Sunday, 17 January 2021

Snuggles on Sunday


Tama-Chan: It's a cold, cold weekend here, Dear Friends. #1 was going to see the Vs and Hs yesterday, but postponed until today because there was freezing rain. We feel so lucky to have a nice warm house. #1 has been putting out extra food for our birdies.

To start off today, we have a cute pic that #1 took of Mr.G, with his very own Tora-Chan who is of course our cousin:

We will be sharing more pics of Tora-Chan in tomorrow's Manly Monday post.

#1 and I took a selfie in the sofa, but it's a little washed out, colour-wise:

This one is a bit better:

I really like this pic of me and Ollie:

Here is one of #1 with Da Genj:

This one is a bit askew, but here is #1 in bed with Da Genj and Ollie:

Even though #1 didn't get to see the horses this week, we still have a few snuggle shots from the previous week to share with you, starting with this great shot of The Big V giving her a sloppy kiss!

And #1 with Hotesse:

With Miss Heloise, plus Katia (R) and Indienne behind!

And a pretty muddy Miss Violette:

#1 is once again really busy with work, so she will be spending most of her time siting in front of her computer for the next few weeks. We hope she finds the time to take some good photos as well!


  1. Awesome snuggle pics! I barely got to snuggle with my human this weekend - she was snuggling with some other human! Heh.

  2. Pawsome selfies!! The one with Mr G and Tora-Chan is mighty cute :)
    All of your selfies are lovely as you all look so happy even if some of you are muddy! MOL!!
    We have been having heavy rain and will have showers this week and some snow flurries by week's end.I am so happy to be an indoor cat!
    Purrs, Julie

  3. Those are all great snuggle pictures. It looks like the Big V is a great kisser. BOL!

  4. They are all great photos, especially Vidock giving #1 a kiss.

  5. Most excellent snuggles! We so look forward to coming and the added bonus of Tora-Chan was fun! We hope #1 does not work too hard and it warms up a little. We are to get the cold this week, but that usually means sunshine and we like that.We send you a marvellously Happy Day!

  6. Y'all sure are enjoying those happy snuggles. Freezing rain is sure yucky!

  7. A great day of snuggles with all of you. We are sorry we missed da Beebs post yesterday as we always enjoy his pics.

    Woos - Lightning, Misty, and Timber

  8. Pawsome snuggling pics! Mr. G and Tora-Chan are so cute together. And I love the one with #1 surrounded with Heloise, Katia, and Indienne :-)

    Stay warm xo

  9. Good snuggles. We had snuggle weather here too.

  10. Nice to see all those cuddly snuggles!
    Esp the 'bonus' one:)


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