Tuesday, 5 May 2009

This Tuesday Is....

TOESDAY with Tama-Chan. #1 got this rather awesome close-up when Tama-Chan was engaging in her ablutions:

TOM's DAY! Today is Children's Day in Japan but was traditionally the Boys' Festival (The Girls' festival is on March 3rd). Streamers in the shape of brightly-coloured carp are flown from the roofs of houses with boys. Here are ours:

TASTING DAY for Sei-Chan: As you know, the little one is turning out to be a bit of a gourmet. Here she is investigating a plate of asparagus with prosciutto and pine nuts, and getting her first taste of Champagne!


  1. Dang!

    Mom and I are moving to France fur yummy treats like THAT!

    PeeEssWoo: Hi Tommy!

  2. Ah! We cannot wait for your daily post!!
    Tom you must be happy to be announced with this beautifull flags!
    Very interesting tradition and good idea to use some exotic customs.

    ViVi & AB

  3. Sei-Chan, you sure are growing up fast! MOL!

    Tama-Chan, we wanted to ask a question about your Puppia harness. We have been looking at the soft mesh harness (model PDCF-AC30). We thought it would be cooler in the summer heat. Is that the one you have?

  4. Sei-Chan, why are they holding your precious head like this? You need help? We're right over to help (with the Champagne that is)!
    What a toesday!

  5. Aw, wonderful toesies pictures! And how nice that Tom gets the carp banners flown in his honor! None of us has ever had champagne (or prosciutto) before...hey Mom, what's up with that? Can we go to Sei-Chan's house and have a nibble at her table??

  6. That little one sure knows how to eat! Very cool about the flags, we like that idea!

    Feather, Darla, Pappy & LizzaBella

  7. Those toes are SOOOO cute. We just caught up on your posts and those snuggle pictures are just too cute!!! We knew you'd be fast friends.


  8. Thanks for your help with the harness. We've read a lot of good things about the Puppia harness, and noticed how comfortable Tama-Chan looked in hers. We got the measurement charts off their website, and mum will get the tape out tomorrow to see where we lie on the scale. We were amazed to see just how little Tama-Chan is- or maybe just how big FattyFatty Moimoi is. He is 5.1 kg. He used to be 5.9, but is now at his goal weight. Suey is 4.5 kg. So we definately won't be going for the XS! MOL!

    We should be at our address for another month, and will have a forwarding thing at the Post Office for after that. We think this address should be fine:)

  9. Such lovely toesies! And Champagne, what a little gourmet you are, Sei-chan! Tom, I'm so glad you got to celebrate boys day. Next year, I will celebrate both boys day and girls day with 9 and Chani!


  10. Dear Tom, Tama-Chan and Sei- Chan,

    I've been reading your blog for a very long time and wonder what #1 does for a living? How long has #1 lived in France? Why France (besides - why not) - and where else have we lived? Just curious. If you'd prefer not answer that is okay. I do envy your lives together. I, too, work from home, but have a view of a city street in northern Virginia - not nearly as wonderful as your surroundings.

    Anyhow, take good care of each other!

  11. what fun you kids are having today - especially little Sei-Chan.


  12. Sei-Chan, you are quite the connoisseur!

    Head-bonks from Gandalf and Grayson!

  13. Looks like Tama-Chan's trying to block the pawparazzi while she's bathing!

  14. Oh, you looks a little bit like a kangaroo,Tama-Chan. We love your toes.
    Is that a koionori on that photo( don´t know if that word is right written) I had one when I was a child too.
    Great photo, Tom.

    Oh Sei-Chan, that looks de lic ious...yummy. Great photos!!!

    Luna, Luzie and Olli

  15. Asparagus with pine nuts - yummy! and Champagne too! The little man's mum doesn't need too much more encouragement to move to France.

    She hasn't stop telling the little man's dad since she came home how that is the next move she wants us all to make!!

    We love the flags - must email our cousin in Tokyo with your link tonight.

    Clive and gang!

  16. What a little gourmet you are! And to think I've been satisfied with extra sharp vermont cheddar and some water to drink...

  17. What lovely toes you have Tama Chan!! I've never had asparagus before...is it good?

  18. We just love those little blue-black Aby toes!

  19. haha Tama-Chan in the 2nd picture it looks like you has THE longest legs.. like a model I tell you.. THEN I scroll down and read that you eat so well too!!! Is it bad to be looking at your pictures drooling????
    and not just at the food :P hahah
    I think champagne bubbles would tickle my nose too much heheh

  20. Tama Chan, you must get a tu-tu ASAP, you have a calling to be in the Grand Ballet!!

    Sei-Chan, you are so lucky to have such a lovely meal to sample. I especially would love a nibble of that ham!!!

    Tom, your flags are a sight to behold! Japan must be gorgeous with the houses decorated like that.

    Purrs Goldie

  21. Asparagus are the best food. The season is just about to begin here and I can't wait.



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