Saturday, 31 December 2022

Sei-Chan's Souvenir Saturday


Rainbow Sei: Hello, Everyone, and welcome once again to the day of the week when we make sure you don't forget any of us who have gone to the Bridge! Today is the last day of what has been a pretty tough year for our #1, and our dearest wish is that the next year will be much more gentle on her, and that all our pals at Poupounette Central and Ms. C's have a healthy and happy one too!

I have prepared for you an assortment of photos that were all taken between December 31st and January 3rd. In no particular order:

Sen-Chan, just a few days before he left for the Bridge:

Yuu-Chan looking very cozy:

Me in my hammock:

The first amongst us, Ikkyu:

Me and Yuu-Chan:

Tommy looking mysterious!

Mama Hotesse:

A great group shot of Tommy, Genji and Da Beebs:

#1, Tommy.... and a slipper...!

Genji looking regal:

Da Beebs looking serious!

And our buddy, Trav. He has finally come out of his shell and is enjoying being part of our Rainbow Gang! He managed to find his brother, Manoush, who was our neighbour for some years, and that made him so happy.


  1. As always the photos are beautiful. Sen-Chan looks so sweet and relaxed it is hard to realise he had very little time left on Earth.

  2. So many sweet ones at the Bridge.
    So good to remember them. We also miss them too.
    To all at Poupounette Central...Happy New Year!!

    Purrs, Julie

  3. Your NASC posts always bring such bittersweet smiles -

    Paws khrossed for an improved year for YOUR #1!

    Here's to 2023!

    Willow and HER #1
    PeeEssWoo: Hi Ollie!

  4. Happy New Year to everyone at the Poupounette! Those are all such great memories of the Poupounette angels.

  5. Happy 'Mew' Year!
    Angel Trav is a favorite, as an outside/feral-type kitty.

    1. Your precious angels are so beautiful and we know they are still and always will be missed. Our wish for all of you is Happinees, peace and love and a year without more angels. wishing you good health and much happy...

  6. Sei-Chan, thank you for keeping all those who have left us alive in our memories.

  7. Such sweet photos of all of you, you're loved and missed each and every day.

  8. We remember you with love and say your names as we are all carried into the new year. Here’s to 2023!


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