Friday, 8 June 2018

Vidock Vendredi

Vidock: Handsome Neighs, EveryFriend! As promised, here I am again. I thought you might like a personal grooming post from me. For my appearance at the Centenary celebration of the British Percheron Horse Society, it was very important that I was perfectly clean and that my mane and tail were properly and thoroughly untangled.This turned out to be quite a challenge as it was pouring with rain on the day that #1 washed me!

Poor #1. You should have seen the state she was in by the end. No wonder she caught a cold!

Not that I was in better shape, even though I was cleaner!

Although I did get treats at the end!

Anyway, the next thing that happened was that #1 lost an SD card when she put in a fresh one, so there are a few photos gone AWOL. By the morning of Day 1, it was fortunately dry and the sun was beginning to come out. A nice friend from France came over to braid me my mane and tail:

And here is my tail:

He did a really nice job! 

Here is an upside-down shot of my mane, as I was enjoying my treat bucket!

And here I am, standing proudly next to the French flag at the final parade:

Once it was all over, at the end of the day, my braids were untied and I got really nice frizzies!

It really was an amazing experience, and I was very honoured and proud to take part in such an event with my #1.


  1. Vidock, you looked so good when you were all braided up!
    No wonder #1 was proud.
    WE love the fuzzies :)
    You are so handsome whether you are dressed up or laid back.
    Purrs Georgia,Julie and JJ

  2. You look amazing Vidock and we're very proud of you too!

  3. Wow, looked so handsome with your braids! When my hair was long, instead of getting a perm, I would braid my damp hair at night, then have kinks like yours the next day!

  4. I'm sorry to hear #1 caught cold and lost some photos. But you look fantastic, Vidock. I love your braided mane and tail. And the frizzy look after untied!

  5. Tu étais magnifique Vidock.
    Et ... très élégant après avec tes frisures ...
    Je me dis que j'avais de la chance quand je montais ma jument. Elle logeait dans un club où il y avait une des douches à l'intérieur et avec de l'eau chaude.

  6. That is one terrific braiding job. Vidock, you look spectacular.Well done everyone.

  7. I have to say that you certainly looked a different colour to the first time we met you. You look very handsome with your mane and tail braided, and you were such a good boy.

  8. That frizzy look is very sexy Vidock.

  9. We are very proud of you dearest boy.

  10. Wow, you looked so amazing, Vidock!

  11. You look fabulous all braided up, Vidock ! And we love your frizzy look too. We're sorry #1 got a cold, we hope she feels better. Purrs

  12. Mom used to braid her hair to get kinks when she was a hippy!
    Thinking back to Nellie's blog, we are way down in comments, followers and overall hits per day. But we think that is a good thing. At one point, we were sepnding over 5 hours a day just commenting on the bloggers who commented on our posts (and we only posted 4 days per week). Though we have been having difficulty posting over this last year, we have been reading our furrends blogs. We subscribe via email and read them on the tablet. We are trying to get out and about more.
    Purrs and Love
    Marv and Barb


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