Saturday 30 May 2009

Sei-Chan on Saturday!

My turn at last and the sun is shining here although it is also quite windy. It's another 3-day weekend (May is one long 3-day weekend in France) so everyone is feeling very relaxed.

I have had a great week following #1's return. I really didn't like it when she was gone. My sister Tama-Chan was a bit off-colour for a day or two but she is back on form and we have been having a great time. We made up a fun new game last night: Tama-Chan goes under the covers and I stay on top of the bed and pounce on her as she moves around. I am sure #1 really enjoyed it too!!!

I do love to play! This is one of my favourite toys:

Most of the time, I play on my own but #1 sometimes joins in and sends the ball spinning around really fast. I turn pirouettes as I try to stop it! Or we just gently bat it to one another.

But I have to say that playing with one's siblings is the most fun of all, especially if your sibling happens to have a great tail...

I have also started to play with Tommy. Here we are playing hide and seek:

He really is a great woofie brother!

And after playing really hard, what better than to have a nap!


  1. I like the sound of that game with the bed covers. Can I join in (I'll bring my Plague Ratise)?!

    BTW, nice sunbeam, TC!

  2. Grayson also loves the tail game, Sei-Chan! He play with my tail at least once a day!


  3. Sei Chan you found the best place to nap, nothing can be tipped without your control

    ViVi & AB

  4. I love how Tama-Chan didn't even flinch as you grabbed her tail! It's great that you are playing with Tommy now Sei-Chan! He is such a sweet woofie!

  5. Aww little Sei-Chan you is full of beans! You looks great fun to play with, my sisfur used to wave her tail around for me to bat too, but now I just like to jump right on top of her hehe.
    I think it would be wonderful for a big brofer just like Tommy... well sweet dreams little Miss :)

  6. There is nothing mom can buy at the pet store that is more interesting than a twitching tail!!!

  7. I love seeing all the critters, and Sei-Chan batting at Tama-Chan's tail in the video was priceless! How dignified Tommy looks, so gentlemanly while all that whapping is going on. :D

  8. Yoo has a kneedin blanket of da same colour as ours too?? Isn't the best in da world? We lub when the mom snuggles under it as we sits on top of hers to keeps her warm too.

  9. It looks like Tama-Chan was gently waving her tail just to keep you entertained!

  10. Too khute!

    I sooo like the handsome Tommy too!

    Tank woo fur sharing!


  11. gordy and georgie30 May 2009 at 17:49

    What a happy and content family!

  12. Ah Sei-chan, I love your postings. 9 and Chani also love playing with their ball in tube toy. Chris will often send the ball spinning really fast! So fun.

    Glad to see you playing with your siblings!

  13. Hi Sei-Chan, great post! the video of you grabbing at Tama-Chan's tail is really cute...good thing you didn't really put a bitey on her tail! And so sweet that Tommy is quietly resting nearby while all this was going on. You're smart to start playing with Tommy...they don't make better woofie bruvvers than him!

  14. Loved the video ... Great to see everyone!!! All adorable.

    Happy Saturday!!

    BTW ... Daisy Jiji is still looking like Jiji in Kiki's Delivery Service!

  15. That's a great family video, too, Sei-Chan. You and Tama and Tommy all cozy together in the sun..Ahhhh!

  16. Sei-Chan, you make our Mom smile. It must be fun to play with that tail. Does Tommy let you do it too?

    Woos, the OP Pack

  17. You are growin so fast! What fun you seem to have ALL.THE.TIME! BOL!

    Feather, Darla, Pappy & LizzaBella ^..^


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