Saturday, 16 May 2009

Sei-Chan on Saturday

Sei-Chan: The weather still stinks, according to those who experience it. We kitties, of course, always enjoy excellent weather indoors!

Last night, I was helping #1 with stuff on the computer and she started muttering about how was she supposed to photograph me, cute as I was.... Any idea what she was going on about?

I have been considering future careers. I am not quite sure yet what I might do with myself, but #1 is saying she thinks that "Diva" would be appropriate.  Hmmm..... Diva, diva, DIVA.... I think I like it!

In the meantime, it's most fun wrestling with my sister, Tama-Chan, first thing in the morning, wen we're both fresh from a good night's sleep.

I am going to hand over the rest of this post t my woofie brother, Tommy, as he had a bit of an adventure this morning, and wants to tell you about it.

Tom: We went to the chateau this morning, even though the weather is yucky. We were about a third of the way around the moat when #1 looked back and decided we should retrace our steps. She had seen something and thought we should go and investigate. What she had seen turned out  be a 6-month old Brittany Spaniel called GUSTO, with fairly unusual colouring. His mistress was a nice young woman and as she and #1 got talking, Gusto and I became acquainted


It is so much fun to make new friends!


  1. That belleh photo of you is just adorable, Sei-Chan! I think your Mummy should send in some of your pics to Cute Overload!

  2. You is very elegant and would be a purrfect diva!

  3. Sei-Chan, you are nearly as big as Tama-Chan already! Diva is a great career, and one for which you are well-qualified!

    Yay! for meeting new friends, Tommy!

  4. We have never seen a Brittany spaniel before. Gusto looks like a very friendly pup.

    Sei-Chan, you are growing so fast! It looks like you'll be the same size as Tama-Chan in about a week! MOL!:)

  5. My dear friends, I've missed you sooo much since I was away and bussy...let me tell you mommy loves your blog the best mainly becouse of wonderfull friendship between Tommy and kitties. Mommy:hi everyone. I admire your pictures so much and I'm looking at them over and over again..they makes me haveone abessinian kitty:-)
    Me again: love and kisses for all of you,

  6. Hi Tom!

    We love Brittany spaniels! Barbara had two of them before us. Glad that you had such fun and made a new friend. That little Sei-Chan is really taking over the computer. I'd keep an eye on her.

    Your friend,

  7. Yes Sei-Chan we know you are a future Diva, and we expect you go soon further in your vocalizes.
    For you Tom it's easier : you found your way, you're born a seductive!

    ViVI & AB

  8. Sei-Chan, diva sounds like a perfect title for you! I love the picture of you sleeping on the camera -- its so sweet! Tommy, I'm glad to hear about your new friend -- it looks like you two had a great time!

  9. Sei-Chan, that first photo is brillant!

    Yes, don't know what's happening with the weather - one thing to have so much rain here but we would have thought the weather should be much better with you in May, Tommy!

    Hope it picks up soon but glad to see you are still able to get out and meet some new friends.

    lots of woofs

  10. Sei-Chan, I'm a diva too! Maybe we can start a diva club? You look so adorable all stretched out. My Grete dog said that she would love to meet up with Tom in the park!

  11. If I knew 'my' khat would be as khute your sisfurs, I might khonsider making Mom get me one!

    BTW, Mom is doing two reskhues on Sunday - the furst one is an orange/white BRITTANY!

    Hope your weather improves fur woo!


  12. Diva indeed. No doubt about it.

    What an interesting new friend you've made Tom. We've never seen anything like it. But then we haven't seen many woofies.

  13. New friends are awesome! Your weather looks about like continues to rain & the humidity it wretched! No divas at our house, but it sounds like a good gig! Such elegant kitties!

  14. Tommy, your new friend seem to be very nice. And girls, we wished we could join in your morning wrestles! Mom has a course today and tommorow and is complaining about having no time at all... Pfffft, humans!
    Purrs, Siena & Chilli

  15. Tommy
    Making new fwiends is always excitewing! and in such a gowgeous setting. I wouldn't even mind the bad weathew. SeiChan you awe absolutely a Diva in the'we a natoowal. I bet those westle sessions awe vewy satisfying in the mowning wif youw sissie
    smoochie kisses

  16. Tom you is the happiest little woofie I knows! And your bevvy of beautiful woman.. I just am in awe..but a guy needs a little man company now and again eh? :)
    Miss Sei-Chan I think you momma and you have the perfect profession for you.. Diva totally suits the way you look.. but you perfect little heart it does not.. maybe you can just pretend the Diva status :))

  17. Ah, Tommy, that is just great. We think your new friend looks like a lot of fun.

    Woos, the OP Pack

  18. Ah, Sei-chan, you are truly a Diva! I love how you are sleeping on your back. Did you get any belly rubs? I love belly rubs. Chani doesn't seem to care for them though.


  19. Sei chan and Tama chan!
    すっかり仲良しになりましたね。レスリング楽しいですか? How about すもう?
    Tom kun!
    I hope you have sunny days soon.

  20. Sei-Chan you are so very cute. You know just how to work it!!! I am still learning and I'm 10!!!

    Looks like you had a fun day with your new friend Tom! She is very pretty.

    Purrs, Shade

  21. It's good you got to make a new friend, Tom!



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