Sunday, 25 July 2010

Sunday Miscellany

Hi everyone. Yuu-Chan reporting. Why me again, you ask? Well, I am the only one with an updated photo! Sadly, Ms. S left today. She is travelling to Kabul (yes, THAT Kabul, in Afghanistan!) to start a new job, and so she has little time to take photos the last few days. Mr. S is staying with us until #1 returns, so we are in very good hands.

I am doing really well and eating up a storm. Just look at me!

Can't wait for #1 to get back. She is scheduled to be home on Thursday morning! In the meantime, I am handing the keyboard over to her.

Hi, #1 here, still in beautiful Prince Edward island. I had a fun time yesterday playing with my two Springer pals, Murphy and Leo, and thought I would share some photos with you.

Murphy in front of the cottage:

The Boys playing Tug-of-Frisbee!

Leo learning what a Frisbee is all about!

Synchronized Frisbee-Running!


  1. It's wonderful to see you so well, Yuu-Chan. You had us a little worried there for a while. I'm glad #1 is having such a good time, but it's good she'll be back soon, I think. Enough is enough.

    lotsa licks, Lola

  2. It looks like #1 has been playing Frisbee with the two Springers as a substitute for Tommy time! Did you teach them Frisbee catching ro did they already play it, #1?

    Yuu, you're looking marvelous there.

    Safe travels and stay for Ms S in Kabul!

  3. Hi Yuu-Chan, you're looking wonderful, just wonderful! It's so good to see you getting better and better, it makes our tails wag knowing you're on the mend.

    Not long now until #1 is home - ahhh, we can just IMAGINE the greeting you're all going to give her!!

    Schnauzer snuggles - JD and Max.

  4. You are looking good. I am sorry that your friend is leaving--how unfun is that?

  5. We bet you are all excited to see your #1 again! Yuu-Chan, you are looking great! Your lil hips have some padding on them now.

  6. Love the synchronized frisbee running.

  7. Yuu-Chan, you are looking marvelous - you even look like you may have gained back some of that weight.

    Please tell Mr. S. that we hope Ms. S. will be safe in Kabul. Not a good place to be these days.

    We bet you are all hoping that Thursday comes quickly.

    Woos ~ Phantom, Thunder, and Ciara

  8. I am so glad to see you. Glad all is well and wish a safe journey back to you.. Hugs GJ xx

  9. So nice to see you Yuu-Chan! Lookin' good!!!!!

  10. Safe travel and living in Kabul to Mrs. S!

    Yuu-chan, you look like you're gaining your health back quite well. Hooray.

    Loved the vistas that #1 is enjoying in PEI... synchronized frisbee running too... fantastic!

  11. First, Ms. S you stay safe in Kabul. Yuu-Chan you are looking good and yippee that #1 will be home soon.

  12. How nice to hear from you. I see you are looking quite handsome and healthy. Good for you!


  13. Is it Thursday yet?

    I guess I had better get out there and let some more phloof head to PEI!

    PeeEssWoo: Hi Tommy!

  14. You're looking much better, Yuu-darlin'. I can't wait for Thursday!

  15. Yuu-Chan, we are very pleased yoo are feeling better. And we love the doggie pics!

  16. We are pleased to see the photo of Yuu-Chan and hear he is eating well.
    Bet #1 can't wait to see him as he was so poorly when she had to leave.
    We wish Ms.S good luck with her job in Kabul and hope she is safe.

  17. You look well. Looks like a wonderful vacation. Looks beautiful.

  18. Best of luck to Ms.S in Kabul!

    Glad to hear you are well Yuu-Chan, there must be great excitment at the impending arrival of #1.

    take care
    Clive and the NSLM

  19. Good to hear that you are all still well kitties!

  20. Wow it sounds like everyone is having a good time! But we know that everyone will be happier once #1 is back home - we bet there will be a lot of snuggling happening!

  21. Looking good! We are glad to hear that your sitters have taken such good care of you.

    Yes, Barbara is a big Ballykissangel fan and loves Irish names. I am named Niamh because it means sheen or luster and I have such a shiny coat. When we got Ambrose, Barbara tried out a lot of Scottish names for him but they just didn't suit. Then she remembered the Ambrose character from Ballyk and thought it fit him very well.

    Your friends,
    Niamh & Ambrose

  22. It is so great to see you outside and yes, you do look quite well!

    These photos of Tom and friends are very cute and happy

    best bonkie wishes to your mom and to all of the Chan kitties and daddy and Tom too

  23. You're looking real good, Yuu-Chan. We hope you are already reunited with #1 as we write this and purring aways in her arms. Ours will desert us for the weekend, she'll be in Brussels.

  24. Yuu-Chan, you are looking much bigger!!!

  25. You are looking good, Yuu-Chan!
    What pretty scenery there at the cottage.

  26. So good to see happy healthy furries & frisbee action!!! Come home #1

  27. Those doggies look so much like Tommy, it must have been especially nice for #1 to spend some time with them. We think they need an Abyssinian or two to cuddle with to make their family complete....

  28. Oh Tom...what fun to play with your friends and what a spectacular view...we know, you weren't looking at anything but the frisbie!

    And Yu...nice to get some knee time out in the sun, too!


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