Thursday 20 October 2011

Thursday Thurprises & 'Tocktober!

: Guess what? We had visitors in our garden this morning!

Yep, our Charolais friends came to visit! They've had really itchy feet these past few das and keep escaping from their field!

And another thing... Can you find me in this photo?

#1 says I'm surprisingly good at camouflage!

So, we hear today is the official 'Tocktober Day. Vidock says he wants to make a contribution!


  1. Oh my! What adorable little visitors!

  2. You DO have great camouflage! And what a great view of your lithe muscular sweet self! xoxox

    Vidock, you are a prime example of 'Tocktober goodness.

  3. Genji you are well camouflaged in that picture. We loved Toctober Vidock - we bet you are in a class of your own!! We thought your visitors were very sweet - mint sauce anyone?
    Luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx

  4. Genji, your colors do blend in so well with the tree! Vidock, welcome to Tocktober!

    What pretty visitors!

  5. Wethinks Gen-Chan could use this miraculous super blend in power to his advantage, hehehe

  6. Vidock, you have such a shapely and muscular behind! My human is a little bit envious - she needs to go climb some more hills.

  7. Yes perfect camouflague you haveand Vidock has great tocks for today. Imagine getting great visitors like that, mum says she would love it.. Hugs GJ xx

  8. Excellent Genji ! Great camouflague !!! Take me a min. to have a good look where are you !
    And Vidock is just so stunning with his Tock' Tober : )
    Have a pawsome day friends

  9. We love your new friends! And what good camo skills Gen! Oh, we must say that Vidock has the most exceptional tocks ever!!!

  10. Bokeh would like to come herd those sheep :)

  11. Those are HUGE tocks! Vidock none of us can ever hope to have tocks your size. Thanks for the purrthday wishes and

  12. you are a real good camo kitty
    Benny & Lily

  13. Welcome to your new friends, we're glad to meet them!

    It's all About Pet Fences | Dog Fence

  14. What nice new friends you have, they would be so happy to mow the lawn for you! Vidock, your tocks are spectacular! If the girl were here, she would be swooning, but she is away at Collich studying to be an equine vet.

  15. We had a diffcult time looking for you Gen-chan. You are very good at disguising yourself. :)

    and Vidock, you are furry handsome too.

    the amigos and san


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