Monday, 11 April 2011

Manly Monday

: I had an extremely manly weekend and want to tell you all about it. Firstly, #1 and I spent most of Saturday over at Vidock's. I mentioned before that the woofie there, Diego, had a rough start in life and is very wary of other woofies. Saturday seemed like a good time to introduce us properly, and he and I hung out together for several hours very peaceably:

And then, all of a sudden, Diego went for me and we had a knock-down drag out fight. #1 and Ms. S just can't figure out what happened but were grateful that it ended with a little scratch on my neck and another on Diego's ear. From the noise we were making, we should both have ended up at the ER! Now to figure out how to return to a peaceful pattern again. If anyone has any ideas...

Then yesterday, #1 and I went up to Rouen for lunch with her nephew, his wife and baby. On the way up, we stopped in a nice wooded area for a spot of stick throwing:

We loved Rouen and had a lovely lunch outside on a terrace:

And I got to meet my littlest cousin!

Oh, one last thing! I have a new and very manly heart-shaped name tag for my collar!

It's from Dublin Dog!

Bibi-Chan: I wish I could go with #1 on all those adventures! I know I would be the manliest of companions! Instead, I have to concentrate on cuddling with her in bed! I have to confess that she calls me Sleepy Head...

Sleep is very important and it is manly to get all you need...

... so you can roar like a big cat in the run!

Vidock: So, here is a manly photo of me:

But I am learning that true manliness can lie in making room for the ladies. When #1 was over here on Saturday, she worked on "spring grooming" the white ladies, and she did a great job! So, without further ado, here is my Mama, Jessy:

And my Grandmama, Belle des Choux!

Wishing you all a wonderful week!


  1. There certainly is a lot of manly happenings at your place! Fighting dogs can be scary. I'm so glad you didn't get hurt badly. I'll ask DP if she has any simple advice for you (since she is a dog trainer).
    ~Lisa Co9T

  2. We are cats , Bibi...We all are sleepy head !
    Don' t feel awkward, Let's do it , I will do it too : )

  3. Tommy, we wishes we had some advice but I hardly ever get to play with other doggies. The few I have played with have all been older and non-aggressive. ~Fenris

    Bibi-Chan, snuggling with #1 is very manly and most important.

    Vidock, you Mama and Grandmama are most gorgeous. Our Mommy is drooling over all of you.

  4. Tommy! I am glad you are OK. Sounds like that guy is a tad confused. To be honest, I don't get to play with other doggies either. Sure, I am nice at first, but then I get grouchy and want to be left alone and other dogs don't always know that. You might need to stay away from that guy until he gets his marbles in order.


  5. We haven't any advice for Tommy cos we only know the doggie next door and he is an antique according to his mum!!
    Vidock's Mama and Grandmama are very beautiful ladies - we can see where he gets his handsomeness from.
    We think you ought to go out on manly adventures too Bibi-Chan when you've finished your manly sleep.
    luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx

  6. Mom says she really likes Rouen, too. I can't get over how large Vidock and his relatives are. It must take forever to groom. Look at all that white stuff on the ground!

  7. Tommy, that must have been so frightening! Such a calm loving woofie like you getting in a fight!
    Grete sends her love.

    Be careful around Diego. We will purr that he can adjust.

  8. Nice pictures all round. Tom, sorry about your exchange with the other doggie. Best to stay away. We would hate for you to get hurt, or for a human to get hurt trying to break things up.

  9. Tom, that is a nice picture of you and Diego, too bad he has some issues to resolve. You had an awesome day out with #1 and you were all dressed up to meet the baby with your manly collar. We love the photos of Bibi-Chan and Vidock!

    Mindy, Moe, Bono, Cookie & Mike

  10. Manliness is a special rite that only manly animals and humans can truly appreciate. Oh, man...

    Mocha Barney, Ashley Pumpernickel and Winniechurchill

  11. Oh Tommy what, an awful thing to happen! We don't think it was anything you did but that something just "went off" in Diego's brain. Unfortunately, for now, poor Diego needs more help than you can give him. You tried, but cannot risk being seriously injured (or having your loving nature change due to repeated attacks).
    Your new tag is beautiful. A heart means someone loves you!
    You are a true gentleman, Vidock. Do you like to be groomed? And Bibi, precious Bibi! What would we do without you to make us laugh!! It's a gift, dear boy.

  12. Tommy, maybe you and Diego can go on leashed walks with #1 and Diego's person for just a bit, then get a treat. You will be getting equal attention and if you go to a neutral park or something, Diego wont' have territorial issues

  13. Such manliness is incomparable - you have all aspects covered.
    Fighting sometimes just happens...........

  14. There are a lot of manly things going on around there! Enjoy!

  15. Oh my goodness Tommy that must have been very scary. We sure are glad every buddy us ok. Looks Luke the rest of your day was just fine
    Benny & Lily

  16. Bibi, I will tell you a secret: I am always the last one up in the morning! But it is not laziness - I need my beauty rest! Handsome mancats need beauty rest too!

  17. Lots of happenings at your place at the wekend and apart from the fight all good. You must have wondered what happened when he went for you. Lovely baby and hey that heart is gorgeous. Hugs GJ x

  18. Wonderful photos! Very manly!

  19. Tommy, we are sure if you give Diego some time, he will learn that there is no reason for him to be snarky to you. Everypup has to love Tommy.

    Bibi - you just keep on with that snuggling, and you will have it made with #1.

    Vidock, no wonder you are such a handsome boy with that gorgeous mother and grandmother - thanks for letting us meet them.

    Woos ~ Phantom, Thunder, and Ciara

  20. Sorry Diego got so snarky -

    Good thing I'm not khloser - I'd khome kikhk his butt fur woo1

    Thanks fur sharing the manly and womanly stuff too!


  21. Dublin Dog is a great company. Love it!

    All such cute photos to. :)

  22. fun adventure and niiiice collar, Tom
    and your friend Diego. So, what upset you two to come to blows!?

    Bibi, you are the epitome of mancat! lounging in the sun with your huge paws showing and flowers too

    Horsey Vidock is really big. It is nice to meet his mom and gramma!

    bonks for a happy week

  23. Tommy
    That must have been scaiwy
    You awe such a gentle manly woofie, I'm suwe Diego took you by suwpwise. I think maybe because of his difficult stawt in life, he has twouble twusiting..I hope he can leawn to be mowe gentle and playful.
    Bibi all that lovely sneeping will cewtainly make you even mowe manly, and vidock aweady knows the bestest way to be a man..sweet and gentle
    you'we all vewy bootiful
    smoochie kisses

  24. Sorry you got into a scuffle, Tommy. Of course, that is a very manly thing to do!

  25. Whoa..that was a close one Tommy, glad you're okay.
    That is a mighty snazzy locket!
    Overall, very manly indeed!


  26. Tommy, we are SO relieved yoo were not hurted. Just 'cos it's manly to get into fights, doesn't mean yoo haft to!

  27. WE are glad you are ok, Tommy! Looks like a lot of lounging going on inside and Vidock is very manly just like you, Tommy!

  28. Wowsers! So many events..where to begin. Well Vidock and his belle grandmother look as lovely as can be. Tommy, we hope Diego slowly realizes that you are a wonderful boy and not a threat in any way! Kitties keep resting up for summer weather and try to keep your shedding to a minimal!! :)
    the critters in The Cottage


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