Friday 22 April 2011

Friends and Family on Friday

: Hi everyone. Tommy here. I have had a week filled with all kinds of fun and excitement, and friends too!

A young buddy of mine, Master K, is visiting from Germany. He comes about twice a year to visit his Grandmama and I always have the the best time with him!

I also got to frolic in the big field with Damia:

And went to visit my Big Little Brother, Vidock in his summer pasture!

AND young Fernant and I went to visit my friend Pie!

Oh and guess what? We have new friends in the field next to my big field!

Vidock: Neigh everyone. Yes, Mr. Floppy Ears and #1 have been coming to see me in my summer pasture and guess what? There are two beautiful girls in the pasture next door! But more on that next Monday. In the meantime, I wanted to introduce you to my other Tom-Brother! Yep! I, Vidock, have TWO Tom-Brothers! You know Mr. Floppy Ears so here is the other:

Tom de Prainville is two years older than me, and we have the same Papa, Orgueil. Tom is an approved Percheron stallion and trained to drive and ride! One day, I will be like him!

The Chans: Here is a family photo of all of us, from the same photo shoot as Wednesday's. Things are fairly peaceful around here at the moment, which #1 is grateful about. But... Fernant will be staying over the weekend, so anything could happen...


  1. What great amies!!!

    Thanks fur sharing them with us!

    SO, what will today's adventures inkhlude?

    PeeEssWoo: Maybe a bunny hunt?

  2. Oh my goodness...such a sweet and happy family. Mom and I so enjoy our visits here. I loved meeting the new friends.

    Your blog makes for many smiles and happies here at our home. :-)

  3. Horses in summer pasture, new lambs, playing in the field with Master K - seems very springtimey there this Easter weekend! Have a wonderful one.

  4. The bouncy and exuberant Fernant will be your houseguest , Tommy? How lovely for you and how brave of #1. He is still a youngster so anything really may happen. Will he be gentle with the kitties. Mum said she'd be wary. Is your family doing anything special for Easter?
    Neigh, Vidock! When #1 says that your dear brother is "approved",what does that mean? He is handsome,for sure, but you are even more handsome. We think you have a serene and happy face. You boys enjoy your lovely pasture. Kisses and purrs to the exquisite Chans

  5. Such a lovely sunny post today - news and weather!!
    #~1 you will have your hands full with Tommy and Fernant chasing after frisbees!
    Vidock's brother Tom is much lighter coloured than him - he looks lovely.
    We love your picture of the Chans having a restful time together - they look lovely laying on the sofa together.
    Luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx

  6. What a great selection of photos!

    Murray was so happy looking at them all - thank you so much!

    Have lots of fun with Fernant! We can't wait to hear all about it!

    Astral is leaving us in the morning but we think her black hairs will be here for a lot time after her ... we never realised labs shed so much!!

    take care
    Clive and Murray

  7. Alls well in paradise! It looks as though Tommy will have an extra special weekend with Fernant there. Make sure your turn the house upside down boys!! Heehee.
    the critters in The Cottage

  8. Tommy you are having an exciting week. We love the picture of Vidock and his floppy eared friend
    Benny & Lily

  9. Everyone looks like they are having a good time. You Chans making napping look so good. Yawns. I need to go take one!

  10. Great pix! Looks like you're having a good time. Have a furry happy Easter, guys!


  11. Protect your ears, Tommy-kun :) we hope you will have a lovely time.

    Horse Tom is quite handsome too.

  12. Tom, it looks like you are having a wonderful time, as usual! You are such a socialite. We think Vidock's OTHER brother Tom is amzingly handsome! And large.

    We're questioning #1's sanity in hosting Fernant...

  13. Looks like you all have a great Friday!

  14. #1 is really a glutton for punishment, isn't she, hosting Fernant for a weekend? I remember when my Isaac was that same age -- boy, could he clear a table with that tail! Good luck, and yes, watch the ears!

    Vidock's family gets more and more attractive the more we see of them. Such magnificent creatures!

  15. There's so many of you, how do you keep everybody straight? I like the baby calf.

  16. You have had lots of fun with your friends and the pictures show that. Just lovely.. Hugs GJ x

  17. It sounds like you may have some excitement in store this weekend!

  18. Looks like your friend from Germany is very happy to have time with you, Tommy. Hope you both had fun together.

    Fernant is in the house - woo hoo - what fun this is going to be:) Do the Chans know yet?

    We can't wait to meet Vidock's special girls and your Tom-Brother is very handsome. Thanks for letting us meet him.

    Have a great weekend.

    Woos ~ Phantom, Thunder, and Ciara

  19. Sound Like your Easter is going to be Massive Fun with Family...Have a Great Easter : )

  20. What a lot of friends you have. All I get is a little puppy who comes to my gate and tries to share his ticks !!


  21. Oh my goodness! Mom just always goes to mush when she sees sweet Fernant! Silly mom.

    Vidock, I love how you always greet us with a friendly neigh...I've been practicing saying it myself but it comes out all wrong...."neiow" "neipurrchirp"...

  22. Hope you have a great time with your company. :)


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