Monday, 4 May 2009

Manly Monday and An Award!

Tom: We had a pretty mixed weekend in terms of weather, with more rain than any of us would have liked. It started pouring in the afternoon yesterday, just as #1 was contemplating my afternoon run, so guess who got no run? Just a little amble later on in the evening, after supper. It's now light until around 9:30pm, so there's plenty of time!

We did get sunshine on Friday and #1 managed to catch me in my full, glorious handsomness just by our gate!

I did spend some time with various girlfriends. I met Pie at a wine-tasting on Saturday afternoon, and again in the evening when we were invited to the same dinner party, at the home of Pam and Plume who are real sweeties:

I also spent some time hanging out with my littlest sister, Sei-Chan:

#1 took a tiny video snippet of me the other day, in which I show off my tail-wagging technique!

And finally for this morning, a big thank you to Bolo for sharing this great award with us:

Here's the text that goes with it:
This award is presented to those dog bloggers out there who know the meaning of GREATNESS. Their blogs are consistently interesting, funny, or informative. Their KINDNESS is extended to others without expectation of it’s return, and their FRIENDSHIP inspires others to do EXTRAORDINARY things. These are the blogs you can’t wait to read everyday. In short, they are AWE-INSPIRING, full of wonder, and simply PAWsome!Pass this award on to 4 others who you feel exemplify a “Paw”some Blog, and leave a note saying why you think they deserve the Pawsome Award!”

We would like to break the rules (we're French, after all!) and share this award with both dogs AND cats, our friend  Clive, who is an inspiration to us all, Quill and his friends who are saving Baxter, Angus & Tallulah who make us smile each and every day, and  Abby & Stygia who inspired us to blog in the first place.

I hope you are all enjoying sunshine and a good start to the week! By the way, we were so pleased to hear that enough funds had been collected to spring Baxter from the shelter! Go BAXTER!!!


  1. Looking very manly and handsome as ever, Tommy! Nice tail action, by the way...

  2. Congratulations for the award!

    Tommy you have 2 very gentle girlfriends! (you know why i didn't visit you yesterday....)

    ViVi & AB

  3. Wine tastings and dinner parties? You are the worldliest woofie we know, Tommy:) Little Sei-Chan looks so tiny behind you. And we loved your tail wagging:)

    Concats on your award!:)

  4. Congrats on your award!

    Adele, Vincent & Bella

  5. Oh, we are so happy Baxter got sprung, we hopes he finds a great forever home.

    (Fenris here)Our walk was considerably shortened because of rain too, but I did get to meet a cute female beagle this weekend. She had wondered off from home.

    ~Socks, Scylla, Charybdis & Fenris

  6. I see Monday has gone to the Dogs! ;)

    Thank you all for my Birthday wishes, the chicken is still flowing freely here and all is well in the world! :)


  7. Congratulations on your award! You deserve it, you handsome boy! Glad you had a nice weekend with your friends.

    Your friend,

  8. Goodness, Tommy! You just keep getting more handsome! Love that tail swagger!

  9. Sounds like a great weekend! Great tail wagging too Tom. You da man!


  10. Congratulations on the award! It sounds like you had a very nice weekend with your friends. Awesome tail there, Tommy!

  11. concatulations on your award, Tommy! it's nice that you had a chance to hang out with some lovely canine girl friends, as well as with your own Sei-chan.

  12. Tank woo fur sharing your sunshine!

    Ours has gone AWOL!

    Furry nice shots of woo and your girrrrrls!

    That was grrreat news about Baxter - we pawed a bit of plastikh green paper his way!


  13. Tom, you are looking extra handsome today!

  14. Great news about Baxter!
    Tom, that tail-wagging technique is unbelievable. You stand absolutely still and only your tail moves. WOW! And you look extra extra handsome in the pic by the gate.
    Purrs, Siena & Chilli

  15. Wonderful pictures, thank you for sharing! Sounds like you had a nice weekend!

    Woofs and wags,
    Benson and Gibson

  16. Tommy, you look so handsome by that gate. We know how you feel about getting those walks in. Too much rain ruined most of ours last week, and well, you saw what happened to Thunder.

    You sure can move that tail pretty darn fast.

    Woos, the OP Pack

  17. Tom my man!... who knew you had so many ladies on the side!! whokka wokka buddie!! *wink wink* hehehe
    Momma.. and I love how your tail can wag so fast! I bet your sweet sisfurs love to play with it? :))

  18. Pawsome tail shakin goin on Tommy. Concats on yer awardie!

  19. Tommy! You are quite the player dude! Hanging out with multiple ladies over one do you do it??

  20. What a pawsome time you've been having and what a great award!



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