Sunday 17 May 2009

Sultry Sunday (and a few snuggles)

Tama-Chan: The weather is even more awful than usual, which is a shame as we have visitors from Canada. But They're being good sports about it, and spending their time cuddling us instead.

#1 is busy, as you can imagine, and she says we don't have suitable new snuggle pictures right now, but she did find a portrait of me that has not been on the blog before and in which she says I look sultry. Do you think so?

Well, OK, one snuggly picture...

Sei-Chan seems to have decided I'm her new mummy. #1 is telling me it's good training for me. Training for what, I wonder?

And for you Tommy fans out there:


  1. Tank woo fur the Sultry Sunday Sharing WITH Snuggles!


  2. Little lady, are you going to have babies at some stage? That is very exciting! It is very sweet that Sei-Chan is looking to you as her mum.

    Enjoy your visitors!:)

  3. Indeed tam_Chan we have to agree wif #1. You are so wonderfully sultry this Sunday. We don't know what that maans but san says it means you're a good-looking lady. We hafta agree.

    Your friends

  4. Great photos today!!
    Sorry to hear your weather is lousy, your Canadian friends are used to crappy weather though, unless they are from BC.

    Hope the sun shines soon!

    Purrs Goldie

  5. It's a shame to have yucky weather for your visitors, but you're snuggles are more than making up for that!

  6. Oh my cats! You have plenty of Open bars to spend a raining sunday.

    ViVi & AB

  7. She's trying to nurse on you??? Now, that gives me really good new ideas. Har, har, har...
    ; ) Chilli

  8. Isn't Sei-Chan a little old for that?

    It sounds very exciting with the training thing. We've got an inkling...

  9. Hubba hubba!

    Bit worried about the insinuation about you having babies, TC, 'cos I've had the snip and I'm not gonna let another boycat get his filthy paws on you!

  10. Sounds like some exciting news might be in the air at some stage!!

    Miserable weather here still as well - we took to posting photos of the little man's great friend Archie (his auntie's dog in Brussels) today as we couldn't even leave the house the rain was so bad. But even with Archie who lives in Brussels - well he was in Holland yesterday - the weather seems to be pretty rotten

    and the forecast for the week here is not good!!

    Anyway, lots of woofs from us all and hopefully the clouds will clear
    - Clive and gang

  11. Aww, gee, we just love all those snuggly photos.

    Tail wags, the OP Pack

  12. Hi Tom,
    you are such a good boy, I love you for that. My Mico doesn't want to snuggle with me at all...sigh!
    Kisses and hugs,

  13. Tama-Chan, maybe you will be a mommy one day!

  14. We think you look very sultry indeed... but what are you practicing for?

    Abby & Stygia

  15. What nice pictures! we've missed visiting your bloggie...Meowmy was away and then "too busy" to visit! As always these pictures are wonderful. It's a good thing that Tama-Chan doesn't mind Sei-Chan nursing on her. Ohhhhhh...we thought Tama-Chan had been spayed...guess not??? It's great to see them snuggling together (the squashed frootbat photo from the other day was hilarious) and really nice that Sei-chan is becoming friends with Tommy, too. Who could possibly resist those beautiful kind doggy eyes?!


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