Tuesday, 26 January 2021

Tama-Chan Tuesday


Tama-Chan: Can you believe that January is almost over? Not that it makes much difference to us kitties... Our needs are small: great food, comfy beds, lots of brushies and snuggling. You know the drill. Above all, I enjoy sharing time with #1, like helping her blog, for example:

And keeping #1's seat on the sofa warm for her!

I mentioned comfy beddies, right?

We seem to be having quite a few guests on our posts at the moment. We have one again today. This gorgeous girl is the resident diva at our vet, Dr. C's. Her name is Starlet and it is richly deserved!

Isn't she just gorgeous?


  1. Starlet is stunning! And yes, she knows it too.

  2. oooh your vet has a praxis kitty too? our vet has a ginger kitty who greets all patients...even us because we are so scared that we even forget to chase her :o)

  3. Since I am the only cat here, I must say I love all the attention. I love to hang with mum and I love belly rubs :)
    Scarlet is very pretty indeed!!Floofy too ;)
    Purrs, Julie

  4. Starlet s beautiful, and what a lovely ruff she has. You are a very good helper, Tama-Chan.

  5. You look very happy hanging out at home and helping #1, Tama-Chan. Miss Starlet is a beauty too.

  6. Best helper ever!!

    Starlet sure is a star! She knows how to show off her beauty...like, 'Look at ME!'

    Our Angel Suki used to sit like that...though as a meezer, her furry beauty was not floofy, MOL!

  7. You are such a sweet helper dear Tama! Hey, Starlet really is a cutie gal too.

  8. Tama-Chan, you are doing a terrific job of snoopervising #1!
    Starlet is a floof-and-a-half!

  9. Gosh! Kozmo is so torn...he can't decide who is more beautiful, You Tama or Starlet! I'm, voting for you! Have a marvellously Happy Day!

  10. Oh yes, that Starlet is a beauty!!! But you are just as beautiful or even more, Tama.

    Woos - Lightning, Misty, and Timber


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