Monday 30 October 2023

Manly Monday - Happy Birthday, Ollie!


#1 here. When Ollie arrived at The Poupounette, in late January 2019, my heart was still completely broken by the loss of Tommy. The gaping void he left behind was so wide and so deep that something needed to fill it. I debated getting a different breed of dog, but Springers are so lovely that I eventually settled on another one, but of a different colour. Ollie could not be more different from Tommy except for the one, most important, thing. He is kind, he is sweet and he has not an iota of aggressiveness. To me, that is the most important trait in a dog. He did not know cats when he arrived but he quickly made friends of them. The cats adore him, most particularly Momo who is always ready to snuggle with him. To celebrate his fifth birthday today, here are some photos of Ollie since he arrived, followed by some of him and his pussycats.

With Tommy's sister, Sophie

With Genji

With Tama

With Fernant

With Noelle and their daughter, Lily

With Benny

With Momo

With Momo and Benny

With Ryū

Thank you, Ollie, for being such a good boy (despite your ongoing deafness sometimes when I call you). You are a true gift and we all love you and wish you Many Happy Returns of the Day.

From #1, Tama, Benny, Momo, Ryū, Violette, Vidock and Heloise


  1. happy birthday dear ollie... we are so glad that you came to dry the tears of your #1 and you also could help her to heal the broken heart...

  2. Happy 5th birthday to handsome Ollie. Have a wonderful day.
    Love from Jan M, Angel-Milo and Àlfie. xxx

  3. Happy Birthday, Ollie! What a handsome boy you are!

  4. Dear Ollie, you have a wonderful family to celebrate your birthday! Your #1 is so happy you are there and all the kitties love you too.

  5. Happy birthday, Ollie! May you have many more happy years to come.

  6. Happy birthday Ollie! Although Tommy can never be replaced, you were perfect to mend #1's broken heart. Tommy would be proud of you.

  7. Happy Happy 5th birthday! Dear sweet kind gentle and oh so handsome Ollie I do so much love to see you with cats. Tell number one we agree the traits you have are the traits we like the most and I do know that when my precious big boy died my heart had a whole as big as a tree in it. And I understand how you came and fill that hole in number one's heart because both feel the same size hole

  8. Happy Birthday, Ollie! Linda

  9. You are indeed a special boy Ollie and we all love you too. We wish you a most Happy Birthday!!!

  10. Happy Happy Ollie Day!
    As we said on FB, if you were here, we'd get you all the soft treats Kerri has in her case!

    NAK applauds your hearing as you channel your inner HUSKY!

    Willow and Her #1

  11. We want to add our best wishes, too. You are a special boy and you are super at "herding" kitties!

  12. Happy Birthday, Ollie! You sure landed in the perfect house for you with lots of family members to love you and for you to love.

  13. Lulu: "Happy big oh five, Ollie!"
    Java Bean: "¡Feliz cumpleaños! Many happy returns!"

  14. Happy 5th Birthday Ollie!
    I am sure you will have a great time as you have a purrfect home!
    Purrs, Julie

  15. Five years?!?
    My, how time flies.
    Happy Birthday, Ollie.

  16. Happy birthday, OLlie!!! We always knew that Tommy would only send #1 a very special pup!!!

    Woos- Lightning, Misty, and Timber

  17. Happy birthday Ollie,and thank you for saving your mom

  18. Happy Belated Purrthday Ollie. The pictures of you standing in front of #1 show how much you have grown.

  19. Belated woofs from us for a Happy Birthday, Ollie!


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