BonBon, Cookie & Mike

  11. Tommy
    Not only does youw family have the most special fwoot bats, but youw giwlfwiend Damia and pal Fewnant awe exhibiting wondewful eawses too.
    Happy days to all of you
    smoochie kisses

  12. What great frooters and flyers! Our mum was looking at our ears after reading your post. Sadly out of all of us, maybe only 3 have special ears. Mum even looked at her ears! Dreadfully ordinary!

  13. Nothing like a good froot bat on Friday!

  14. Great photos. I just love those green eyes. :)


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