Monday 25 April 2011

Manly Monday - Four Boys Ahoy!

: Neigh, Neigh, Neeeeeigh! I get to go first today! So, take a look at this photo:

Isn''t that the manliest young stud you have EVER seen? That being so, how can the girls possibly resist? I mentioned there are two girls (we call them "fillies" around here!) in the paddock next to mine and Viking's. The fact that one of them is my half-sister is of course irrelevant. They are gorgeous, and it is most important for them to notice me. So I parade in front of them!

Their names are Sissy and Sirène, and they are very, very clever. Look what they can do!

That's my buddy Diego with them by the way. They can also do this:

They really are too dreamy. Do you think they will ever notice me?

Tommy and Fernant: Tommy here, speaking on behalf of both of us. That kid is so exhausting! He is into everything and wants everything. It takes all of my manliness to deal with him!

We were invited out to lunch yesterday and all he wanted to do was play tug-of-war!

Anyway, here is a "Peek-a-Boo" shot of me on one of my recent visits to Vidock:

And here is pipsqueak Fernant trying to look grown-up in the wet grass this morning:

Bibi-Chan: I have been having some very manly exchanges with young Fernant!

And here is the latest manly portrait #1 took of me:

Or do you think I look manlier in this one?


  1. Hi guys,

    This was indeed a post of immense mannliness!

    Vidock - we salute your parade in front of the ladies, that was SOOO cool! How could they not notice such studliness!

    And Tommy - you are a wonderful big brother role modle for Fernant. We loved seeing you play together and that peekaboo photo is amazing!

    Bibi-Chan - you are the epitome of manlinness - we loved the photo of you and Fernant!

    Schnauzer snuggles - JD and Max.

  2. What lovely photos of you all enjoying the french spring air.

  3. Yoo are ALL very manly and we love yoo!

    We hope yoo all had a really super Easter!

    Love Milo and Alfie xx

  4. Hi guys,
    I popped back over to tell how to
    get the bow ties.

    Ferst visit:

    Follow the link on the right saying "create yoor comic now"

    Then select ONE cell ~ then continue to stage 2

    Then continue to stage 3

    Then upload your chosen photo

    The drop and drag a bow tie from the selection on the right hand side (yoo hafta browse through what's on offer to find them ~ they're filed under "EXTRAS")

    Pawsition the bow tie where yoo want it ~ yoo can adjust the size

    Then you scroll down and press PREVIEW

    Then you right click and save to your photos on the computer

    Then you CROP all the edging stuff off yoo don't want

    Then VOILA yoo have a bow tie on a beeb!

    Love Milo xx

  5. Bibi-Chan you are looking extemely handsome today - we have having to lay down and fan ourselves to while we are typing this - we like both of your pictures equally.
    Tommy we love the Peek-a-Boo picture of you.
    Luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx

  6. Us girls are overcome by all the manliness @ your place and are swooning. Vidock Mommy says if those silly fillies don't notice your studly self there is something wrong with them as your are GORGEOUS.

  7. Neigh, Vidock! Super neign! We're kitties and even we can see that you are one handsome boy! Will those two girlies notice you, you ask? Why, the whole world will notice you! You've got charisma and a sense of fun about you! A winning combination for any species.
    Little Fernant sure is cute, but what a hand ( or paw) full!
    Do you have any side of your face left, Saint Tommy, or has the little hooligan chewed it off? Bet he is having the time of his life, though. Your portrait is exquisite!
    Bibi! We can't believe you actually are next to Fernant! But your look in your last photo tells us you can keep the little hooligan in his place!

  8. After all this manliness...



    PeeEssWoo: Oh Tommy! I know what woo mean! Maybe Fernant and Khousin Harley should meet!

  9. Neigmeooowww! I'm doing better Vidock!

    The manliness is almost too much for us girls to take! Those fillies will certainly notice you.

    And is in a puddle again...Tommy you are teaching him well.

    And Bibi...what a handsome boy you are!

  10. You are all SO manly! Bibi, we think that last photo of you is the manliest of all! Have a good day friends!

  11. Vidock, in these Cats opinion, NO filly could resist you!

    Tommy, you are such a good Mentor to Fernant, he even gets along with kitties like the Beebs!

    Sir Bibi, we like your second photo best. Hubba Hubba!

  12. Those are some lovely girls Vidock! As for you manly Bibi--it is hard to say which is manlier. I am partial to the second though...

  13. I just adore all the photos today and think you all look great . I aqm sure those two lady horses will notice how handsome you are. Hugs GJ xx

  14. We are completely unmoved by your manliness shows. Totally. And we have had to ban the girlcats from reading your blog on Mondays - too much drool......

  15. So much incredible manliness. It is really rather overwhelming. Bibi, that last shot s rather "come hither". Vidck, I am sure you will have your share of admiring fillies.

  16. Awesome pics of the horses. Makes mom wish she was on vacation without a care in the world!

  17. Vidock, you sound like a typical young man, always thinking about the ladies!

  18. that IS a manly young stud. Tommy you are still having fun with your friend! Isn't cool to have a liven playmate
    Benny & Lily

  19. Wow such a manly post today! Vidock we don't think you have a thing to worry about -we are sure those fillies are keeping their eyes on you because you are handsome!

    And Tommy you are so cute in your peeking picture! We understand about having the young ones around tiring you out - our house is that way! Fernant is quite a cutie though!

    And Bibi you are of course so handsome in both those pictures we can't possibly pick a favorite!

  20. BIBI!!!!! Those are some SERIOUS bedroom eyes you are giving me there in that second is it possible that you are sharing them with THE ENTIRE WORLD?? They should be just for my older woman who thinks that you are a smashing young cougar...hehe!! We all agree that Vidock is totally handome and a real lady magnet...if those fillies aren't seeing him, it's because they are blind (ok, we know, they are very clever, but to not see Vidock's handsomeness?? What is that about??) Ellwood sends lots of woofs to the boys and wishes sooooo bad that he could play with you guys. He thinks Mom and Dad are just not as fun as dogs are even though they do all sorts of goofy dances and talk funny to him, they, well, they seem kinda deranged he said so he wanted me to ask you if he could come stay with you two for a little while with hopes that maybe our Mom and Dad might get over whatever goof-illness they are suffering...we do hope it is curable!!

  21. Vidock, I see those fillies looking at you with admiration!

  22. Loved all that manliness! Great photos!

    Tommy, you have your hands full!!

    take care
    Clive and Murray

  23. You boys sure are handsome!

  24. Leora here again, I felt like a rock star when I saw your P.S. in response to my comment!! :)

    When I saw Tommy's peek-a-boo picture today I couldn't resist telling you how amazing it is! It really should be a post card. I can absolutely see why you won an photography award.

    There are some extra head scratches coming to your kids from Maine!

    Happy Spring!

  25. Every one of you manly beasts are very handsome.
    Vidock, you are very strong and manly. You look powerful and I am sure you are a protector.

    Tommy, you are a great example for the youngster.

    Bibi: you are quite quite handsome and mancatly. You look like you have been working out more -- in the sun!


  26. Bibi - you are just so darn cute in your pics today - all those lady kitties will be swooning over your manliness. And Vidock, we see those two young ladies giving you the ey - how could they not want to check out manly you! And Tommy, you are such a good role model for Fernant, but we bet you had a good long nap when he went home.

    Woos ~ Phantom, Thunder, and Ciara

  27. Gosh, I think you look super manly in both pictures!

  28. Love those photos of springtime in your part of the world...

  29. Very nice photos there! So many colors!!
    Thanks for sharing your manly Monday with us!


  30. What a beautiful stallion! His neck and head and his posure are so manly indeed.
    Oh and cats and dogs are cute as ever! Tina


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