Friday 29 May 2009

Frootbat Friday!

Tama-Chan: Thank you all for your concern and kind words yesterday. I am feeling a lot better although I can't say I enjoyed all the pills and the liquid that #1 "forced" down me (in the nicest possible way, of course). I had a good breakfast and started off my morning with a wild bout of  THoE with Sei-Chan. Wheeeeeee!

Here are this week's Frootbat offerings:

Yes, that is my tail Miss Pink Frootbat is intent on grabbing...

We also have the "Double Frootbat" effect:

And, as you can imagine, Tommy wanted to include his "Flying Ears Friday" selection which, I must admit, is a rather good one this week!

In conclusion, we were inspired by Marlene over at 9 and Chani's blog to ask #1 to post a photo of one of our roses, taken yesterday

We hope everyone has a great weekend and would like to remind the hard-working students among you to take some time off and resource!


  1. I love the double frootbat!! I'm sorry to hear that you were under the weather Tama-Chan, but I'm glad you are feeling better!

  2. Hi Tama-Chan, we're so glad to hear that your tummy is feeling better. Let's hope you continue to feel better and better today. The frootbat pictures are as always soooo cute, with the double frootbat picture really THE best. It was nice of you to post one of Tommy's Fantastic Flying ears after he got to hog your blog yesterday. Those are really wonderful they're silky and soft.

  3. great pics - the rose in incredible but not as nice as you guys of course. good flying ears pic - our ears are more radar dishes the floppy. especially MJ's he still has alot of growing to fill them out.


  4. What a gorgeous rose and photo!!! And look at all those ears, frootbats and flying Tommy!!

    Play bows, the OP Pack

  5. Yous are the cutest frootbats. Glad you feel better too!

  6. I love the frootbat action. My favorite is the photo where Sei-Chan (I hope!) is in between the pink sheets. So cute!

  7. Very nice frootbat picture story, we see the sun is here today....

    ViVi & AB

  8. Two frootbats in one! Very pretty. But of course you know that, as a setter, my favorite is the one of Tom's flying spaniel ears. They are excellent! Flying ears rule.

    Your friend,

  9. THOSE ears define HAPPINESS!

    Tank woo fur sharing Tommy's joy and the khytties' frootbattyness!


  10. What a week!! Glad you're feeling better now.

  11. Tama-Chan, the contrast of your coat next to Sei-Chan's is very beautiful!

  12. That must be the most impressive selection of ears I have ever seen.

    So glad your belleh is feeling better, TC. But I shall keep kissing it till you're 100%!

  13. I am sorry to hear you weren't feeling well, but I am glad you are feeling better today! I love your frootbat pictures this week!!

  14. Fabulous Friday ears all around! And what a beautiful rose!

  15. Ah the frootbats are lookin gud Sei! Tama yoo has trained her well. Tom, we is so happy yoo is feelin better!

    We gots an award fer yoo all today. Come see. =)

  16. I wish we could do double frootbat around here but alas we only have me (not that I'm complaining of course, the world should revolve around me). Lovely rose!! The humans were in DC last weekend and smelled all of the lovely roses at the Smithsonian Institute.


  17. Lovely ears and rose! Glad to hear Tama-chan is feeling better :)

  18. Tama-Chan, we're so sorry to hear that you were unwell - we missed a day and didn't realise. Hope you're feeling much better now.

    Love those ears - Tommy! Brillant!

    Beautiful rose photo too!

    lots of woofs
    Clive and gang

  19. THOE's a happening, you must be feeling better this is great news! :)
    Tommy you looks like you is about to take off buddie, I rekkon you could with just a few inches of ear more :P hehe

    Your mommas roses are just beautiful, I wish they had smellivision :)


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