Sunday, 10 May 2009

Snuggles on Sunday - MOTHERS!

Tama-Chan: Actually, it isn't Mother's day here in France until June 7th, but we thought we would join in the celebrations by many of our friends elsewhere and introduce you to our mothers. We are all three very fortunate in that we are still in touch with our mothers!

So, let me start with my own Mama whose name is Bassano del Grappa:

She lives over at Uncle U's, along with her own mother, Viña del Mar, who is in fact little Sei-Chan's mother. We had lots of photos of Viña on the blog when she and Sei-Chan lived in our back room for a couple of months. Here is a favourite mother and daughter shot:

Now Tommy's Mama, Minnie, lives in Normandy, not far from the coast. She has promised to come and visit us one day soon. Here is a photo of her taken on the day #1 first met Tommy:

Of course, we now all consider #1 to be our Mummy, and we show her we love her in different ways. As you know, I am very shy, so I am not very demonstrative but, when she is not paying attention, I love to get close to her. Tommy is always with her. Every time she moves, he moves too. She says it took her a while to get used to having a constant shadow with her! As for Sei-Chan, she is an absolute Mummy's Girl. She has been with #1 since she was four weeks old, even though Viña was also with her until she was 12 weeks old, so the two are very tight. This is the scene most mornings:

The crook of #1's arm is definitely the place to be for that little girl!

Since we no longer live with our mothers, we form snuggly bonds with each other. Little Sei-Chan is still very young and focused on playing but I think that she and I are going to make quite a pair!

Have a wonderful Sunday, everyone!


  1. Awwww, warm fuzzies! I see where you got your good looks from, TC!

    Mummy always wakes up in the morning to find me positioned just like Sei-Chan in that shot with #1. She says it makes for a lovely start to the day.

  2. What lovely cuddles!

    Tama-Chan and Tommy, it was nice to meet your mums. They are beautiful!

  3. So nice to see your mommies on mommies day! Mommies are the best!

  4. Bonne fêtes Mamans! & #1 who is THE mother
    ViVi & AB

  5. What a sweet post, perfct for moms Day!

    It was a joy seeing everyone's lovely moms!!!

    Have a wonderful day with #1!

    Purrs Goldie, Shade and Banshee

  6. Awwww, those are some beautiful Mommas! No wonder you're all so gorgeous!

    Happy Mother's Day to your Mom!

  7. 「母の日」に

    Tomくんは とても優しく賢い犬種ですね。


  8. You have some very beautiful mommies!

  9. hi Tama-Chan, thank you for telling us about your mommys. we did not know that you are very shy. our little Benson is a shy boy too. your family is a very cuddly cozy family. we're glad that you are all such good friends.


  10. You are all very lucky to have so many Mommies. . . and each other! I hope you have a wonderful day!

  11. Thank you for introducing us to your wonderful, beautiful mothers!

  12. Such beautiful Mommies!

    Hope you had a lovely Sunday!

  13. You all have such beautiful mothers. How lucky we are as fur creatures to be able to have a furmama and a human mama. Happy Mother's Day to all of yours.

    Tail wags, the OP Pack

  14. Awww. you guys are all so sweet! And you all have lovely mothers...although I think #1 is the one who loves you the most!!!

  15. Such warm fuzzies looking at these pictures! Thank you so much. Happy Mother's Day to you #1!

  16. Thank you for sharing. The pictures are wonderful.

    Cliff and Olivia

  17. You both have very purrty mummy cats! :) It's nice that they don't live far from you too...



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