Monday, 18 January 2021

Manly Monday


Ollie: The weather has been up and down the past few days. We were repeatedly told that we would be getting snow but, in th end, we only got about a dozen flakes. We did get freezing rain on Saturday, which wasn't nice at all, but it was nice yesterday and # and I managed to go and see the horses, and I got to play with Noelle and Black. Here I am, with Black and #1 and Mama Hotesse:

I also got in a little playtime with Fernant!

Genji: My appetite is still up and down, and #1 gets really frustrated with me at times, because it is a nightmare to give me any kind of medication. In an ideal world, she should be giving me the liquid stomach liner at least once a day, but it often ends up in a big battle, with half the white stuff all over #1. She tries to explain to me that it's for my own good, but I just can't...

I am totally innocent of all charges.

Ollie has to go to Dr. C's on Thursday to get his boosters, so I will go along as well, so she can assess how I am doing. Please cross your paws for me.

Vidock: Did you bring the apples and carrots, #1?

Tora-Chan: Mee-Yow, everyone! Remember me? Tora-Chan, aka Toto? I am one of three cats at Mr. G and Ms. N's place, and I am a cousin of the Chans of Poupounette Central. In fact, when she comes to visit, #1 keeps saying that I have Da Beebs' eyes (he and I are the same age)!

I am a really happy and snuggly boy, and I have two brothers, a house panther called Odie, and a Meezer Mix called Masha. Here I am with Masha:

It was nice to be included in today's blog post!

We wish you all a good week.


  1. we sure cross all paws for good news from da vet... and we hope for lots of ups and less downs...

  2. Ollie, it is wonderful that you got out for some fun :)
    Genji, I purr that the vet can help you out. Our Georgia did not want to eat and it was pretty stressful. Purrs the Vet can help you.
    Tora-Chan, it's nice to see you and Masha :)
    Purrs, Julie

  3. It's so nice to see all of you, y'all are looking mighty fine. Genji pal, go ahead and eat, #1 will appreciate it and it's good for you.

  4. Happy Manly Monday. Genji, try to take your medicine to help your tummy.

  5. We cross our paws and hope good news from the vet, Genji. Looks like a fun day, Ollie ! Purrs

  6. Genji we are sending purrayers and POTP to you (and Ollie too) We know how #1 feels about your medicine : is the stress of giving you the meds worse than you going without the meds.

  7. I hope you get a good report, Genji. I know how frustrating it is for #1 when you won't eat, I had the same with Flynn. I feel for you too. the pills I take are okay, but the liquid is revolting!
    Everyone is looking very manly.

  8. I'm sending lots of purrs your way, Genji!

  9. So nice to see all the handsome males. We hope Ollie's appointment goes well, and Genji, take your meds, please.

    Woos - Lightning, Misty, and Timber

  10. You boys are all looking great today. It was nice to meet your friends too.

  11. Your kitty cousins are beautiful!
    As are all of you, too, of course!

    Genji, you should be nice and take that medicine, then you'll feel and eat better.
    Us Meezer Angels are sending you our heavenly purrs.


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