Sunday, 24 January 2021

Snuggles on Sunday


Tama-Chan: I am happy to see that #1 kept her promise and was back home early afternoon yesterday. Now she can stay home for a bit!

I think we'll start today with this pic of Genji snuggling with #1:

And here is, holding #1 down in bed in the morning:

Next up is one of me on #1's lap:

One of me and Ollie:

Here is a cute pic of Ollie getting a kiss from our friend, Ms. M:

We have some great photos with the horses this week, starting with this special one of Heloise giving her big sister, Violette, a kiss:

And here is Violette with #1:

And a selfie with Heloise:

Not forgetting Mama Hotesse:

Or The Big V!

Keep On Snuggling!


  1. I am sure you were all very happy to see #1 back on time. That is a sweet photo of Violette and Heloise sharing a kiss.

  2. Good to hear #1 made it home to you all. What wonderful snuggling pix. We will follow the advice to keep on snuggling!!

  3. I sometimes like to lay on mum in the mornings too,mostly on weekends.
    Good that #1 got home safely and you all got snuggles :)
    Purrs, Julie

  4. What great snuggling photos! Have a wonderful Sunday.

  5. Those are all such sweet snuggle pictures.

  6. We're glad #1 was back on time. Great snuggle pictures ! Purrs

  7. We always love those most happy snuggles!

  8. We who live in America, are always amazed that those in Europe can travel between countries so easily! We have to go a long way to get somewhere else! Envious...yes!

  9. So many wonderful snuggles today. We love the two horses kissing. And so glad #1 made it back on time and safely.

    Woos - Lightning, Misty, and Timber

  10. WoW! The selfies today are terrific! We are glad that #1 got home early. Have a marvellously Happy Day!

  11. Snuggles galore!! And a whole lot of sweet kisses!!


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