Sunday, 29 June 2008


Welcome to the World of Sen-Chan and Tom, deep in rural France! This is where we live but we are a pretty international threesome (that includes #1 who looks after us, also sometimes referred to as Ms.V). Sen-Chan has a Japanese name. In fact, his full name is SENGIKUMARU (千菊丸). Tom has English parents (Minnie and Joe) and was born in Normandy, and #1 has been a bit of a nomad thus far.

Anyway, first and foremost introductions from the protagonists:

SEN-CHAN: I was born on July 9, 2007, at a cattery
called Apelsinam. I am a sorrel Aby. Like most Abys, I am both very active and interactive. Unlike the conventional wisdom on Abys, I talk a lot and have wide vocabulary of sounds. I love to eat but am slim as a whip. I am an indoor cat but they sometimes called me "Houdini" because I love to escape, and I do occasionally go out in my handsome red harness. I love toys but don't have many as goofy Tom steals them all and chews them up. I moved in with #1 on October 31 and was sick right off the bat, so have had more than my fair share of visits to the vet over the months, but everyone says I look great! I love everyone and specialise in my very own cuddle, the "nose-lick" - no nose is safe from me!

TOM: No fancy name for me! Just T.O.M. (no it does not stand for "The Outstanding Male" although I think I am). I was born in Normandy. There were seven of us pups running around when #1 came to visit. She was looking for a little girl but my breeders kept telling her that I was the best of the bunch, a real "gent" and she eventually believed them. I moved in on December 1st. I am in total awe of my big brother, Sen-Chan, who tries to keep me tidy and clean, and who is very wise. I have a couple of great pals in Madrac, an older yellow lab lady who lives next door, and Pie, a beautiful Beauceron mix who lives with Ms. A, a friend of #1's. The most important thing you should know about me is that I LOVE MY FRISBEE!

So what's with the name THE POUPOUNETTE?
Sen-Chan's nickname is "Poupounet" which means "cute little baby" in French and when #1 first did a newsletter with us, she was looking for something that had the feel of "gazette" which led to "Poupounette." It's unique!


  1. What a sweet first post. Happy 6th bloggaversary!
    Marty and Mom

  2. FAB first Post #1 & Tommy!! I have ALWAYS wondered what Poupounette meant but was too embarrassed to ask, lol...
    Sen was such a beauty....I wished I would have known him!!! I've checked back & it appears I with Nylablue & now Siddhartha Henry have been following your blog for 6 years now!!! WOW!
    Wishing you all many more years of blogging.
    Love & {{hugs}} Sherri-Ellen & **nose bumpsss** Siddhartha Henry xxxxxxxx

  3. How lovely to go back and see your first post. I am not sure when I discovered your blog but you had been going a few years. I am very glad I did find you though or we would never have met in person.


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