Thursday, 8 December 2022

A Guest Post on Thankful Thursday


Little Meows, Peoples! My name is REGLISSE! For those who are not fluent in French, that means liquorice. Can you guess why that's my name?

Correct! I am a beautiful and tiny house panther! I live in Nice, on the French Riviera, with my saviour, Ms. M, and my big brother, Titi. I used to live on the streets, hungry and dirty, until a rescue picked me up, and when Ms. M saw my picture on their page, she knew she had to have me! You see, before, she had a beautiful panther called Raven, who lived with her both in the States and Paris, and so she loves black kitties. My age has been estimated at between two and four, but Ms. M thinks I am only two.

My bro, Titi, came from the same rescue. He is a very big boy and is a supermodel. Ms. M was a little anxious about how he would react to me, but I charmed my way into his affections right from the start! I have only been in my home for a little over a week, and here are my thankful pictures:

In this shot of the two of us dining together, you can see just how small I am compared to Titi:

Titi really is the coolest cat and I love him!

As you can see, we are both getting ready for Christmas. I am not sure what that is, but I think it will be fun!

It's not even Christmas yet and I am so very thankful! Purrs from me, Réglisse!


  1. ooooh what a tasty name!!! and we are so happy that you found such a fab home with a super cute brother....

  2. You are a handsome little panther, Réglisse. I am glad you get on so well with your new big brother.

  3. What a beautiful duo! Good to hear such a lovely, thankful story, from such a special guest! xx

  4. Reglisse, it looks like you got a pawsome home!!
    Mum also loves black cats. That was lucky for me ;)
    It looks like you and Titi are great pals and will have lots of fun together!!
    Purrs, Julie

  5. Every sweet little Panther should have a big brother and I'm so happy for both of you that you found each other and that you're safe inside and living with someone who loves you. We love black cats and black dogs also

  6. It's lovely to meet you, Réglisse, and Tito too!
    We LURV housepanters too.

  7. It's so nice to meet you and your brother, Réglisse. You are so lucky to have a mom and fur brother that love you.

  8. Charlee: "Hello, Reglisse! Very happy to meet you!"
    Java Bean: "I once lived on the streets too! It's a lot nicer to have a home, isn't it?"

  9. And I am so happy to meet all of you !
    (This is Réglisse) … Just a few days ago my foster mom brought me here to see if I would like to live here -
    (and if Titi would like me - as if anyone wouldn’t !)
    We were in separate rooms for 2 days, but we looked at each other, then finally we got to meet. I hid under an armoire at first, because it was a strange place, and Titi is kind of big ! Some of Titi’s toys were under there, so I batted them out to him. He fell in love with me right away - he knew his toys were there but he was much too big to reach them. Now we share everything. I taught him to eat soft food - he didn’t like it, but now he demands it like me. I am so lucky to live inside this year - with lots of places to sleep and plenty of food. I’m so glad I let the nice people from Assistochat catch me - they found my mommy and my big brother for me.

  10. What a lovely name ! Nice to meet you, Réglisse, we're glad you found a forever home, and such a good big bro ! Purrs

  11. You are such a cutie and I'm so glad you got rescued and found a wonderful home. Merry Christmas from all of us! Hey, tell #1 that the name of the game that Simon loves is called Mouse for Cats by Petr Vanek. It does have in-app purchases but we just use the freebie part. We did send her an email with the info when she asked about it before.

  12. Welcome you handsome panther !

  13. We are laughing as we have nicknamed Benny 'likhorice' -

    What a nice kindle of chats!


  14. Oh, Reglisse, you are a mini-mancat like me! Loves of love in little packages!


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