Monday, 12 December 2022

Manly Monday


Ollie: Mr. G took this photo of me and Benny when he and Ms. N came to help #1 decorate our tree yesterday:

And #1 took this cute shot of Momo!

The Big V: Mercifully, #1 was able to locate this nice pic of me and include it in the post!

We wish you all a good week!

PS: #1 has ordered a "new to us" (2017...) MacBook Pro in England. It will be carried back to us by friends who are coming at the end of the month to spend New Year's with us.


  1. sorry you have to wait two weeks but glad you sound one. mac book I mean, not more dogs/kitties/horses. i wish i could rub your furs Ollie, they are so beautiful

  2. Glad you are able to get a new to you MacBook. Lovely photos as always. Momo looks so snuggly.

  3. we hope the book is with you soon and you can super work with it...

  4. I really like the snoozy pictures :)
    Vidock, you are looking good as always.
    Good to hear you have a new 'puter lined up and friends to bring it safely to you ;) Computer issues are always a pain!
    Purrs, Julie

  5. You boys are all looking great today. We're glad to hear #1 will be able to replace her computer.

  6. It's so nice to see all you guys today and hooray for a newer Macbook!

  7. Lulu: "Look at that velvet nose! So smoochable!"

  8. Sorry we have been rather AWOL of late...but here we are! Hope that your new to you mac-book will be great. Mine is from first one was from about 2015, but it was stolen...

    Loved seeing all you men!!

  9. We are excited that you will be getting a new computer! We don't know what Mom would do without one. (Good thing there are about 3 old (yet still functioning) in the house, the backup set up on the desk and the human bro Alex has his new mac, his old mac and a PC. Love all the manliness! Purrs Marv


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